2025 Fisker Alaska EV Pickup: What We Know So Far

The first image we saw of the 2025 Fisker Alaska electric truck that will be available in 2020 was thought to be an error, with one image of the rear of a slender, rugged truck with big tires uploaded by famous creator Henrik Fisker. Fisker Chief Executive Officer Henrik Fisker online, which was quickly deleted. … Read more

2025 Fisker Pear EV: Everything We Know So Far

Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker finally took the wraps off of the long-rumored 2025 Fisker Pear compact all-electric SUV offering practical and appealing gadgets and a modern, sporty look for a company that’s only beginning to establish its footing. The sleek exterior style draws inspiration from other models in the company’s new lineup, which includes the … Read more

2025 Fisker Ronin: Everything We Know So Far

Everyone enjoys the thrill of a good redemption story. Stories of massive success, followed by a massive failure have fascinated our minds since the beginning of the age. This well-known story arch is being re-created perfectly with Fisker Inc. The successor to Fisker Automotive, which crashed in 2014 before it was able to get off … Read more

2024 Fisker Ocean Force E : What You Need to Know

Fisker only gave the first Ocean SUV to the customer on Friday, May 5, but it is already planning the model’s next step. Later this year, the firm intends to market the Force E grade, which is equipped for off-road driving. The vehicle will be based on the Ocean Extreme trim, with 550 horsepower (410 … Read more

2024 Fisker PEAR Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

Fisker is making waves in the all-electric Ocean crossover SUV.¬†Fisker is now planning a second act, this time with a smaller crossover EV, the 2024 Fisker PEAR.¬†Learn what we know about the 2024 Fisker PEAR’s release date, specifications, and features. What’s new for 2024? The Fisker brand will use the Pear as a new nameplate. … Read more