2024 Fisker PEAR Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

Fisker is making waves in the all-electric Ocean crossover SUV. Fisker is now planning a second act, this time with a smaller crossover EV, the 2024 Fisker PEAR. Learn what we know about the 2024 Fisker PEAR’s release date, specifications, and features.

2024 Fisker Pear Review
2024 Fisker Pear Review

What’s new for 2024?

The Fisker brand will use the Pear as a new nameplate. Despite the attractively low price of the SUV, we expect some innovative technology features and elegant styling to be included in the vehicle when it goes on sale in 2024.

Fisker has not yet announced the Pear’s trim levels and the price of each one. However, we do know that the base level will retail for around $30,000 including federal tax rebates. The Pear will be similar to the Ocean SUV. We anticipate Sport, Ultra, and Extreme trims with increasing range and features. The Pear could launch a special edition One trim with unique styling or features, just like the Ocean.

Release Date

Fisker Pear deliveries to the U.S.A. will start in 2024. Fisker had more than 5,600 reservations for the Pear by February 24, 2023. This was revealed during the Q4 and FY2022 results announcements. The prototype testing began towards the end of 2022, and the world premiere will be held in the second half of 2023.

Price and Production

Fisker will launch the Pear at an affordable starting price of USD 29,900 (excl. Taxes and incentives. Fisker has outsourced production to Foxconn to ensure the lowest targeted prices and timely delivery of the product to market. Foxconn will manufacture the car in Ohio, USA. Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd.), a Taiwanese contract producer, is responsible for Apple products. Fisker and its contract maker expect to produce no less than 250,000 units per year, after a ramp-up period.


Fisker has not yet revealed any details about the electric powertrain for the 2024 PEAR. The PEAR may have an alternative to the Ocean’s electric motor arrangement. The Ocean Sport has a single-motor front-wheel driving system. Ultra, Extreme, and One have dual-motor all-wheel drive systems.

The Ocean’s single electric motor produces 275 horsepower and a 6.9-second acceleration time from 0-60 mph. The output of the dual-motor system is 550 horses, with a time of 3.6 seconds for 0-60 mph. The PEAR will likely be comparable to the Ocean’s driving range, which is around 250 miles for the base trim, and a maximum of 350 for the upper trims. The PEAR will be able to charge quickly.

It is rare to find cars named after fruits or other food. One exception is the Datsun/Nissan Cherry, which dates back to the 1970s and 80s. The long-rumored electric Apple car is also in the works. The Fisker PEAR was not named after this sweet and delicious fruit. PEAR stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.

2024 Fisker PEAR Redesign

Fisker unveiled the Pear in February 2021 as an economy-class electric vehicle and released a teaser with the announcement. This suggested that it would be a light crossover. It is easy to see why it would choose traits from this body type, given the popularity of crossover/SUV vehicles in Fisker’s core markets (existing as well as planned). Fisker Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said, “I guess it’d be called (Pear) crossover,” Autocar shared. Henrik Fisker then shared a video of a Pear prototype being tested in an urban environment.


The Fisker Pear is smaller than the Ocean, but it looks much more aggressive. The headlamps are slim and fit under the hood. The car’s illuminated Pear logo is visible, as well as an extension of the LED DRLs located in the headlamps. The housings are black and have a Pentagon shape. They indicate that the top lights are only LED DRLs with separate low- and main-beam lights. The lower area is covered with a large grille and honeycomb inserts. This may be for auto-shutoff.


Although the Fisker Pear is unusual in shape, it could be described as a crossover. The Pear is curvier and more round than the Ocean. The roofline of the Pear drops rapidly from the B-pillar and meets the C-pillar to form an arch. The Pear’s curvature roofline and large windows remind us of odd Citroen vans. The Fisker Pear’s unique design will appeal to a broad audience. These chunky wheels, made from 22-inch F5 AirGlider alloys, look great with the rugged exterior. You should also note the flush-fitting door handles and circular wheel arches on the sides. Fender flares with marker lights/reflectors are also included.

2024 Fisker Pear
2024 Fisker Pear


The Fisker Ocean’s tall and upright rear end should allow for a lot more cargo space behind the seats. It will also make it easy to see the driver when backing up. The EV looks sci-fi by encircling it with tail lights. It should also be easily visible from the sides. The lower section is swoopy and has a durable, black bumper. The overhangs are very tight to maximize space.


Henrik Fisker stated that Fisker Pear used a simple design approach to its interior to save costs. The cabin features a simple dashboard, center console, and door trims. Fisker stated that the Pear would have a futuristic form and function at the Q4 2021 earnings call. Fisker hesitates to call it a car and prefers to refer to it as a mobility tool’. This is because the Pear looks so different and has some unique storage features.

Below is an example of the Fisker Pear concept. While the production version is likely to be the same as the teaser, it gives an idea of how the layout will look in the final product. The wraparound windscreen gives you a clear view of the road ahead. While the low beltline and windows give you a wide view of the surrounding area, the windscreen’s view is dominated by the view from the windshield. The minimalist design of the dashboard and center console makes them appear to be lit surfaces. The dash has plenty of storage, while the center console oddly floats towards the front. The panoramic roof doubles as a solar roof, which extends the driving range.

Fisker stated in an interview with Wallpaper that the Pear is all about “reinventing” the car. The new entry-level model will be popular and will become an iconic model, like the MINI Cooper and VW Beetle. Fisker believes that the chance of creating a true classic, iconic car is one in ten thousand. However, he is determined to design a car that will be remembered for decades. The Pear is an electric vehicle that will revolutionize the market. It won’t fit in any segment. New lighting technology will be used on the exterior, as well as a wraparound front windshield inspired by a glider-plane glass canopy. This will enhance frontal vision.


Fisker, in an interview with Fiskerati, revealed that the wraparound front windshield is a manufacturing problem and that Fiskerati is changing its curvature to solve it. Fisker revealed during the Q1 2022 earnings call that the Pear will feature the company’s next-generation connectivity, ADAS functionality, and OTA platform capabilities. Emerging markets are being considered for a “discontented”, and “lower-cost” version.

This vehicle is completely different from any other in terms of how it looks and functions. Some of the features, as well as the way you store your items in it, are new. We don’t want to give this away to anyone.


Fisker spoke about the Fisker Project Pear during the Bank of America 2021 Virtual Global Automotive Summit. Fisker stated that the EV resulting from this project will be unlike any other car on the market, ICE or not. During its Q4 and FY2022 results announcement on February 27, 2023, Fisker said it is using a “truly revolutionary” E/E (electrical/electronics) architecture with just a few central computer units internally called the Blade Computer in the Pear.

2024 Fisker Pear Specs
2024 Fisker Pear Specs

SLV1, a brand-new platform that was developed in-house by Fisker Pear’s CEO, will be the foundation of Fisker Pear. This was revealed during the Q2 2022 earnings conference calls. This platform will eventually produce two more models. Autocar claims that SLV1 is a cost-effective platform made of steel. Fisker will reduce the number of components in the Pear as much as possible.

Fisker used traditional steel to make the Pear’s body and platform. This was done to keep production costs down. Fisker explained to The Verge that steel is heavier than aluminum but it is easier and cheaper to repair if it does get damaged. Fisker’s Q1-2022 earnings conference call was held on May 4, 2022. The CEO of the company stated that the new platform would save money. It will be used to build three models, with the second two coming in 2025 and 2026. This will result in a company’s annual sales volume of one million units by 2027. The CEO told The Verge that other manufacturers were interested in the Pear’s and Ocean’s platforms.