2025 Fisker Pear EV: Everything We Know So Far

Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker finally took the wraps off of the long-rumored 2025 Fisker Pear compact all-electric SUV offering practical and appealing gadgets and a modern, sporty look for a company that’s only beginning to establish its footing. The sleek exterior style draws inspiration from other models in the company’s new lineup, which includes the bigger Ocean EV SUV and the newly-revealed Fisker Ronin, an electric five-seat, four-door convertible GT vehicle. There’s no way to say that this guy isn’t trying.

2025 Fisker Pear EV
2025 Fisker Pear EV

2025 Fisker Pear EV Redesign

A key element of the interior design of the Pear was functionality and adaptability. One example is the armrest standard which is a single design that fits in each of the four doors for efficiency. Also obviously the much-hyped Houdini trunk, which instead of a traditional, long liftgate to the back of the vehicle, there’s a lower panel that slides into the interior of the vehicle, and the glass on top recedes away to create a spacious opening. In addition, there’s an option for a six-seater version of the Pear which has only two seats: three across in the front row, and three across the 2nd row. The Pear will also be available as a five-seater, with two seats at the front and a storage compartment between the seats.

In contrast to the Ocean SUV’s FM29 platform, which is believed to be the foundation for a planned Alaska EV pickup truck The Pear was developed on the first version of Fisker’s Simple Light Volume Platform, Fisker CEO John C. Smith announced. This software-defined Pear will be able to process its intricate combination of technologies using internal development for its very own “supercomputer” dubbed the Fisker Blade by a team headed by Fisker’s Chief Technology Chief Technology Officer Burkhard Huhnke.  This will be a sign in addition to this that Pear can provide over-the-air updates that can be used to quickly fix bugs and system enhancements. The supercomputer is believed to provide 6.2 Teraflops of performance which is said to be at par with competitors.


The 2025 Fisker Pear EV is a distinctive and flexible interior design. It can accommodate six or five, both providing ample space and comfort. The configuration for six passengers has 2 rows of benches with the driver sitting in their seat, and two passengers in front each sharing benches. This might sound crowded initially however the pear is spacious due to the clever packaging. The seats at the rear of the configuration with six passengers also fold flat to provide additional storage space.

In the more conventional five-passenger layout, there is a big center console placed in the front. This console gives you extra storage space as well as an area to relax your arms. The front seats in the configuration with five passengers can be folded forward and backward to create a roomy and flexible space for cargo or passengers. Whatever configuration you pick it’s interior design of Fisker Pear is designed to be comfortable as well as practical. The dashboard is clean and contemporary, with a variety of storage spaces and cubbies to store things. Every door comes with an armrest that provides extra comfort to passengers.

The 2025 Fisker Pear EV is also packed with modern technology. A huge 17.1-inch rotating display is added to the configuration with five seats. The display can be used for entertainment, navigation, or even for work. The Pear also comes with Fisker’s Blade supercomputer which is the power source for all the technology inside the vehicle and also allows automatic updates over the air. While we’re not able to provide all the information yet, however, the 2025 Fisker Pear is shaping up to be among the most inventive and practical cars in its class. With its large seating arrangements as well as clever packaging and modern technology and technology, the Pear is sure to stand out.

Exterior & Colors

At first glance, each curve and line in the design of the 2025 Fisker Pear is a demonstration of Fisker’s masterful combination of modernity and futuristic. Like the latest fashions, the exterior of the Pear has a stunning appearance and also marks the new age of automotive design. The wraparound windscreen that is ultra-wide symbolizes Pear’s commitment to the latest technological advancement and flawless design, which is the main focus of this stunning visual display. The ultra-light LED illumination softly adorns the hood’s edge under this striking design, giving the entire location the look of a futuristic car.

2025 Fisker Pear EV Redesign
2025 Fisker Pear EV Redesign

Fisker’s focus on details and the need to make a statement is exemplified by the illuminating “Pear” logo. As you travel down an impressive blacked-out front grille grabs attention and creates an intriguing contrast to the body of the Pear. The design choice that was designed with a bold intention, accentuates the car’s dynamic character and sets the tone for a striking on-road presence. The Fisker’s SolarSky roof, which was an extension of Ocean SUV, provides the sustainability aspect and innovation. The panoramic glass roof can move and also provides UV protection, which is integrated with solar photovoltaic panels. This feature, which is needed for the higher trim levels is an example of the company’s commitment to removing obstacles. A brand new wheel design featuring arches ranging between 20 to 22 inches can be seen in the pear’s flanks.

There’s also the absence of conventional external side mirrors. Instead, small stalks are stocked with cameras that emphasize the form and function of the vehicle by displaying crucial blind spot data. The affection for names that evoke emotion extends to Pear’s exterior color choices. From what we have learned regarding Pear’s Ocean SUV’s paint options It’s possible that Pear’s exterior colors could include:

  • Big Sur Blue
  • Great White
  • Night Drive
  • Solar Orange
  • Red Planet
  • Sea Grass

Battery & Low Electric Range

We aren’t aware of the specific range or specifications for the battery that will be used in the 2025 Fisker Pear EV  yet. It is however, Fisker is committed to revolutionizing the future of EVs by providing a choice for both long and city travellers. Customers will have access to the capability of about 200 miles. The larger battery will provide a range of around 300 miles.

2025 Fisker Pear EV Specs
2025 Fisker Pear EV Specs

In addition, Fisker expects the smaller battery-powered version that is city-friendly to be more well-liked than its long-range version. This demonstrates that Fisker is dedicated to addressing the requirements of all kinds of users, from those who value efficiency to those who require the longest range possible. Fisker’s dedication to reliability over time and satisfaction of customers. Based on what we’ve seen to date 2025, the Fisker Pear is shaping up to be an impressive electric vehicle designed for first-time purchasers.

2025 Fisker Pear EV Price & Release Date

Fisker is getting attention with its forthcoming 2025 Pear electric vehicle. One of the most impressive features is its price. Fisker is committed to sustainability and Pear’s initial price of $29,900 is a significant move towards achieving that goal. In an age where electric vehicles are frequently priced beyond the reach of many people, the Pear’s price is a game changer. With a possible take-home cost of $23,000 after federal incentives Pear is Pear makes electric mobility available to a larger audience.

Fisker believes they will meet their price since the design and development for the Pear are complete. The model will be made by a contract maker Hon Hai Technology Group, popularly referred to as Foxconn located located in Lordstown, Ohio. Fisker plans to have a production rate of 250,000 Pears. This is a huge amount to make an electric car. This indicates that they’re determined to make the Pear a mass-market vehicle. The Pear is expected to launch in the middle of 2025. You can pre-order it now on the Fisker website. The Pear is an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation to the Pear and to help Fisker achieve its vision of a cheaper electric future to a realization.