2028 Lamborghini Lanzador: First Look Review

We’ve all been burned previously by a stunning 2-in-two Lamborghini GT design, the gorgeous Asterion concept car in the year 2015. The Asterion promised an upcoming model that was a hybrid Lamborghini grand tourer coupe but it didn’t come to fruition as an actual production version (though the hybrid spirit is still present in a … Read more

2024 Volvo EM90 Is Shock Electric Luxury MPV

Despite the increasing popularity of electric models in the last couple of years, there remain certain segments of the vehicle market that are not addressed in North America. Minivans are one of them, even though firms such as Mercedes-Benz have produced minivans that are electric for different markets. Ford is, in contrast currently working on … Read more

2024 Maserati MCXtrema: Racing Excellence Redefined

The vehicle we’ve known previously as Maserati’s Project24 has now been given a name and it’s a simple way to tell you what this car’s all about. It’s called the 2024 Maserati MCXtrema and is a 724-horsepower track-only race car that was developed to take over the reins that were left by the MC12. It’s … Read more

2024 Jeep Avenger EV Confirmed

All-electric 2024 Jeep Avenger is set to arrive on Australian shores next year after having already been a success in Europe. It will hit dealerships during the second quarter of 2024. While the exact prices and specifications for each location will be revealed until later The company is certain that it will become a huge … Read more

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT: What We Know So Far

Mercedes removed the veils from the much-anticipated new generation 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT sportscar at the Monterey Car Week. It is the Porsche 911 rival from Affalterbach and features an innovative approach to style, but it also has greater comfort and convenience with a 2+2 layout option. The brand new GT is only available in coupe-style, … Read more

2025 Volkswagen ID.7: What We Know So Far

I’m among just six reporters from American outlets who were invited to this remote region close to Alicante on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain located in between Valencia between Valencia and Alicante. Volkswagen has gone through a lot of logistical hassle – complicated travel plans, hotels, experts on site, and even workshops – to allow … Read more

2024 Nissan Leaf: Electric Vehicle Overview

In September of 2017, The second-generation Nissan Leaf received its much-needed revamp in the model year 2023 update that came out in April last year. In the next few months, the Leaf is scheduled to flip the page to be 2024’s model within the United States. This is what we are expecting of the 2020 Nissan Leaf. Keep … Read more

2024 Mercedes-Benz CLE Revealed

Mercedes-Benz was an early mover in the “coupe-but-not-a-coupe” vehicle space, and its efforts have only increased after the initial push. There are now four-door coupes and SUV coupes by the brand and a brand-new model is scheduled to go on sale in 2024. In contrast to other Mercedes which sport the name coupe, it’s the CLE. The … Read more

2025 Porsche 718 EV: Here’s our first look

Following the success with Taycan, following the success of Taycan, Porsche is looking to expand its electric car lineup with the launch of the Macan Electric as well as the 718 EV, which will be available in 2024. Porsche hopes to see 50% of the sales of hybrid vehicles or all-electric models by 2025, and … Read more