2025 BMW M2 CS: Price, Release Date, Specs, and Everything We Know

It appeared that BMW has come up with another ugly car but thankfully the official photos prove that’s not true. In actuality, the brand 2025 BMW M2 is a stunning car. It’s not stunning in the traditional sense and it’s possible to argue that its front or rear fascias look a bit dated however it does the hot-rod sports-coupe factory thing. The M2 is small and muscular, sporting an imposing fender flare and an appearance that is reminiscent of the legendary E30 M3. This is the way a small M car should appear.

2024 BMW M2
2024 BMW M2

When the brand new 2-Series launched, I was not completely sold. BMW engineers increased the dash-to-axle ratio, the distance between the central line of the wheels and the dashboard. Typically, front-engine sports cars have a hefty dash-to-axle as a result of moving a long engine toward the dashboard for optimal weight distribution. Take a look under the hood of the Jaguar E-Type, and you’ll know why it appears as it does. Although they use inline engines, that are positioned from the rear axle BMWs are relatively small in the ratio of the dash to the axle. The new 2-Series is, however, and is odd-looking, especially in the profile. With larger flares for the fender, the awkwardness has gone. The wider the car–a step to accommodate the M3/M4’s axles–makes the car appear more sturdier.

The M2 also shows my dislike of the M4. As I view the M4 from a distance I cannot help but be amazed by the enormous negative space that runs between the top of the well for the wheels and at the lower part of the windows. It makes the rear wheels appear tiny, and is a bit misleading considering it’s a 20-inch wheel, but isn’t. In the Mazda2, that region is much more streamlined. I would suggest that you attribute this to an up-righted window line, as well as the wide fender flare that breaks the bodywork.

The M2 also is a fantastic vehicle to carry on the tradition begun by the 1 Series M Coupe more than 10 (!) years ago. It was 1M and the 2M versions of M2 appear to be tiny cars, but they are a hefty punch. The 3 models are all able to achieve the square shape, and it’s almost as if the car is twice as large as it is wide. (Though they’re not). I’m not sure if this is a better-looking vehicle than the previous M2, which was understated and perhaps the most beautiful visually appealing BMW in the past decade. The new M2’s boxed flares offer an avant-garde style that is by BMW’s lineup while paying homage to the first baby M model which was that of the E30 M3.

2024 BMW M2 Interior
2024 BMW M2 Interior


In 2024, it is expected that the 2025 BMW M2 is set to receive a more powerful power boost and come with new colors. A reliable insider named Ynguldy has revealed that beginning in August 2024, G87 M2 models are expected to come with new colors like Sao Paulo Yellow, Mineral Red, and possibly a Skyscraper Gray variant.

While the inclusion of Skyscraper Gray is not yet confirmed, BMW appears to be expanding the color options of the G87 M2 offering eye-catching choices such as Java Green (a vibrant green shade) and cool blue hues of the color pallet M (Voodoo Blue) and Fire Red (a sophisticated new red hue). We’ve also heard that a purple shade could be added to the range in addition. In addition, there’s a chance that BMW could introduce more new colors. It is important to remember that BMW’s plans are susceptible to change before reaching the stage of production.

Some critics have expressed concern about the lack of color options on the new BMW M2, with only Black Sapphire and Toronto Red being praised. The limited color options are unsatisfactory for an M vehicle because this segment of the M Division has traditionally offered an array of stunning colors, such as metallic purples and pale yellows. However, this year, BMW M has assured that more colors will be available shortly. In the past, BMW made an announcement in which it stated it was expected that the M2 would be released in two more colors. But those who are hoping for the return of iconic shades will need to be patient. patience, since the recently released colors include Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue.

There is a chance that the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico may extend its capabilities to include the entire assortment of BMW Individual colors in the future. It is currently reported to be unable to offer this option to G87 M2. G87 M2. By expanding the color options, BMW would not only increase its revenue potential but also let customers customize the M2 in new ways, opening the possibility of endless options for customization.


Naturally, the most important update for us in 2024 will be the power boost that the M2 will offer. According to the sources that report, it is expected that the G87 M2 will have the equivalent of 480 PS, which is about 473 hp. There’s no information on an increase in torque over the current 406 pounds (550 Newton-meters).

It’s important to note that the new S58 engine is intended to be used with the M2 standard version but without any “Competition” designation. The base model has been equipped with a powerful four74-horsepower, the coming CS version that has been discovered will likely be more powerful than the 500-horsepower mark. As we’ve previously mentioned, our estimates show that the Clubsport version will have a power output of 518 to 522 horsepower.

In the end, There are growing indications that there is a BMW M2 xDrive variant is being considered for a future release. It is crucial to remember that the timeframe for its launch is expected to follow the release of the M2 CS, which is expected to be launched in mid-2025. So, we could anticipate the possibility of an all-wheel drive version of the M2 CS coming into the lineup by 2026.

2025 BMW M2 Price & Release Date

The U.S. configurator for the 2024 BMW M2 is now live, revealing that BMW has surprisingly raised its MSRP by $1,000 since the first time it was made public. This means that the M2 will back buyers at least $63,200 and will include a $995 delivery and handling charge. As is the norm for the latest BMW models the 2024 M2 has a wide range of colors to choose from.

The configurator indicates it is Alpine White and Zandvoort Blue are the only free colors, and the other colors are Black Sapphire Metallic, Toronto Red Metallic along Brooklyn Grey Metallic each carrying the price of $650 more. Buyers will also have the option of an M2 color in Frozen Portimao Blue as well as Frozen Pure Grey but these colors aren’t included on the configurator. BMW offers only one wheel option in the M2 2024 model in the U.S. with a staggered 19-inch front and 20-inch rear. With only one wheel model, buyers can choose to purchase it with black or a mixed silver and black finish.

2024 BMW M2 Specs
2024 BMW M2 Specs

In the cabin, you’ll find three leather upholstery styles. We’re especially fond of the Cognac that has contrast stitching however two other black alternatives are also available. With the leather you select you can choose to go with no-cost gloss black accents (no thank you!) spend $150 on BMW’s Aluminum Rhombicle anthracite finish, or spend the price of $800 to get carbon fiber.

Three packages are available. They start with the $300 Shadowline Package, which is followed by a $650 Lighting Package and a Carbon Package that costs $9,900. There are options for Active Cruise Control for $500 as well as Remote Engine Start for $300 as well as a 200-degree heated steering wheel a $200 wireless phone charging pad and free brake calipers in red. There is no difference between the manual transmission and the automatic transmission with 8 speeds having an extra cost over the other, unlike in Europe where the 6-speed is a 500 euro ($544) choice.