2024 Maserati MCXtrema: Racing Excellence Redefined

The vehicle we’ve known previously as Maserati’s Project24 has now been given a name and it’s a simple way to tell you what this car’s all about. It’s called the 2024 Maserati MCXtrema and is a 724-horsepower track-only race car that was developed to take over the reins that were left by the MC12. It’s designed for gentleman racers and other enthusiasts looking for an intense track vehicle, and because it’s not certified for use on the road and is not a road-worthy model, the MCXtrema can only have a place with the 62 owners who can use it frequently on their track. It’s developed to appeal to an extremely limited audience with a more expensive price It’s a total contrast to the road-oriented MC20 it’s built on.

2024 Maserati MCXtrema
2024 Maserati MCXtrema

2024 Maserati MCXtrema Review

It could share a few elements and even a naming scheme with the MC20 but the latest 2024 Maserati MCXtrema Coupe is a distinct beast. The basic form is comparable and the MC20 coupe features sleek curves and a full tummy and a full tummy, The MCXtrema sports complete in terms of angles and intensity. The automaker claims that because it was not restricted by the need to conform to the rules for making it street-legal and street-legal, it can create an entirely new style that draws inspiration from the history of racing.

Its Trident logo and the symbolism behind it is prominently displayed within the design for the front of Maserati MCXtrema, and while Maserati claims that the entire body is drawn with the three-line design, it’s much easier to recognize the significance of the details that are found along the bodywork. From above the scoops of the hood make a three-pronged element that is echoed on the rear of the vehicle. The massive rear wing is mounted on two struts and is also supported by a large shark fin, which gives a tri-bladed appearance from the rear. The fin helps to stabilize the wing, and the wing at the rear can be adjusted.

The taillights are perhaps the most obvious way to use the trident design and have three bars that illuminate at every corner, highlighting the dimensions of the car perfectly. There’s a rear diffuser that’s sculpted that’s a bit understated compared with its aggressive backside. The MCXtrema also features a completely flat underfloor to allow for more airflow.

Aerodynamics was the primary element of the design. On the front, the face is the main feature of MCXtrema and is highlighted by a large front splitter, which creates huge amounts of downforce. The race car features a huge air scoop on its roof. It is driven by custom 18-inch forged aluminum wheels, with a center locking mechanism. The available exterior colors to the Maserati MCXtrema haven’t been made public yet, however with such only a few vehicles to be built the buyers can customize the appearance of their MCXtrema significantly.

2024 Maserati MCXtrema Specs
2024 Maserati MCXtrema Specs


The dimensions for measurements for the 2024 Maserati MCXtrema show it’s longer and more spacious than the MC20 even though they have the same 106.3-inch wheelbase. While the MC20 coupe is only 184 inches long the MCXtrema is 204.7 inches. In addition to the mirrors on the outside and the mirrors on the outside, this MCXtrema measures 80.5 inches long and wide. The height measurements will be fascinating considering that the MC20 is 48.2 inches taller, while the more extreme model will probably be even smaller.

The need to reduce weight is a must for race cars, which is why it is no surprise that the 2024 MCXtrema has a dry weight that 2,866 lbs. Its use of polycarbonate in the side and windscreen and the carbon fiber monocoque are the main reasons for the loss in weight when compared to MC20. The automaker states that these figures can change based on the car’s progress, but.

Engine and Performance

The twin-turbocharged Nettuno V6 engine driving the Maserati MCXtrema makes around 100 horsepower more than the more road-oriented MC20 due to the new turbochargers. The power goes into the rear wheel through an eight-speed sequential gearbox equipped with a racing clutch as well as via a limit-slip auto-locking mechanical differential.

Although Maserati states that the specs are 730 metric horsepower and 538 pounds-ft, the number 540 kW is approximately 724 SAE horsepower. The maximum torque can be found at 3,300 rpm. This should allow an Italian racing car slashing acceleration of 0-60 mph. Because the MC20 coupe can do it in just more than three minutes (according to the independent testing the automaker has estimated faster acceleration) the MCXtrema is likely to improve this significantly. It’s also free from the limitations set for cars that travel on roads, the its speed will be greater than 202 mph for the standard MC20.

The suspension setup and chassis of the MCXtrema are designed to maximize the power of the engine. To achieve this, it comes with motorsport-tuned double-wishbone suspensions, four-way racing springs, and dampers, and the stabilizer bar can be adjusted to track usage. The stopping power is provided by race brakes made of carbon fiber designed to be used in hardcore conditions and the Maserati Corse traction control system and racing exhaust help in assisting it to handle and sound just as a track car.

Gas Mileage

There aren’t any official figures on MPG for the Maserati MCXtrema, and it’s unlikely to be relevant as nobody will be permitted to drive it outside of a racetrack. Still, if you’re wondering what kind of fuel consumption a car like this manages, you can use the regular MC20 as a guide: with 110 hp less and a heavier body, that car earns EPA ratings of 15/25/18 mpg on city/highway/combined cycles. We recognize that the MCXtrema has an FICA-compliant 31.7-gallon tank of fuel (15.85 Gallons for the standard car) This means that you can continue to lap as long as you like.

Interior And Cargo

In contrast to the road car it’s based on the MCXtrema and features an interior that is intended for racing. It was constructed around three basic concepts (there’s that number, again) which are destructuring, minimalism, and driver-involvement. The first model has the interior stripped to its necessities – so minimal it is necessary to add a second seating option for the passenger needs to be selected. Inside the Maserati’s MCXtrema is housed in an enclosure for safety that is not only for security but also to provide extra rigidity.

The second principle plays a role in this too as ‘destructure’ refers to what is known as the “naked effect” inside the car. The dashboard has been cleared of any plastic that is not needed, leaving only a crossbeam which is purposeful as well as embodies an athletic look. Despite the intense stripping, the driver’s contact zones are fitted with ergonomic pads for comfort. The knee and seat areas are protected.

2024 Maserati MCXtrema Interior
2024 Maserati MCXtrema Interior

In terms of driver experience, the idea was to design a cockpit that is a true representation of racing, with everything well-placed and perfectly symmetrical to every piece of equipment. This will ensure that the driver has complete control. This means that the driver can alter the pedal box as well as the steering column when they need to, and the visibility and position of different controls have been thoroughly studied.

The wheel of the steering is made of aluminum and carbon, with a 5-inch display in the center as well as the necessary buttons as well and rotary selectors for different setting options in the track. Maserati would like the driver to have quick access to settings for the calibration of the steering wheel as well as brake balance, traction control, and engine techniques to tailor their experience based on their driving style track conditions, or the weather. Time data along with car parameters and even the pit limiter can be controlled via the cockpit.

There are 2 seats on the Maserati MCXtrema, The standard option is a single race seat that comes with a seatbelt that is six points as well as safety nets and a roof hatch that is integrated for safety. While comfort isn’t considered a luxury the MCXtrema’s passengers are provided with air cooling and UV-reactive labels that allow the instruments to display in low-light conditions and a movable display. Cargo space isn’t a thing when you drive a track car and you can be sure that an extinguisher for fire is located inside the car.

2024 Maserati MCXtrema Release Date & Price

There’s no information on the official release date of the 2024 Maserati MCXtrema, but since the car is under development, it’s unlikely likely to be on the buyer’s doorsteps of buyers anytime soon. The possibility of a late 2024 release is plausible. The majority of the 62-strong lineup is anticipated to be shipped to the USA however it’s important to note that all 62 of them are being sold out. We don’t know how much it will cost for membership in this exclusive group of racers who are gentlemanly, but the automaker has confirmed that the cost of Maserati’s MCXtrema would be seven-digit and that it will not exceed $2 million.

Cars with a distinct interest are those like the Pagani Huayra R with its powerful V12 engine. It has 838 horsepower and was designed specifically for racing with an MSRP of more than $3 million. Gordon Murray has done something like Niki Lauda from the T.50s Niki Lauda – and it’s limited to only 25 models, it’s more exclusive than the other models.