2025 Mazda RX-9: Everything We Know So Far

For a long time, Mazda has been churning out stunning sports cars that drivers are eager to take the steering wheel off. The most notable were the 1990s RX-7 and the 2000s RX-8 which are true sports cars. They are produced along with the MX-5 Miata, which is the entry-level MX-5 Miata.

2025 Mazda RX-9
2025 Mazda RX-9

Although the roadster’s diminutive size has been produced continuously for the past three decades however, those who love the most powerful models have had to wait until the RX-8 was discontinued in 2012. Let’s look at what we can expect and anticipate the 2025 model will look like in the form of a much-anticipated RX-9 sports car.

2025 Mazda RX-9 Concept

Its RX-Vision concept was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2015. It’s likely to surprise many of you considering how modern and contemporary this model appears and feels – no doubt due to Mazda’s KODO design philosophy, which focuses on the heart of motion. The details have not been discussed since the launch of this stunning concept, however, the RX-9 release will likely be based on the striking lines from the RX-Vision.


Fans of Mazda’s sports cars will surely have been disappointed with the launch of the RX-Vision in 2015, with there being no production models following. In 2021, however, the enthusiasts were offered a chance to be hopeful, when Mazda filed for a specific patent. This patent was filed for an electrified rotary motor, perhaps hinting at a future powerplant, which could power an RX-9 in the 2025 production model. The previous RX models were all famously powered with a rotary motor and it’s to be anticipated that Mazda will be eager to carry on this tradition for the new model.


The core of what makes up the RX range, no matter the version or model of RX you are looking at, is a driver-focused sports car. Naturally, we’ll anticipate more similar characteristics when the RX-9 is released. A modern and minimalist interior is likely equipped with a digital display angled toward the driver. It also can display various information and figures, as well as live data coming from under the engine.

If an internal combustion engine was used, We’re also certain that Mazda will be eager to offer a manual gearbox. It would surely please the gearheads who prefer analog, which Mazda’s sports car lineup is attracting, and aid the RX-9 to stand out in an array of EV-powered releases. The RX-9 will not be completely analog, however, since any new car will need to incorporate some high-tech devices to be competitive in the market. Here are a few features we believe Mazda is wise to add.

Interior Features

The Adaptive Cruise Control is a standard feature nowadays in all new cars, this modern cruise control can ensure that the RX-9 is efficient and practical for daily commutes on the highway and will help the car draw a wider range of customers. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and compatibility with smartphones such as this are a given these days, particularly in high-end models such as the RX-9. When you’re not enjoying lively driving on your preferred country road, this kind of connectivity will make sure that the cabin is a great space to relax in.

A variety of driving modes could be expected, including one that is sport mode, which will stiffen the suspension and speed up the throttle response. This could allow drivers to adapt RX-9 to their specific driving style. RX-9 to their behavior in various situations. Mazda has been known for keeping the weight of their sports models for quite a long time now, taking inspiration from iconic 2-seater British sports cars of the 1960s.

2025 Mazda RX-9 Review
2025 Mazda RX-9 Review

For instance, the RX-8 made use of aluminum and plastic to make sure it was a light construction and this in turn altered the way that the coupe operated. Similar methods are almost sure for the RX-9 It is possible that Mazda could use carbon fiber as well as other modern materials to reduce the weight of the car’s curb particularly when massive batteries and electric motors are used.

2025 Mazda RX-9 Changes
2025 Mazda RX-9 Changes

2025 Mazda RX-9 Expected

As we’ve mentioned earlier, more than 10 years have passed since the time that last RX sporting car came on the market and expectations have changed. Here are a few rough estimates of what we can be expecting from the 2025 Mazda RX-9 sports car.