2025 BMW X3: All You Need To Know

The 2025 BMW X3 series has existed for more than a decade and is among the most popular luxury SUVs from BMW. It’s a hybrid between the more compact X1 and the more powerful X5 series. The first X3 was introduced during the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. Through the years the X3’s adored 5-seater SUV has earned a name for fuel efficiency, its sporty attitude, ample storage space, and thrilling driving experience.

2025 BMW X3 Redesign
2025 BMW X3 Redesign

The photos indicate that 2025’s BMW X3 will have much in common with the previous model. The headlights can be seen on the prototype and appear like they’ll remain identical to the previous model, but the taillights remain completely hidden. The grille will be based on the BMW’s distinctive large and bold design, to be able to accommodate the new features that will be introduced in the 2022 model year.

Information about the interior’s precise design isn’t clear. But this new BMW X3 will likely see some changes, such as the new iDrive infotainment system and upgraded basic safety features. The infotainment screen could be larger. As we wait for BMW to reveal the dates of launch for the brand new X3 and X3, here’s what we can expect the SUV to have.

2025 BMW X3 Redesign

Like any prototype of the future, 2025 BMW X3 designs remain mostly unknown. The side profile appears to be unchanged, with the exception that its overall dimensions could be bigger. The new model could display BMW’s upcoming design, with bigger grilles, and perhaps smaller headlights. The grille’s outline remains apparent through the camouflage and appears to be a bit larger than what we could see in the previous model.

The indentation of the camouflage on the front hint at vertically-arranged corner vents, with centrally placed driving lamps however, the circular spots may be the source of the vents. This could result in more noticeable modifications to the front of the vehicle and back, with a lower number plate on the hatch. Based on the exhaust tips in the heavily camouflaged photos the 2025 X3 may include quad pipes as well as an above-the-base trim. Quad pipes suggest an M-performance version.


Although there aren’t any details on what will be the 2025 BMW X3 powertrain, we could have some kind of mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid version. The base model may include the 2.0-liter electric hybrid that plugs into the engine that was borrowed from the BMW 330e. It’s also believed that BMW could remove the ‘i’ from their nomenclature for gas-powered SUVs. It’s expected that the 2025 BMW X3 M is also likely to be the most powerful version to date which will likely retain the M2 and M3 models, as well as the M4’s dual-turbocharged, inline-6.


According to Oliver Zipse, BMW CEO anything to be influenced by 2025’s BMW X3 will be built on the highly successful CLAR design, with the addition of BMW’s most advanced technologies. The CLAR design will equip with the brand all-new X3 with the same strength and lightness that we experienced in the 3, 5 6, and 7 Series as well as the X4 and X5, as well as the and the X7.

Its CLAR platform will be made up of high-strength carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum to reduce some weight from the vehicle and allow sharing of platforms. In addition, since CLAR Architecture emphasized the use of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and carbon fiber, the new BMW SUV is likely likely to be more efficient than the previous version. Unfortunately, the 2025 electric BMW iX3 won’t likely be built on the CLAR platform.

Interior & Infotainment System

The Interior of the 2025 BMW X3 is not revealed. But, since the groundbreaking curving infotainment center has become typical in all the new BMW cars and will probably remain similar in the 2025 BMW X3. The thoughtfully curved design serves two primary purposes. First, it provides an immersive and seamless visual experience for both passengers in the front and the driver. Additionally, it decreases the amount of parallax when a driver tries to view the display from an angle.

The car will come with at least one of these two iDrive infotainment variants that are available: iDrive v8.9 (because the version was launched only recently) or iDrive V9 which is likely to be the most up-to-date version when it comes to the launch of this vehicle. If it’s equipped with iDrive version 9 this is the very first non-Linux operating system for the X3. Whatever iDrive the car comes with, BMW has included 5G connectivity as well as an assistant that can ensure that the iDrive is the most popular choice for you.

2025 BMW X3 Interior
2025 BMW X3 Interior

SUVs are getting luxurious with gorgeous interiors. BMW models are one of the most luxurious SUVs that have stunning interiors. The X3 is only a 5-seater that will stay the same for the model that will be launched in 2025. However, spy photos suggest its overall measurements may be slightly bigger which might be because of the rising demand for bigger SUVs.

The elegant interior we’ve grown familiar with in the past and the outgoing models are expected to remain in 2025’s model year. Similar to the model currently in production X3 front end, the cabin is likely to feature adjustable two-way front seats that can be adjusted with adjustable bolsters for the side to aid passengers in locating the perfect location. People in the rear seats will be delighted by the reclined seatbacks and luxurious cushioning, which is ideal for long trips. The remainder of the cabin is elegant and well-constructed with well-defined panel gaps and carefully selected materials.


All of the basic X3 security features are expected to be for the model year 2025. We anticipate that in 2025 that the X3 will come with safety features, such as Lane departure warning active blind-spot detection cruise control, as well as emergency brakes. Of course, these safety features are already standard on the SUVs of this line.

Additionally, the model 2025 will likely be among the top SUVs that provide the best driving experience since the basic components were improved, with more precise lane detection as well as more engaging cruise control. The adaptive cruise control is anticipated to increase significantly as it is expected that the new 2025 X3 will be a more advanced and superior hybrid over the previous model. This will lessen fatigue while driving for long periods.

Fuel Economy

The 2025 BMW X3 is likely to include a hybrid engine, mixing the standard gasoline engine with the electric machine, leading to better fuel efficiency. Hybrid cars are rarely powered by gasoline and electricity simultaneously. Instead, the electric motor powers the wheels for only a tiny portion of the time it takes to drive at slow speeds or at a standstill which ultimately helps to reduce the amount of fuel consumed.

2025 BMW X3 Changes
2025 BMW X3 Changes

2025 BMW X3 Pricing

Apart from improving fuel efficiency, this design reduces emissions without losing performance. But, as is typical for hybrid cars, be prepared to pay a lot more on the cost of the new 2025 BMW X3. It’s not easy to determine an exact figure however, the X3 model that is available in 2025 is likely to cost around $50,000. If it comes with an electric motor, it will be in line with the price starting at $44,900 on the BMW 330e model for 2023.