2024 Toyota MR2 : The Exciting Sports Ride Is in Development

Rumor has it that Toyota plans to develop their 2024 Toyota MR2, which is the replacement vehicle for their MR2, the legendary (sport utility) vehicle. If everything goes as planned, not only the future MR2 would debut in 2024, but it will also run on electricity. Is it just another rumor, or is it true this time? Will the company revive its iconic sport ride, finally?

2024 Toyota MR2 Concept

If you don’t know, the MR2 refers to a sporty two-seater ride with luxurious looks and features. This is one of the legendary vehicles in auto history. It may not be as popular as the other iconic muscle rides, but the MR2 has its reputation. The rumor about 2024 existence isn’t new, as it has been around for years.

Within 30 years, Toyota has marketed the MR2 as this fun, exciting, sporty ride they make. The company is committed to redesigning every model to tackle the downsides and add extra functional elements, so the performance and style will remain impressive. Until now, auto experts and enthusiasts have positive words about this MR2, especially for the best-in-class performance and the middle engine layout (which is pretty awesome and rare). Unfortunately, the company decided to discontinue the MR2 in 2007.

With Toyota’s ‘safe’ reputation in making boring vehicles, being able to manufacture excellent vehicles like MR2 is like a breath of fresh air. Toyota tries to improve its abilities with its lineups, especially in the sports car sector. They are getting better. As you can see from the proof of GR Supra, the rally-inspired GR Yaris and the new (and well-improved) 86 coupe. However, some fans are still not satisfied, not without the MR2.

2024 Toyota MR2
2024 Toyota MR2

The Updated Plan

The European Toyota Vice President Matt Harrison denied the rumor last year. He said that developing the MR2 wasn’t considered a priority back then. But even after a year, the story is still around and even more vital. And the development team has the green light to go with the MR2. So, it’s likely that the 2024 model MR2 will finally be accurate!

Keep in mind, though, that today’s auto industry is filled with trucks and SUVs. Sports cars are declining. Building a new sports ride isn’t exactly straightforward. And let’s not forget the needed resources to make everything run smoothly. Toyota has been working with BMW to keep costs down with their GR Supra project. That’s why their GR Supra is sharing components with the Beemer Z4. It’s most likely that they will develop the same plan when building the 86. They would be working together with Subaru. What about the MR2? They may form a partnership with the others, but we don’t know whom for now.

2024 Toyota MR2 EV
2024 Toyota MR2 EV

Powertrain and Performance

Considering everything is being electrified, assuming that the rumored 2024 Toyota MR2 will also get the electric power – at least a hybrid unit is safe. It will likely be a plug-in hybrid that combines the V6 branch of 3.0-liter capacity (or probably 2.9-liter capacity) with a single (electric) motor to generate 345 hp. If this is the case, the MR2 would be within the same territory as Nissan Z.

2024 Toyota MR2 Price

The predicted price would be around $52,700 or about 6 million yen. If this plan is accurate, it means that the upcoming 2024 Toyota MR2 would be costlier than the GR Supra, sold with a starting price of $40,000 in the US market.