2025 Toyota Tacoma : Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The 2025 Toyota Tacoma is a vehicle within the Truck category that has the biggest fan base outside Detroit’s Big Three. Depending on where you live the fan base could be more than Ford, GM, or Ram. The Toyota Tacoma is based on its durability and ease of use to provide it the Toyota effect that hasn’t altered the formula for Tundra and Tacoma. Tacoma or Tundra for over 10 years.

2025 Toyota Tacoma
2025 Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is also fitted with new technology for powertrains on the way since Toyota claims that every model it sells will come with an electric version by 2025. That includes trucks. In this scenario, we can expect 2025’s Toyota Tacoma to provide an unveiling of the bZ4X electric crossover concept, which specifically includes battery-electric and hybrid power.

It is expected that the 2025 Toyota Tacoma is a great choice when it is launched with a better-designed model than it did before. On the other hand, Toyota has previewed the all-electric Tacoma as part of its new pickup line that is expected to launch very soon.

2025 Toyota Tacoma Review

Its 2025 Toyota Tacoma is sure to be a major success in the nation’s top-selling midsize pickup truck class and the assembly plant located in San Antonio has been rotating all hours of the day to push the Tacoma to record-breaking sales in the first quarter of this year.

But, mid-range pickups coming from Ford (the brand new Ranger) along with Fiat-Chrysler (Jeep Gladiator) are likely to increase demand on Toyota to make important improvements to its vehicle as evidenced by recent statistics. With a focus on weight reduction as well as basic engine improvements with the help of Tacoma, Toyota can continue to lead the competitive mid-range pickup segment by combing its current performance with excellent fuel efficiency, and saving thousands of customers while doing it.

Despite selling a greater number of trucks with lighter weights, Toyota has largely ignored the significant powertrain advancements in these vehicles. This is why our most recent Auto Maker rating analysis shows the average fuel efficiency has been declining over the last several years.

The 2016 model year The Tacoma was given a significant improvement to its top-of-the-line engine. The engine replaced it with a 4.0L V6 that has been in use since 2004, with a brand new 3.5L V6 that uses the part-time Atkinson Cycle and has direct and port injection to provide an impressive blend of performance and efficiency.

In the last few months, Toyota dealers spotted the first brand-new Tundra in 14 years. They receive a lot of applause for what they’ve seen and it’s likely to be different from the usual V8 specs we’ve come to expect from the pickup. Many sources such as the one we own have insiders who speak to us about the creation of a V6 turbo that could replace the V8 within the marque. It is likely to offer battery support at a minimum for applications with high performance, like Tundra.

A 2025 Toyota Tacoma should paint a beautiful picture of what the next Toyota Tacoma will look like when it is launched in the twenty-five model year. It’s of course important to be able to accept more than a brand new model with the new model. A new generation of vehicles is planned to be TNGA-F, the latest body-on-frame design, and a solid Platform with the new version of the 4Runner and the brand-new Hilux. 2025 Toyota Tacoma if it features the Tundra grille as well as mirrors and two cabins and a longer wheelspin than Tundra the Tacoma will be identical to its predecessor, the Toyota Tacoma which was caught testing in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


On the other hand, the base 2.7L I4 has remained largely unchanged for over 15 years, with the sole change being an increase in variable valve timing which now regulates both exhaust and intake valves. modifications made mostly to ensure compliance with regulations on exhaust pollution.

Both engines come with a 6-speed automatic transmission, though Toyota has 8-speed transmissions within its light truck fleet and a majority of its rivals are also moving to the spread of gears (with the latest Ford Ranger getting a 10-speed transmission).


It is expected that the 2025 Toyota Tacoma rumors circulating suggest that Toyota will continue to use its current trucks and add a hybrid into the mix. This would mean the possibility of a 2.7-liter four-cylinder as well as a 3.5-liter military V6 engine for a few years. We are also hoping that the concept of an electric truck that Toyota unveiled in late 2017 is going to be a commercial model at some point, perhaps joining the Tacoma lineup in the twenty-five-year model.

The present 2.7L engine produces only 159 horsepower with 180 pounds. torque, which is a far cry from the Camry’s 203 HP and the 184 feet-lbs. torque. This torque is easily accessible at a lesser rate than its older and obsolete 2.7L. It is paired with a lighter truck, this will result in a capacity increase as well as leveraging the brand new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) strategy to decrease engine numbers and improve the share of the platform.

In lighter vehicles, Toyota can get by using the 3.5L V6 engine thanks to its more capabilities and possibilities to reduce fuel consumption. One version that comes with the 3.5L V6 runs the Atkinson cycle in a greater range and has a greater compression ratio. This is achieved by incorporating cooling exhaust gas recirculation to minimize knock, similar to that of the Camry engine.

Although the total power available is a bit lower what is the power of the new generation Tacoma comparable to, in the fact that the trucks are considerably lighter? Additional enhancements of the 3.5L V6 engine with the most recent technology for deactivating cylinders will help maintain performance at the appropriate level for the majority of everyday driving, and provide full power for those who require the vehicle to show that it’s more than just a beautiful appearance.

It’s a method that Ram, as well as General Motors, have used in their latest models, and it’s only normal that Toyota should adopt the same strategy.

 Fuel Economy

The Toyota Tacoma has continued to increase its weight over time and has been ignoring feature after feature to remain in the game. The more fat it becomes it is the harder it needs to perform to move the truck without the load. Although this extra weight might be great for luxury, it also hurts performance and fuel efficiency. One option to reduce weight is to use the same strategy Ford implemented in its F-150, which is going to use an aluminum frame.

At the time, Ford was able to reduce about 700 pounds on certain truck models and those with the Toyota Tacoma could see great outcomes too. With the next version of Tacoma sharing the platform with the bigger Tundra pickup, the investment in Tacoma could be leveraged into the Tundra which could increase the performance of both Toyota pickups.

The Tacoma has a frame that has been in use for fifteen years. It is constructed almost entirely from conventional steel and the cab uses low levels of ultra-high-strength and high-strength steel. A study conducted by Transport Canada looked at the weighting of the 2014 Silverado which has the same alloy steel and discovered a way to cut 20 percent in weight, while still passing the most recent safety requirements. Reduced to the size of the Tacoma but still allowing for a total lack of efficiency due to the shared platform with Tacoma and Tundra could mean that the next-generation Tacoma could be lighter than 600 pounds, in some versions.

2025 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

In 2025, the Toyota Tacoma hybrid version seems likely to include the option of being fully electric. It’s not a surprise to Toyota to explore BEV vehicles through the Tacoma model, which is focused more on lighter work and leisure activities, rather than full-on towing and payloads, like its larger brother.

2025 Toyota Tacoma Review
2025 Toyota Tacoma Review

Whatever happens first, even though it’s almost certain to be hybrid, it may provide Toyota an opportunity to surpass its rivals in the mid-truck market that has been comfortable for many years. The new powertrain options including plug-in hybrids with fuel cell technologies are available across Toyota’s SUV line-up. This means hybrids as well as BEV 4Runner Sequoia as well as Land Cruiser if it lasts for a second generation, then of course.

Toyota Tacoma Electric 2025

In 2025, the Toyota Tacoma EV seems very fascinating to drive. Toyota recently introduced an electric-powered powertrain to its line-up. You can expect to see the Tacoma Electric for sale about one year after the gas-powered cousin. Toyota’s decision to integrate the electric motor into the frame of the truck is somewhat of a mystery. It’s possible that the company went down the same path Ford used with its full-size F-150 Lightning electric truck, which is built on a specific powertrain foundation but has primary body panels with its gasoline-powered counterpart.

We anticipate that the 2025 Toyota Tacoma EV Truck to have more than 200 miles of reach and towing power that is equal to or even exceeds that of its gas-powered counterparts. It’s also interesting to look at the 2020’s Toyota Tacoma with some powertrain-specific elements that are aimed at improving the aerodynamics of the truck, like an enclosed grille, as well as different wheels, in addition to electric vehicle-related. Menus on the central infotainment system and a digital gauge display in the cluster.


2025 Toyota Tacoma Release Date & Price

There’s no answer to the 2025 official Toyota Tacoma schedule but we believe that 2025 the Toyota Tacoma will come with the first production vehicle in 2024. Production will not start until the month of December 2024. Toyota Tacoma 2025 hasn’t disclosed specific details about this model. However, we’re betting that the Tacoma Electrics will come exclusively with a crew cab four-door version. Expect to pay at minimum (if it’s not over) $50,000.

  • Our estimate: $30,000 (Tacoma); $50,000 (Tacoma EV)
  • SR5 $50,000 (est)
  • TRD Off-Road $55,000 (est)
  • Limited $60,000 (est)