2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV First Look

Some brands and names in the automotive industry lend themselves more readily to electric power than others. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mazda Miata are characterized by their high-revving engines and cylinder density. Lotus and Mazda Miata are renowned for their light weight and agility. Big luxury cars are primed for electrification. They’re already about smooth, effortless power, a refined driving environment, and quiet rides. Weight and complexity are not bugs, but features.

2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS
2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS

Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes-Maybach are all working on super-luxury, electric cars. But Mercedes-Benz’s ultra-luxury Maybach sub-brand (or Mercedes-Maybach if you’re a techie) is the first to launch an EV this year. It might not be what you expect.

2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Review

Maybach’s most popular models have been long, luxurious sedans. It may seem surprising that its first electric vehicle would be a sports utility vehicle, given that this brand has specialized in extra-long luxury sedans for the majority of its history. Mercedes produces a full-sized, electric sedan called the EQS that could be a great basis for a Maybach.

Daniel Lescow is the head of Mercedes-Maybach. He said that the decision was made based on customer demand. Gear Patrol was told by Daniel Lescow, head of Mercedes-Maybach, that the boxy shape offered more integration opportunities for Maybach. It’s not a coincidence that Maybach’s sales have soared since the GLS600, its first SUV. You’ll find inside the car a leather-lined, extremely comfortable interior you would expect from a company whose main principle is “Take a Mercedes and make it fancier.” The interior is a mix of the regular Benz EQS and Maybach GLS.

Mercedes-Maybach refers to many of its clients as “dual-use” users. These are people who hire drivers during the workweek, but drive their luxury vehicles on weekends for errands or family trips. The driver’s chair is designed to be a comfortable and enjoyable place.

2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Interior
2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Interior

If you want to watch Succession while you recline in your seat, then you will need to sit at the back. You can choose the four-seat layout (you can buy it with a bench in the back but…really? Why would you?) You can stretch out on all three axes. A leg rest can be popped out, your back can be angled flat, and the optional trunk cooler will allow you to enjoy the contents of the cooler. It’s easy to remove when not needed. Maybach logos can be found all over the car. The Maybach logos are on the pedals as well as the speaker grilles and the regular grille. They even appear on the puddle lights. One is projected on the thick pile carpet between the second and third rows.

Engine & Performance

The EQS SUV is launching in EQS-680 form. This number simply indicates that it’s more powerful than Maybachs of lesser numbers. Dual motors (one per axle) deliver a combined 649 hp, 701 lb.-ft. of torque. This is enough to propel the massive beast from 0 mph to 62 mph within 4.4 seconds. Brand representatives reluctantly acknowledged that this powertrain is based on AMG’s EQS sedan.

Of course, if you make such mad dashes it will be harder to achieve the maximum range. Mercedes-Maybach says it can deliver “up to 600 km” on a single charge. However, that is under the WLTP measurement which is more open-minded. If you convert to EPA and imperial units, then you can expect up to 300 miles in real-world driving. At 75 mph and a steady pace of 240-250 mph.

Our best estimate is that the EQS 680 can recharge at up to 200 kW using a DC quick charger. This would add 100 miles to its highway range within 15 minutes. The car can be charged at 22 kW using a Level 2 charger if you’re able to take your time. This is only available in other markets than the U.S.A. where AC charging is limited to 9.6kW. Even so, it is sufficient to recharge the Maybach in just over 12 hours.


We haven’t yet addressed the design of the new Maybach EQS. Maybach’s first event saw us scout the vehicle in a massive event hall, with harsh auto show lights and Christmas ornaments with the brand logo all over. It was difficult to judge the car’s size and shape.

It has a much stronger personality in person and its face looks better without the harsh white light. It was the phrase “noble Alien” that immediately came to my mind when I saw its face. The car is not particularly attractive, but it’s a product that declares its importance and lineage, just like the Bentayga or Cullinan.

2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Specs
2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Specs

2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Release Date & Price

Let’s be honest, this is what SUV buyers want. Mercedes is likely to sell a lot of these SUVs, at least according to Maybach standards. According to their previous models, Mercedes has not discussed pricing. However, you can expect to pay at least $175,000 and possibly more if it comes with all the bells and whistles.