2024 Opel Corsa Electric Facelift Brings More Power And Range

Opel unveiled its facelifted Corsa hatchback in Europe. As before, the car is available as an all-electric version called Corsa Electric. The Corsa Electric is a newer model that adopts Opel’s latest styling language, which makes it appear like a smaller Astra Electric. It also has an updated exterior and interior with more technology.

2024 Opel Corsa Electric
2024 Opel Corsa Electric

2024 Opel Corsa Electric Facelift Redesign

The 2024 Corsa electric gains the Opel brand face on the exterior, which integrates seamlessly the vehicle grille with the LED headlights and the central Opel Blitz into one element. The LED headlights, front bumper, and vehicle grille have also been redesigned to give it a sportier appearance.

The optional Intelli-Lux matrix headlights now have 14 LED elements instead of eight as they did before the facelift. The only change visible on the rear is the Corsa letters on the tailgate. The new Grafik Grey paintwork and the Opel logo in matte satin silver or black are also minor updates.

2024 Opel Corsa Electric Interior
2024 Opel Corsa Electric Interior

Visually, the interior is largely unchanged from the previous model. The main changes include new seat patterns, new shift levers, and a new steering wheel. The optional digital cockpit, based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Cockpit platforms, offers a new infotainment and touchscreen display of up to 10 inches that presents information in a more logical format. The new interface offers enhanced graphics, multimedia, computer vision, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The navigation system also has connected services, as well as natural speech recognition (“Hey Opel”) and over-the-air (OTA) updates. The Corsa is the first vehicle to offer Apple CarPlay wirelessly and Android Auto as standard. The Corsa also features a new high-resolution rear-view panoramic camera.


The Opel Mokka Electric and Peugeot e2008 has also been upgraded in the powertrain department. The improved lithium-ion batteries with a 54-kilowatt-hour capacity are the main benefits of the new electric powertrain. They increase the range up to 400 kilometers (250 miles) using the WLTP cycle.

The electric drive system will be available in two versions: one with 100 kilowatts (134 horsepower) and a range of 222 miles (357 kilometers) or another with 154 horsepower (115 kW), and a range of up to 400 km (402 miles). Both models offer a torque of 192 pound-feet (260 Newton meters). Opel says that the battery can be charged from 20 to 80 percent of its capacity in 30 minutes. The facelifted Opel Corsa will be available to European customers starting in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Hybrid Options

Opel Corsa’s mid-lifecycle upgrade is more than just a cosmetic update. The automaker has equipped the supermini’s Stellantis engine technology, which was already seen in other CMP/eCMP-based products. The Corsa Electric is now available in two different powertrains. The standard model has the same 134 horsepower (100 kW/136 PS) but boasts a WLTP range increase of 357 kilometers (222 miles). A more powerful version is available with a new, more efficient electric engine that produces 154 horsepower (115 kW/156 PS). This motor is coupled to a 54 kWh battery (up from 50 kWh), allowing for a WLTP distance of 406 kilometers (252 miles). The battery can be charged from 20% to 80% within 30 minutes when connected to a rapid charger.

The Opel Corsa is the first car to be offered with mild hybrid options. The turbocharged 1.2-liter engine with a 48-volt system comes in two outputs: 99 hp or 134hp. Both engines are only available with the six-speed dual-clutch automatic. Opel has confirmed that in addition to electrified engines, the facelifted Corsa would also be offered with “efficient combustion engine” options. The non-electrified turbocharged three-cylinder 1.2-liter engine is likely to be the same one that’s already available on the mechanically related Opel Mokka, with its six-speed manual transmission. Opel is aiming to become a purely electric brand in Europe by the year 2028. This means this will be the last Corsa with combustion engines.

2024 Opel Corsa Electric Specs
2024 Opel Corsa Electric Specs

The facelifted Opel Corsa is not yet available or priced. It’s expected to cost more than the model that it replaces. The Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, and other superminis are no longer in competition. However, there are still strong competitors, including the Peugeot 208 stablemate, which is being updated shortly, as well as the Renault Clio that was recently facelifted, the Toyota Yaris, and VW Polo.

2024 Opel Corsa Electric Facelift Price and Availability

Early 2024 is the expected date for the 2024 Opel to be sold in Europe. The car will come in four trim levels, including Selection, Elegance, and GS Line. The base Selection trim starts at about EUR24,000 ($27,000), and the top GS Line will cost approximately EUR30,000 ($33600). These prices include government incentives in Germany for electric vehicles.

The Opel Corsa 2024 will be competing with other electric hatchbacks such as the Renault Zoe and Hyundai Ioniq 5. It will also compete against the Volkswagen ID.3 and Kia EV6. Opel’s model has an advantage due to its attractive design, spacious cabin, long range, and competitive price.

The Opel Corsa Electric 2024 is a stylish, affordable, and high-value EV in Europe. The car is a combination of the best features of the Opel Corsa and electric mobility. The electric vehicle is expected to appeal both to Opel’s existing customers and to new buyers who are looking for an eco-friendly and practical vehicle.