2024 Honda S2000 Comeback Is Rumored

Honda stunned the world in the past with its perfectly-balanced roadster powered by a screamin’ 9.000RPM engine. From today’s perspective, this is still the most thrilling roadster ever made. It’s a shame that the second generation never came to be. This could change as some sources claim that a new version could be released as soon as next year. For example, the Honda S2000 2024.

2024 Honda S2000
2024 Honda S2000

The officials have not commented yet and, despite the rumors that circulate, it is difficult to determine the chances of seeing this legendary car in production again. The development of a car would be expensive and no one could afford to do that in these times. It’s not feasible to spend that much money on a small-volume vehicle, especially when electric cars are on the rise. This is why we should take this comeback with caution. Even so, it won’t prevent us from speculating and dreaming about the revived roadster. So let’s start making predictions and expectations about the 2024 Honda S2000.

2024 Honda S2000 Redesign

The first thing to come to mind when you think of a design is its overall appearance. We expect no surprises in this area. The classic roadster design will be retained, along with the familiar silhouette of the original. The overall shape would not change much, and the dimensions will also remain the same. The key changes will be at the front, with a new grille, headlights, and other features. The NSX supercar may be a source of inspiration.

This revival would require the Honda S2000 2024 to be completely rebuilt. Honda does not have a Roadster platform available at the moment. We expect to see the classic layout with a rear-wheel drive and a longitudinally-mounted engine, as in the original.


Interior design is no different. We can expect the interior design to be very similar to that of the original, meaning a Spartan-style cockpit with minimalistic, uncluttered aesthetics. Everything would be oriented toward the driver. However, the materials would likely be upgraded compared to the original. It’s difficult to tell if the instrument cluster will look like the original.

The 2024 Honda S2000 will also be a 2-seater with two well-designed seats that provide excellent support, and with not much space around them. We do not expect many practical features such as storage compartments or similar things. Just a simple design.


The 2024 Honda S2000 has a number of interesting features. You may remember that the original Honda S2000 was powered by a 240-hp inline-four engine. The engine was capable of revving up to 9,000 RPMs. The times are different now, so the new unit will probably have a turbocharger.

2024 Honda S2000 Specs
2024 Honda S2000 Specs

The Type R 2.0-liter turbo-four engine, which produces over 320 horsepower, would make a great base for this convertible. We still assume that there will be some changes made to the engine and it’ll have a different character. The Type R’s engine doesn’t have a high rev range and is more focused on mid-range power. We assume that the S2000 engine will be tuned for higher revs and higher peak torque and power. How much higher will it be? Honda engineers will decide.

2024 Honda S2000 Review
2024 Honda S2000 Review

2024 Honda S2000 Price & Release Date

The 2024 Honda S2000 remains a mere rumor at this time. The chances of seeing it are not very high. Some sources, however, suggest that the revival may happen as early as next year.