2024 Jaguar F-Type : Price, Specs & Review

The F-TYPE sports car range is a perfect blend of effortless performance, precise agility, and everyday refinement. Only Jaguar could have created this. The Jaguar F-TYPE is available in Coupe or Convertible body types, each with its character. It delivers an exhilarating driving experience, incredible handling, and a driver-focused experience.

2024 Jaguar F-Type Review
2024 Jaguar F-Type Review

The engine of each F-TYPE delivers high torque levels at all engine speeds. Jaguar In Control Touch Pro, an advanced infotainment device that is found in every F-TYPE keeps you connected while you drive. The F-TYPE is characterized by its flowing body lines, sculpted curves, and pronounced stance.

“Yes, the Jaguar F-Type sports car is a great luxury vehicle. The snarling feline on the grille suggests its feline-like engines and agility. The interior is stylish and refined, which counterbalances its aggressive driving dynamics. “There are many great contenders in this class, but none have the character that the F-TYPE does.”

2024 Jaguar F-Type Redesign

The Jaguar F-TYPE will cease production in 2024. This is sad news. The F-TYPE’s final year of production will include two commemorative editions, as 2024 coincides with the 75th-anniversary celebrations of this legendary sports car. Drivers can select between the R75 or 75 variants in 2024, which are available both as Coupe and Convertible. Both models come with exclusive badging on the inside, unique 20-inch wheels, and a Giola Green option for the exterior. Standard R-Dynamic P450 will also be available until 2024. Act now if you’ve ever dreamed of driving this iconic British sportscar. It’s your last chance to drive the Jaguar F-TYPE.

The F-TYPE sports car is Jaguar’s most pure expression of a sports car. It is timeless, progressive, and evocative. The body is designed to provide low lift levels and excellent stability when driving at high speeds. The F-TYPE’s standard LED headlights with LED ‘J” blade Daytime Running lights are just as impressive as they appear and make it stand out even at night. Coupe models offer drivers the choice between an aluminum roof and full-width panorama glass. Convertible models have a roof made of composite materials that reduce road and wind noise. The top can be raised or lowered within 12 seconds.

Dynamic Performance

The core of each Jaguar F-TYPE is a lightweight, aluminum body that has a stiff and strong structure. The 5.0 V8 supercharged engine with its higher capacity offers immense power and high torque to provide dynamic responsiveness. The 8-speed transmission is rapid and allows you to accelerate quickly from a standstill. Looking for more power? Upgrade to the P575 Supercharged 8-cylinder engine for 575 horsepower. Jaguar considers the F-TYPE’s forged aluminum dual wishbone suspension design to be the perfect configuration.

2024 Jaguar F-Type Specs
2024 Jaguar F-Type Specs


The F-TYPE is a stylish vehicle that connects you, informs you, and entertains you with precision-built audio systems. The Touch Pro infotainment is included as standard equipment. It has a responsive user interface, sharp graphics, and a highly intuitive interface.

The 12.3-inch touchscreen in the center console allows F-TYPE owners to select audio, climate, GPS navigation, or Apple CarPlay (r) and Android Auto (TM) connectivity. InControl Remote(tm), a smartphone-compatible remote control, allows you to monitor the F-TYPE from your compatible smartphone. This innovative technology allows you to remotely lock or unlock your vehicle, start the engine for heating or cooling the cabin, and track journeys.


The Jaguar F-Type 1+1 configuration has been designed to bring you closer together, enhancing your driving experience. The F-TYPE is designed to inspire driving engagement with its driver-centric cockpit, simple controls, and clear instrumentation. The biggest change is the slim, lightweight seats which increase legroom.

Performance seats are now available with optional cooling. The available Configurable Lighting allows for unique customization with a choice of Phosphor Blue or Pale Blue to match your mood. The F-TYPE cockpit comes alive with a powerful Meridian audio system that delivers rich, full sound.


The 2024 Jaguar F-Type will be available with two supercharged engines, one with 444 horsepower while the other has 575. Both engines are powerful, and they both roar to life as soon as you turn on the ignition. They also propel you forward with great force when you stop. The power continues to be strong even at speeds well above freeway speed.

The F-Type R75’s powerplant is almost as impressive as the base engine. The exhaust note is perhaps the most appealing aspect of both setups. You can hear the low, aggressive burble even while crawling or in traffic. The pops and crackles are also invigorating.

Ride and Handling

This Jaguar is more of a classic sportscar than a track-ready monster. The Jaguar F-Type is composed and secured on the road. However, there may be less steering feedback than you would like. The F-Type has a standard electronic adaptive suspension that helps to keep road bumps at bay. The F-Type doesn’t offer any notable performance upgrades. Only the F-Type R75 with its high horsepower has larger brakes.

The F-Type base engine is claimed to go from zero-to-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, and it has a maximum speed of 177 miles per hour. The F-Type R75, with its 575 horsepower, can sprint from zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 186 miles per hour. All-wheel drive is standard on the F-Type R-Dynamic. The F-Type 75, F-Type R75, and F-Type 75 are all-wheel-drive standards.

Gas Mileage

When equipped with rear-wheel-drive, the 2024 F-Type is estimated to get 17 mpg city and 24 highway. Both models with all-wheel drive are rated 16 mpg city and 24 highway. These estimates are acceptable for a sports car powered by a V8 engine. The F-Type is a great choice if you want a supercharged sports car with v8 power, especially since this Jaguar will soon be out of production.

2024 Jaguar F-Type
2024 Jaguar F-Type

F-Types will be highly valued in the future, but they are not the best option for a luxury sports car today. Porsche Caymans and Boxsters offer superior handling at thousands less than the F-Type. You could also get a Porsche 911 base for less money than the F-Type’s most expensive variant. Consider the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette.

2024 Jaguar F-Type Price & Release Date

The 2024 Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic begins at $77.900 and comes with a rear-wheel-drive and a supercharged 444-horsepower V8 engine as standard. The F-Type 75 is priced at $89900 and comes with the same engine, but also has all-wheel-drive, better leather upholstery, and ventilated seating.

The F-Type R75, with an MSRP of $113,000, features a V8 supercharged engine that produces 575 horsepower. Prices are listed for the coupe body type. For a premium of $2,000, each trim can be ordered as a convertible.