2024 BMW M9 Review, Pricing, and Specs

Fans of the brand continue to be inspired by the lack of supercars from the Bavarian manufacturer. Some go one step further, converting their ideas and thoughts into BMW design studios.

2024 BMW M9
2024 BMW M9

Radion Design presented a study of the BMW M9 concept for 2024. The illustrations published on the Internet show that the BMW M9 has been designed as a two-seater sporty car with a lowered front, and headlights that are located in a narrow slot that runs the width of the front portion, including the radiator grille.

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2024 BMW M9 Redesign

The overall design would be typical of a supercar with a two-door coupe layout. The platform and the most important things are likely to be taken from other models, but there is also speculation that the new BMW M9 2024 will be completely built from scratch. This makes sense. We can’t say much at this time about the mechanics. We can, however, say a few things about the aesthetics.

The sporty two-seater has a very dynamic shape. Its front features some unique design elements, like the narrow headlights and lowered nose. The BMW “kidneys” are prominently displayed in the middle of the radiator grille, and large air deflectors can be found at the bottom of the bumper.

The roof line slopes down with a slight incline towards the rear edge where the spoiler is situated. The very thin brake lights emphasize the width of the vehicle. Like the front light groups, the rear group also uses LED technology. Radion Design has said that it does not expect its concept to please all tastes. The basic idea is to use a “different philosophy” than that of BMW designers when designing the M9 Study.


The BMW M9 2024 would need a powerful engine. If we look at the current BMW lineup, it seems like the choice is pretty straightforward and could lead to two different outcomes. The first is a brand-new powertrain. The second could be something familiar. We are referring to the new XM and its hybrid drivetrain, which combines a 4.4-liter V8 engine with electric motors. The maximum output of the engine is 738 horsepower in the most powerful version.

2024 BMW M9 Specs
2024 BMW M9 Specs

We assume that with that power the BMW M9 2024 would be able to hit 60 in just a bit more than two seconds. This system is installed in the new SUV performance. It comes with an impressive battery pack of 25.7 kWh, which allows for 30 miles in all-electric mode. The new supercar could achieve the same autonomy by using a smaller battery pack due to its significantly reduced weight.

2024 BMW M9 Changes
2024 BMW M9 Changes

2024 BMW M9 Price & Release Date

This is, as we said, the imagination of a BMW fan. But what if BMW decided to build a supercar instead? We assume that this model would easily exceed $250.000 if it wasn’t even $300.000.