6 Candidates of the Best SUV 2024

SUVs and crossovers dominate the auto industry these days, so it’s quite reasonable to learn about the candidates for the best SUV 2024. By knowing your options, you can get prepared. Not to mention that there are several arrays of different products (with different features, abilities, models, etc) that may suit your preference and like.

Chevy Equinox EV

Chevrolet has been serious about developing its EV lineups for 2024. That’s why they have manufactured the Blazer SUV (for the 2023 model), the Silverado EV (for the 2024 model), and finally the Equinox EV (also for the 2024 model). Chevy would make the Equinox an affordable compact SUV that won’t sacrifice function and features. The price should start from around $30,000. The Equinox comes in 2 major trims: the LT and RS. The driving range is expected to cover 300 miles. This vehicle is constructed with an Ultium platform, offering 250 hp.

2024 Chevy Equinox EV
2024 Chevy Equinox EV

Lucid Project Gravity

This is one of the most anticipated SUVs in today’s auto industry. The details are quite scarce and limited, but you can be sure that it would be super stylish and promising. The vehicle incorporates the Lucid Space Concept, employing the EV miniaturized powertrain and compact battery. It can accommodate 7 people with the biggest frunk (of all EVs). This SUV can cover 400 miles of range while supporting the fastest charging ability. The vehicle may likely debut in the 2024 first half.

Ferrari Purosangue

Since Porsche and Lamborghini have created super strong and promising SUVs, the Ferrari won’t be left behind. Their suspected Purosangue is said to have punchy performance although the company won’t say much about their new line. As one of the best SUVs in 2024, it is still unclear whether the SUV would be coming with a turbocharged V8 or the strong V12, but it is coming with an all-wheel driving system. It is also unclear whether the Purosangue would be offered as a hybrid unit or a regular sporty ride.

Polestar 3

Polestar has produced 2 EVs: Polestar 1 (the hybrid vehicle able to deliver 609 hp) and Polestar 2, the completely electric ride. Now, they are planning on releasing their new (electric) SUV, Polestar 3. Although it is said to be designed as the 2023 model, the company mentioned its stretchy expectation for the 2024 model. This ride is said to function as an aerodynamics-performance electric SUV that is included in the luxury SUV sector. It has an autonomous drive, running on Nvidia centralized computing system and LiDAR sensor. With dual motor units, it can cover 373 miles of distance.

Honda Prologue EV

The new Prologue EV has promising abilities and performance, considering that it is designed as a collaborative project between GM and Honda. The SUV somewhat comes with similar dimensions to the Honda CR-V, while General Motors support the battery and powertrain packages. The details are still limited and scarce, but Honda assures everyone that the style would focus on aerodynamics – even improving one.


Who can doubt Hummer’s nameplate? As a well-known offroad beast, this vehicle has all the promising features and quality. The 2024 model would incorporate full electric power. The power output would be impressive while supporting a four-wheel driving system and high-end technologies. There would be four different trims for this line, starting from EV2, then EV2X, and then EV3X, and finally, Edition 1. Both EV2 and EV2X would have 625 hp with their dual motor layout. The EV3X and also Edition 1 would have three motors, delivering 830 hp.


With all of these candidates for powerful SUVs, you have plenty of options. Which one of these best SUVs in 2024 suits your needs and personal preference?