5 Options of the Future Best Luxury SUV 2024

Some of the SUVs are included in the list of the best luxury SUVs in 2024 not only because of their elegant design but also because of their extensive lines of high-end features and sophisticated safety driving technologies. In short, these new upcoming SUVs are considered worthy of the best luxury title because of their various perks and add-ons, and they have a pretty high price to prove it.

Best Luxury SUV 2024

Here you go. Top 5 recommendations from our team for best luxury SUV 2024.

Buick Electra

This would be the first luxury SUV with electric power from Buick. One of the most futuristic aspects of the vehicle is the curving glass roof and the big butterfly doors. Other details aren’t revealed just yet, but many have predicted that this one would come as the standard all-wheel driving vehicle. It may likely be that it runs on two motors and a full charge can give you 300 miles of coverage. Up until now, there hasn’t been any information on the production stage – or when it begins. The estimated price may start from around $50,000 for Preferred, around $60,000 for the Essence, and the highest trim, the Avenir, may be set at around $70,000.

Aston Martin Vanquish

This one may be released in 2024, and it has been designed as one of the hybrid SUVs for the future market. Rumor has it that this Vanquish would be running on a V6 unit and a price tag of around $300,000. The profile would be a sporty futuristic ride, with a (bonded) aluminum spaceframe and sleek curves. The engine can generate 700 hp (which is similar to the one generated by Valhalla and Valkyrie). With competitors like McLaren 720S or Ferrari F8 Tributo, it’s no wonder if this one is set as the solid luxury SUV.

2024 Aston Martin Vanquish
2024 Aston Martin Vanquish

Mazda CX-70 and CX-90

Mazda has taken a step ahead by preparing one luxury SUV model and two. They are confident with their new future platform and also the inline-six-engine layout. Their CX-90 has been set as a three-row luxury SUV that is supposed to replace the outdated CX-9. The CX-70 is designed as this midsize SUV with two rows to be set above the CX-50. The CX-90 is planned to release first, while the CX-70 follows soon enough.

Honda Prologue

The Prologue would be the new crossover running on electric power that is set for the American auto market. As the 2024 model, it will arrive sometime in 2023; most likely after the mid of 2023. As one of the best luxury SUVs in 2024, the Prologue is designed with the Ultium battery platform which has been developed between GM and Honda. Many have stated that the new Prologue will inspire the next Acura production (with nameplate ADX) with different styles and more luxurious elements.


Beemer also has a plan concerning luxury SUVs with solid and tough powertrains. The XM would use hybrid power, combining a V8 twin-turbocharged unit with a 4.4-liter capacity and one (electric) motor that can generate 750 hp. According to predictions, it would be able to reach 60 mph within 3.1 seconds only, which is quite impressive – if it’s true. The exterior has this angled and chiseled look compared to other SUVs, especially with two big air (intake) vents in the front.

As if it weren’t enough, the interior cabin would bolster advanced technologies and features, including this huge and curved digital display screen that may cover the overall dashboard. The price may start at around $100,000.


There are still more options to the line, such as Toyota, Hummer (and GMC), and also Polestar. Which of these best luxury SUVs in 2024 do you like the most?