2025 Toyota Tundra Review, Pricing, and Specs

2025 Toyota Tundra Many media outlets have reported on Toyota to cover its slow transition into electric vehicles. The situation will shift dramatically. The Japanese company has recently unveiled the ever-changing Toyota as well as Lexus EV designs. One thing that caught our eye hidden in the corner was the known Pickup EV. It’s our first glimpse at Toyota’s upcoming electric pickup truck, and it gives us a reason to be thrilled.

2025 Toyota Tundra
2025 Toyota Tundra

The electric vehicles that we’ve seen thus far including the GMC Hummer EV SUT to the Ford F-150 Lightning and Bollinger B2 have one feature in common: they’re massive. The Rivian R1T, which is a bit bold, is a step closer to mid-sized and full-size trucks. Toyota’s EV pickup, at the very least according to the photos appears to be smaller. It’s got a sporty appearance and an aesthetically compact cabin and bed. We’re not sure what Toyota will name the truck as well as whether the next generation Tacoma will include an electric version.

However, If Toyota announced that it is building an electric Tacoma that it would be impossible for the vehicle to appear then. Sure, it has an element of Tundra however, it’s not the same for the next-generation Tacoma.

2025 Toyota Tundra Review

Toyota has finally announced the plans to electrify the truck lineup, and we’ve got a feeling it’s going to start on the Tundra. The truck industry is preparing for electrification at incredible speeds because of specialist EV firms like Tesla or Rivian. The major car brands are also participating (like they also have alternatives! ) And, most recently, Toyota.

The automaker announced that it is planning to electrify its range of trucks. For the first time, the Japanese automaker has talked about the possibility of electrifying pickup trucks. There’s no information about which truck will get the ion shot first however, you can expect it to happen sooner than we expected.

Toyota has announced that it will be able to offer 70 electric vehicles in the world in 2025. 15 of the models will be specifically battery-electric vehicles, and seven of those 15 will be equipped with the “bZ” moniker which stands for Beyond Zero BZ1, BZ2 (BZ2X), BZ3, the BZ4, BZ4X, and BZ5. Models sporting the “X” suffix will feature two motors as well as the all-wheel drive option. There’s no sign of any pickup trucks in the bZ series. That suggests that at present, the automaker will be focused on electrifying the existing lineup rather than creating an entirely new electric pickup from scratch.

In the past, the concept that an electric truck could be a possibility was… unimaginable. Trucks are designed to transport towing, haul, and play in remote locations where car chargers with electric power aren’t often seen. Today and we can see the imminent arrival of electric vehicles hitting the market. They are coming from names that we know (Ford and the F-150 as well as the return of the Hummer) and also from new names (Tesla with Cybertruck, and Rivian and the R1T). Toyota is the most recent big-name automaker to announce plans to introduce electric trucks into the market, be it in the model that Tundra, Tacoma, or both.

After appearing on stage at the Shanghai auto show to announce that it would bring battery-electric and hybrid powertrains to the truck lineup, but it did not specify the specific names of trucks that will feature an electric option, Toyota has started previewing the complete concept vehicle. EV trucks (The announcement was made at Toyota’s larger in-house event, which looked at the possible EVs Toyota has announced.) It’s the first (okay it’s the two) moment we’ve ever heard Toyota talk about electrifying its vehicles, we’ll say that it’s a huge deal.

The two companies Chevrolet along with Ford have said they are currently making electric variants of the Silverado and F-150 and F-150, respectively. So the idea of an all-size electronic Toyota Tundra makes sense. Toyota’s large-sized truck has reached its 3rd generation and it shouldn’t be a surprise that the latest model comes with some kind of electrification that goes beyond the alternative hybrid engine.

It seems, however, that Toyota has chosen to go with an easier size option such as an electric Rivian R1T, a sort of intermediate truck that’s larger than a mid-size vehicle, but smaller than an all-size truck. In line with the conceptual picture that the Pickup EV Toyota has shared and used a small SUV as a comparison. The truck is large, but not too bulky. It may be the size of a Tundra, but then again even though certain styling elements of the model are consistent with the current Tundra however, the bed of the EV is more robust and so is the interior.

It is expected that the Toyota Tacoma will also be receiving a new model soon and electrification is an option shortly. It is yet to be determined when the Taco will be equipped with an all-electric or hybrid engine (or both) however, it will be among the first mid-sized trucks to be sold in the US to receive some form of electrification. It is believed that the next-generation Tacoma will be sharing its platform Tundra which means some kind of mixture of two trucks specifically designed for the electric version is likely to be what we see here.

Toyota announced it will launch 15 new electric vehicles before 2025, many of which were showcased in the same show as this EV Pickup, so electric pickup trucks might appear by then. As we move closer to the date For now we’re only able to offer the haziest indication that an electric vehicle from Toyota will be arriving, with a sketchy image of what it might appear like.


Toyota designers from Calty have employed a horizontal layout design and have integrated the dashboard with the center console. The design of the center console is minimalist yet functional with physical controls that are still in place to perform essential functions like temperature control and volume control. The 12.3-inch full-digital instrument cluster can be found in higher trims. However, this trim lower is ideal to use a semi-analog collection that has a 4.2-inch MID. The heads-up display of 10 inches is also an option. We also are hoping that the 2025 Tundra will feature a more stylish interior than it has ever had.

Other features of the cabin include the 14″ Audio Multimedia touchscreen infotainment system that comes with connectivity via wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto compatibility as well as a virtual assistant that responds to Toyota’s Hey/Hi/Hello/OK phrases and saved profiles.

2025 Toyota Tundra Interior
2025 Toyota Tundra Interior

In addition to being larger and more spacious, the new screen also offers a higher view angle for drivers as it’s not overly tilted. The lower trim comes with the 8-inch Audio Multimedia touchscreen infotainment system rather than. A panoramic roof and heated steering wheel heated and ventilated seats the rear sunshade and sliding windows at the rear are just a few of the most important aspects of comfort offered by Tundra 2023. A 360-degree camera permits the easy parking of big pickups. In contrast to the second-generation Tundra, It features a sturdy A-pillar driver’s side grip handle, which motorists will appreciate while driving off-road. Toyota has also added this grip lever on the passenger side, too, however, it’s not a brand-new feature.

Toyota Tundra Off-Road

The electric pickup has tended toward off-road capabilities to date. Off-roaders are extremely fashionable and EV trucks with their low center of gravity as well as tons of instant torque are the perfect vehicle for this. Toyota will most likely adopt electronic pickups in this direction.

2025 Toyota Tundra Specs
2025 Toyota Tundra Specs

Its Toyota EV Pickup Truck is equipped with off-road tires of high quality. We’re also sure that the white paint shouting “TRD Pro” to fans isn’t an accident. Toyota has announced its plans to introduce 15 battery electric vehicles in 2025. The pickup market is expected to be at the forefront of this development.

2025 Toyota Tundra Price

The Tundra is priced higher at the start price than the domestic competition. The entry-level Toyota SR trim is more sought-after with more features that are standard, such as the twin-turbo V-6 engine with 379 horsepower and coil-spring suspension on the rear. (Coil-spring front suspension is included for Ram 1500. Ram 1500.)

What you’ll likely get is an SR5 equipped with the TRD Off-Road package, which includes an electronically-locked rear differential exclusive wheels, an upgraded suspension as well as other options.

  • SR $38,760
  • SR5 $44,265
  • SR5 $47,265
  • Limited $50,360
  • Limited Hybrid $56,140
  • 1794 Edition $61,255
  • Platinum $63,570
  • Platinum Hybrid $63,900
  • 1794 Edition Hybrid $64,600
  • Platinum Hybrid $66,900
  • TRD Pro Hybrid $70,315
  • Capstone Hybrid $77,040