2025 Toyota Hilux What we know so far

How similar will the 2025 Toyota HiLux utes and 2024 Toyota Tacoma be? Could they be the same for the first time? Toyota USA announced a new grade for its next-generation Tacoma midsized pickup truck that is off-road-focused and has an unexpected Australian connection.

2025 Toyota HiLux
2025 Toyota HiLux

2025 Toyota Hilux Review

Toyota HiLux’s next generation, the highly anticipated Japanese vehicle, will debut in 2025. The Hilux, which has been Australia’s top-selling vehicle for seven years running, is in need of a major makeover. The drive has revealed that the next Toyota HiLux is expected to be produced before 2025. The new HiLux will be revealed in the first half of 2025. It is expected to arrive in Toyota Australia showrooms by the second half, barring any unexpected delays.

The new Toyota Hilux is likely to borrow design cues and be based on a new platform – a TNGAF chassis, which also forms the basis for the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and LandCruiser 300 Series 4WD. The latest Toyota HiLux will share its underpinnings for the first 20 years with the Toyota Tacoma.

The next Toyota HiLux is still a mystery, but we do know that it will have a mild-hybrid diesel engine. Toyota has announced that by the end of the decade, it will electrify nearly all its models, including HiLux. It is not yet known if the HiLux will be equipped with hybrid, hydrogen, or electric technology.

Standard features include 16-inch or 17-inch steel rims on the low-riding models and a 4.2-inch information display on the high-riding versions. Also included are fabric seat trims, an 8.0-inch multi-touchscreen with Apple CarPlay connectivity and Android Auto compatibility, as well as a 4.2-inch information display.


The interior and technology of the HiLux show its age. The interior of the Ranger is not as good as that of the Ranger’s newer generation. We don’t know much about the 2025 HiLux at this point. The interior of the new Kluger is a good place to start.


Toyota wants to make the most of Hilux’s Dakar Rally victory. Toyota flaunted the WRC victory of GR Yaris in much the same way. It would not be surprising if the flagship Gazoo Hilux turbo petrol V6 exploded from the seams in order to take on the Ranger Raptor V6. Would you be surprised to see the Cruiser 300 turbo petrol V6 make its way into Hilux’s engine bay? By the way, they use V6s that are almost identical to those used in DakarT1+ race Hiluxes. Expect the GD6 mills, which are four-pots and workhorse engines, to be continued. There will be some tweaks.

2025 Toyota HiLux Specs
2025 Toyota HiLux Specs

The next Hilux will not only be able to boast new V6 engines. The 2025 Hilux, built on Toyota’s new international TGNA platform will be ready for hybrid technology. The 2025 Hilux could arrive with a Hybrid version, but will also be ready for electric vehicles. Of course, in line with the demands of other countries and the US for “zero” emissions. The next Hilux bakkie shares its next-gen modular body-on-frame TNGAF New Global underpinnings, which is also shared by its US truck brethren.

2025 Toyota HiLux Review
2025 Toyota HiLux Review

The next Hilux will be larger, wider, and higher than the previous model. To stop the Ford and VW attacks. This prediction is backed up by the upcoming widebody encore of our existing bakkie. Hilux will be produced in Prospection for both local and international markets.

2025 Toyota Hilux Pricing

The Toyota HiLux cannot be purchased in the United States because of high taxes and retail prices, it is legal to own one. Toyota HiLux costs on average $22,029.68.