2025 Nissan Kicks: Redesign, Release Date & Price

The coming subcompact crossover will undergo a complete redesign. These features are evident and covered in heavy camouflage. The crossover will be a step up in size so that the main shell will be larger and broader. There isn’t any specific information regarding the platform, however, we believe that even the exterior is going to get the new design. According to experts, the 2025 Nissan Kicks will ride on the new platform. It is expected to improve the impression of driving as well as safety and comfort. Additionally, the design supports the further electrification of this small crossover.

2025 Nissan Kicks
2025 Nissan Kicks

This development shows that this subcompact market is not over. Ford discontinued EcoSport and those who love the Blue Oval Badge are still waiting for the new version. Meanwhile, other companies are also upgrading their vehicles, and in 2025, the Nissan Kicks will be completely new. The successor to the Juke will also be equipped with an upgrade to the Nismo package. However, the coming Kicks will have more options and a new color scheme.

The benefit of the redesigned model is that prototypes are currently being tested. The release date is getting closer and 2025 Nissan Kicks might debut early in 2024. In the spy shots, there is the front fascia has been redesigned. The crossover appears bigger however it’s the smallest of the range. A little larger is the Rogue Sport and the top-selling crossover is the smaller Rogue. If you’re looking for the largest, most spacious SUV Nissan has a 3-row Pathfinder and the larger Armada. Shortly, these cars will be revamped. This is yet another reason why you should take the Kick’s spy photos.

Of course, the images show a highly disguised car, but a few items are already noteworthy. The front fascia has not been bent as it was before. It now appears like a large SUV and is rectangular. Compared to the previous model, it’s wider as well. There are a lot of similarities to an electronic Ariya concept. It may be used to underpin it with the Kicks shortly if it is converted into an electric vehicle. The rear end has also been rethought. The new model will be more spacious for cargo, though the tail is positioned a little higher than it was before.

2025 Nissan Kicks Redesign

The prototypes don’t reveal the design that will be the 2020 Nissan Kicks. The current model is running on an old platform, whereas smaller vehicles were moved to the new platforms. For instance, the car Kicks was replaced with its home country of the US, Juke, or the small city automobile Nissan Note. It is among the possibilities and seems to be the most sensible. However, the Japanese automaker might try other options. The crossover was not so well-known due to the absence of alternatives in the engine room. With the e-Power concept’s new design, the 2025 Kicks could be equipped with a hybrid engine.

2025 Nissan Kicks Interior
2025 Nissan Kicks Interior


Small crossovers aren’t designed to offer too much power. The emphasis is on fuel efficiency more than any other aspect. The Kicks isn’t bad at 33 miles per gallon. However, 122 horsepower from the 1.6-liter engine isn’t remarkable. The manufacturer doesn’t even provide an all-wheel-drive alternative, though it would not improve the overall driving experience.

The engine’s changes are anticipated. The possibility of an AWD will be made available soon as other competitors are offering similar systems. A modest displacement is enough to be adequate for the smaller category. After some tweaking it is possible to make it more efficient or powerful. Additionally, engineers can implement the hybrid system. For that, the 2025 Nissan Kicks needs a new e-Power platform. The vehicle was replaced by Juke in the year 2016, and, since then, there have been no major modifications. This evolution is necessary so that the vehicle will remain competitive. Some companies aren’t absconding with the new small crossovers, but they are not there yet.


There weren’t a lot of options when it came to the construction of the Kicks. We’ve already discussed the lack of options for the engine. The crossover was offered in the basic S trim and SV trim with SV as well as SR being the upgrades. The top-of-the-line version costs just $2500 more, which means you won’t get the most impressive equipment with the SR trim.

2025 Nissan Kicks Specs
2025 Nissan Kicks Specs

The 2025 Nissan Kicks will introduce a new lineup. Information will be released after the vehicle is made available for purchase. In the meantime, we are only able to speculate on potential top-of-the-line models. Without hesitation, it could be the 2025 Nissan Kicks Nismo. The previous Juke was available in this class however, its successor dropped the option, and the model was never offered again.

2025 Nissan Kicks Release Date & Price

The latest generation of the subcompact crossover is set to be available in the next year, that’s certain. Based on what we observe in spy shots the 2025 Nissan Kicks is in the final stage of development. If the covers fall off we get a model that is very similar to the final model. The current model is attractive, but due to the numerous modifications, the Kicks will likely be more expensive shortly. The Nismo package may raise the cost to $30,000. The hybrid also could be an upgrade of $2,000 over the standard engine.