2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop: What We Know So Far

The new generation of 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop is nearing production. Although little is revealed about this adorable hatchback, the manufacturer has shared its first official photos with us. It’s an auto that is just as loved for its charming appearance as well as its thrilling driving style. While a fully electric model will come back the current Mini will likely remain a gas-powered car which means that buyers will have a wide choices as to whether their thrilling hot-rod experience is powered by electric or gas. Because it’s still a tiny car, the new Mini isn’t the most practical vehicle with four wheels. However, that’s what it’s supposed to be.

2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop
2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop

2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop Changes

The current Mini has evolved considerably since it was first introduced in 2000. In the year 2019, there were signs that the manufacturer was looking to trim the new Mini’s dimensions. If that’s been accomplished isn’t clear from the photos of the 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop exterior however it’s a tiny, lively automobile.

The new model retains the distinctive rounded headlights with small overhangs, but there are a lot of modifications. Keep in mind that the car shown here is the fully electric model that is evident with the green “S” that is on its front, which means that the gas-powered version might look somewhat different. However, the Mini’s new Mini features a new front fascia, which seems to be a daytime running light that extends over the grille. The lines appear tighter and slightly refined than the current version that comes with the hatchback.

From the side, the fenders of the Mini appear smoother with a less bulbous appearance than the previous model The windshield is more raked. The glasshouse appears to be a little smaller from the side, however, it could be an optical illusion. The flush-fitting door handles are an additional option, but we love the fact that Mini is keeping the blacked-out pillars which create the illusion of a floating roof. The roof is also interesting the exterior is finished in white, just like the mirror caps. This is a signal that Mini will again provide some interesting two-tone colors to the external. We like the blue hue we see here but we’re not certain what the entire range of Mini Cooper Hardtop colors will be yet.

The most significant change occurs at the rear, however, the rear is where there’s no ambiguity in the brand-new Mini with the previous models. The taillights sport a new shape that’s nearly triangular, separating from the round clusters that are present in the model currently in production. Its Cooper label – which is the word ‘Cooper S’ as it is in this case is located in the middle in the hatch at the rear. Another clue that this is an electric model is that there are no central exhaust outlets. The latest Mini appears to be doing an excellent job of segregating it from the existing Mini, but it retains its playful image.


We’re not sure what dimensions the Mini Cooper Hardtop will be. Mini Cooper Hardtop will be at this point, but the manufacturer made a statement in the year 2019 suggesting that the new model may be smaller in dimensions. The Mini’s recent growth rate in recent years is against the name. In its three-door configuration, the Mini’s current Mini features a length of 152.2 inches an overall width of 68 inches (75.9 inches including mirrors), and an overall height of 55.7 inches. The wheelbase is 98.2 inches.

If you’re using a traditional combustion engine and taking into account less space the Mini’s new Mini is expected to weigh roughly the same amount as the base three-door model of 2023’s 2700 or so pounds. The possibility of a five-door design is heavier than the electric version.

Engine and Performance

We aren’t sure what engine is going to drive this brand-new 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop hatchback, since the company was not willing to reveal the details at this time. We wouldn’t be shocked if current turbocharged engines remain the base for the gasoline-powered Minis maybe with slightly higher outputs. Mini is expected to go electric vehicle in 2030. The 2024 Cooper comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that can produce 162 lb-ft torque, as well as the Cooper S features a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine that produces 189 horsepower and 200 lb-ft. A more robust John Cooper Works version should be able to run below six seconds in the 0-60-mph sprint.

In the model year 2024, Mini made the welcome choice to return the manual gearbox and we’re hoping that this will continue to be the case for the 2020 model. Seven-speed dual-clutch automated may remain an option. Like before the Mini will be directing power to the front wheels. The electric version we will review separately is predicted to have 215 hp.

Gas Mileage

Like many of the other specifications for the model for 2025, it isn’t clear exactly what mileage we can expect to see. However, it should be at least as efficient as the current base model, which returns 29/38/32 mpg city/highway/combined with the automatic transmission, and about 1 mpg less with the manual. This drops to about 27 mpg for Cooper S with the manual gearbox. Cooper S with the manual gearbox. A modest 11.6-gallon gasoline tank fitted to match the current version. If the tank’s size and efficiency don’t change too much in 2025, the Mini Cooper will have a distance of 350 miles or so.

Interior & Features

We have seen an excellent view of the exterior, but photos of the interior of the Mini Cooper Hardtop are not yet shared with the company. What we’ve been able to discern from official exterior photos are the attractive seats inside the latest 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop. These seats come with integrated front headrests (pictured in the below image) as well as contrast pipe to match the lighter upholstery. But, there will be more choices available regarding colors and materials. They will likely be a mix of sporty fabric as well as synthetic leather.

2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop Interior
2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop Interior

There are indications that the latest Mini isn’t growing much in size, if all, it’s unlikely there’s much room for the third row in the 3-door model. For cargo space, the Mini Cooper Hardtop, well the current model only offers 8.7 cubic feet available. Another thing we could easily identify could be what looks like a round, prominent display at the center of the instrument panel. It was previously an enormous speedometer, but in the latest Mini, it’s most likely an LCD.

We would prefer to see more basic equipment than what is available since the Mini costs a lot for sub-trims with the most luxurious features. For instance, currently, you need to shell out $5,000 to purchase the Signature sub-trim which includes dual-zone climate control heated front seats, and a good selection of exterior color.

2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop Release Date & Price

There is no official release date announced on this Mini Cooper Hardtop, but as there’s already a 2024 version available and is available for purchase, the new model will come out in 2025. This means that it’ll only be released within the USA in 2024, however, we’d guess that it will be very early in 2024, based on the authenticity of the images that reveal what appears like a finished production model.

2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop Specs
2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop Specs

We’re only able to speculate on the cost of the 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop. The cheapest 2-door version will cost $25,000, which means the 2025 model with a gasoline engine is likely to start with a price of between $28,000 to $29,000. Although this may seem cost-effective, it’s important to remember Mini’s sub-trims, which add certain essential upgrades to the equipment have historically been quite expensive It’s likely that buyers will pay more than $30,000. MSRP for a fully-equipped 2025 Cooper Hardtop.