2025 Koenigsegg Gemera First Look Review

In the time that the 2025 Koenigsegg Gemera was first unveiled in March of 2020 Christian von Koenigsegg unveiled the car just at the beginning of a global shut-down out of halls from the canceled Geneva International Motor Show. When Koenigsegg is involved in something that seems outrageous the company certainly goes large. Or in the case of the brand new Koenigsegg Gemera, it goes “mega.’ Although Koenigsegg had previously produced two-seater hypercars Gemera will be the very first brand new type and the first Koenigsegg that is designed for four people. With its dazzling outputs, it will break more records and record numerous “firsts” than just the amount of passengers it can carry at speeds that aren’t legal. The Gemara isn’t a hypercar it’s a megastar and it’s revolutionizing the world of high performance.

2025 Koenigsegg Gemera
2025 Koenigsegg Gemera

The Gemera be able to seat four (the name comes from the Swedish term “to give greater’), but it’ll provide unparalleled performance of more than 2,200 horsepower as well as 2,028 pounds of torque. The recent launch of its dedicated development center called the Gripen Atelier Koenigsegg demonstrated that what we believed we were aware of about the Gemera wasn’t entirely accurate The reality is a lot better.

2025 Koenigsegg Gemera Redesign

While many companies enlist the expertise of prominent design houses to create their vehicles, resulting in a generic style of hypercar design Koenigsegg guarantees that each car it creates has a design that makes the vehicle instantly identifiable. This isn’t it being the Ghost Squadron insignia on cars made at the company’s Angelholm manufacturing facility and development center, however, but rather a style that goes to the very prototypes that Koenigsegg himself constructed.

In this regard to that end, the Gemara is equipped with a broad front fascia, with a wide intake duct as well as sleek LED headlights. The side profile is highlighted by massive carbon fiber wheels as well as side ducts that funnel air into the mid-mounted engine, as and numerous cooling mechanisms that are required to keep a highly efficient hybrid engine running at the highest operating temperatures.

In the rear, a redesigned spoiler and a prominent diffuser help the slick aerodynamics required for a speed of 248 mph. A pair of Akrapovic top exit exhausts provide a distinct sound. Cameras were shown in prototypes as an alternative to external wing mirrors, however, the models with client-specification have mirrors that are physical by US rules. The Gemera can be outfitted with an extended rear wing, a rear front splitter S duct, and an aerodynamic kit that is custom-designed, as part of the optional Ghost Package which does eliminate the space for a frunk.

The jewel in the crown of the Gemera must be the KATSAD door model. The acronym stands in the form of Koenigsegg Automated Twisted Synchrohelix Action Doors, the signature mechanism that is used on Koenigsegg designs has now been modified for a car with four seats. The doors are massive and open the entire rear of the car, allowing access and exit for the rear and front passengers without the need to alter the seat in any way. The carbon fiber body GT is a typical Koenigsegg innovation, but it can seat four people.

The automaker has announced an open configurator of the Gemara, giving us a glimpse of the way buyers can use it to select their Koenigsegg. There are various exterior colors available for the 2025 Koenigsegg Gemera along with two-tone liveries as well as the option to alter your Ghost Squadron badge to another color. We also know that various wheel designs are available, such as carbon fiber or gold rims. They aren’t likely to be inexpensive, though. 21-inch wheels will cover both the sides of arches whereas the rear will get 22-inch wheels. In 2025, the Gemera will come with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires as normal.


The dimensions of Koenigsegg’s Gemera include a length total of 195.86 inches with a width of 78.26 inches and an overall maximum height that is 50.98 inches. The wheelbase measures 118.11 inches in length. In reducing its powertrain to use just one electrical motor, instead of the three that it used previously Koenigsegg reduced the size of the Gemera. Although Christian von Koenigsegg claims it’s going to tip the scales at just 4,409 pounds, this may be only true with the three-cylinder engine. similar to engines like the V8 this number is closer to 4,500 pounds.

Powertrain and Performance

The nickname is Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG) The engine in the middle of the 2025 Koenigsegg Gemera is a 2.0-liter three-cylinder twin-turbo. It is located longitudinally within the middle of the chassis made of carbon fiber. It produces 592 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. these numbers by themselves are amazing from a tiny displacement motor, however, what makes it amazing is the fact that it doesn’t have camshafts. Instead, what controls the valves is the Koenigsegg-developed Freevalve technology, which makes use of electronic actuators to regulate the valves gradually to improve efficiency and performance.

As per the specifications for production, Koenigsegg is replacing the direct drive system with a brand new variant of its Light Speed Transmission from the Jesko specifically designed to fit into Gemara. Gemera instead. The inclusion of the Light Speed Tourbillon Transmission (LSTT) isn’t the only thing that’s changed, however.

2025 Koenigsegg Gemera Specs
2025 Koenigsegg Gemera Specs

In the beginning 3 electric motors had been connected to the engine, resulting in a total of 1,100 hp however, instead of three motors that were previously used, the TFG mill is now enhanced by a single Dark Matter electric motor which generates 789 hp and 922 lb-ft torque. The motor was made to be smaller and lighter specifically designed for the Gemera. The LSTT four-wheel drive system comes with torque vectoring for four wheels and could be driven by the motor, the TFG, or a combination of both. The outputs from this setup are 1,381 hp and 1,364 pounds of torque.

Koenigsegg has taken a step further by giving customers the option of replacing the TFG engine in favor of the V8 engine found within the Jesko. The eight-cylinder fitting required putting turbos in between banks of the cylinders, with exhaust exits on top of the hot-vee arrangement. Its Hot V8 (HV8) engine produces 1,479 horsepower on its own. Add on the power generated by the electric motor, and you’ll have an impressive 2,269 horsepower and 2,028 lb-ft of torque available.

They are a record-breaking number. Our earlier thoughts regarding the Gemera included speeds of 0-62 mph in under two seconds. So what can be accomplished with the latest HV8 setup is nearly unimaginable. The maximum speed for the Gemera has been estimated to be 248 mph up to now however it could exceed 278 mph of the Jesko when it’s equipped using the HV8.

Gas Mileage and Range

A vehicle of this type does not come without an EPA rating immediately and, given the power available at its disposal the chances are it’ll not be impressive – but the owners shouldn’t have to be concerned about mpg numbers anyway. The Gemara has so far boasted the all-electric powertrain’s range to be 31 miles, and an overall driving range of 621 miles, however, these were before the new information on the powertrain was made public.

One of the new details is that Koenigsegg has added a 30.4-gallon gas tank that can be powered by CO2-neutral methanol or second-generation ethanol which makes the 2025 Gemera carbon-neutral. The new configurations of powertrains are believed to be lighter and better optimized for performance and acceleration but how much the impact will be on range is yet to be determined.

Interior and Cargo

The Interior of the Gemera is a brand-unique experience for Koenigsegg because this is the very first time that the company offers seating for more than two people. However, unlike other GT cars, which offer two-plus-2 seating, in which back seats have been reserved for amputees with double legs Koenigsegg says that four people who are 6’5″ can comfortably fit without having to alter the seat position. seats. It’s an impressive achievement, and what makes it even more impressive is that the egress and ingress are achieved with the help of doors that can open around the vehicle.

Inside, Koenigsegg-style quality and attention to detail are on the menu, featuring the highest quality materials used in a customized interior. Carbon fiber is the preferred material of choice, but. There are eight cup holders (four heated and four cooling) are distributed throughout the cabin. Tri-zone automatic climate control ensures that passengers are comfy, wireless phone chargers are available both front and back and there are entertainment screens in both the front and back parts of the car.

2025 Koenigsegg Gemera Interior
2025 Koenigsegg Gemera Interior

The seats are constructed from memory foam, which has heated functions and power adjustability, while the infotainment suite comes with Apple CarPlay integration, onboard Wi-Fi, and an 11-speaker audio system. It’s a true masterpiece and a true four-seater and truly unique, without compromising the Koenigsegg design we’ve grown used to. Attention to detail is further emphasized with two trunks, one in the rear, which can hold three suitcases for carry-on, and the frunk can accommodate one, ensuring that the four passengers are all capable of taking luggage with them on the journey.

The total cargo capacity is just a little more than seven cubic feet. However, the Ghost Package will do away with the frunk. The basic attributes that Koenigsegg has revealed include a monitor with a birds-eye view and dead angle detection. It also has auto-parking, and ISOFIX mounts for car seats, just in case you thought the carmaker was just joking about the car being a great family vehicle.

2025 Koenigsegg Gemera Release Date & Price

Although it was first made public in the year 2020, the launch date of the 2025 Koenigsegg Gemera has been for quite some time. The model for the client specification was announced in July 2023. Koenigsegg announced that the production of Gemera in the Gripen Atelier will commence at the close of 2024. What percentage of the limited-run models will be destined for the USA after the first deliveries start in the early part of 2025 is yet to be determined.

How can you compare a car such as the Koenigsegg 2025 Gemera to any other car that exists? There’s no way to do it. The Bugatti Chiron might have the luxury and performance however, it’s not the four-seat capacity of the Gemera and the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid might offer seats for four, however, it’s not nearly as impressive. There’s no direct competition to this marvel.

What is the price of an automobile in the class of its own? You’ll have to shell out a minimum cost of $1.7 million. This means that this is the lowest Koenigsegg you can purchase. Only 300 units will be made, which means that even if you’re able to afford the cost of 2025 Koenigsegg Gemera then you’d need to be among those lucky people who bought it after it was announced. If you’re interested in the outrageous Hot V8 version of the Gemera it will be necessary to be able to add $400,000 to be able to tick the box.