2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan: Everything We Know

The renowned British sports car maker Lotus is looking to take on Porsche’s Taycan with a brand-new electric car that is designed to expand the boundaries of technology. It is known internally under the designation of 2025 Lotus Type 133, previous conjecture was that it was wearing the Envya nameplate. However, this doesn’t seem like the situation as Colin Chapman’s iconic Cortina nameplate in the 1960s was the most likely candidate.

2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan Changes
2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan Changes

The sleek car has been seen out in nature, displaying only minimal camouflage So, using the power of digital technology the writer has peeled back the camo and revealed the most impressive preview we have seen to date. Are you interested in knowing more? Let’s explore everything we know about it prior to the official unveiling.

2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan Redesign

The Type 133 sports a dynamic style that seamlessly blends sportiness and sophistication. Its sleek lines and sculpted contours give it a striking appearance, dominated by a large open frontal area (for Aerodynamics as well as EV cooling) as well as the recessed Matrix headlamps, and the DRLs are stacked.

From the side, it shows a low-slung silhouette and sculpted bodywork that is meticulously sculpted and muscular shoulders that add to its appearance. Frameless windows and flush door handles mirrors for the side that are digital and a sloped roofline can improve the aerodynamic efficiency, thereby increasing the performance and range. For those who are wondering what the peculiarly-shaped roof is all about, it’s to integrate the LiDAR sensor to create an array of driver-assist systems.


In terms of interiors, you’ll be welcomed by a lavish contemporary cabin that combines luxury with modern technology. The design has more than a hint that of Audi e-tron GT, with exquisite materials and intricate detailing. A high center tunnel divides the four-seat interior while providing plenty of legroom to the front and rear passengers.

The key features of the driver-focused cockpit include a large touchscreen, which provides the ability to seamlessly access various features of the vehicle and various connectivity options. Other options that are likely to be available include the high-end KEF 2,160-watt audio system as well as adjustable ambient lighting.

Engine & Performance

Built on a completely new electronic vehicle technology, Lotus hopes to offer extraordinary performance and control. However, for a company that has built its reputation in the field of chassis technology, one has to wonder what a colossal battery pack can do to improve the driver’s experience and aplomb. The majority of the speedy equipment will be pulled out of the Eletre SUV. In the Eletre, the base model has a 112. kWh lithium-ion battery with the range of 300 miles. There’s also a dual-motor AWD system that pumps out an aggressive 603 horsepower (612 PS/450 Kw) with 524 lb-ft (710 Nm) of torque.

2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan Specs
2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan Specs

If you’re looking for an instant organ rearrangement, an ultra-high-performance R version could come with up to 893 hp as well as 727 pounds (985 Nm) of torque. Its 800-volt design allows for rapid charging as high as 350 kW and top-ups of 10-80% can be completed in about 20 minutes (all according exactly as you want it to). The Lotus Type 133 will battle it against other high-tech cars in the fast-changing electric vehicle industry. The main rivals are those from the Tesla Model S, Lucid Air and the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT, Mercedes-Benz EQE, Polestar 5 and BMW’s brand-new i5.

2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan
2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan

2025 Lotus Type 133 EV Sedan Rumors

We expect the Type 133 to feature a selection of trim, levels that resemble its SUV-like sibling and an official unveiling will likely be revealed in the next few months. Are Lotus is on the correct path in offering an electric-only car? We’d like to hear your opinions in the comments section below.