2024 Jeep Recon Electric SUV: What We Know So Far

In 2024 Jeep Recon Electric SUV debuted with a motorized roof as well as removable doors. This feature is only available for the Ford Bronco. The distinctive seven-slot grille, with lighting, BFGoodrich tires, and the interior layout with two rows were all displayed. There are however many details that are not yet available. Alongside the Recon We also saw an electric Wagoneer S.

2024 Jeep Recon Electric
2024 Jeep Recon Electric

The Jeep portfolio is now rounded out with the Recon model, which is a brand-new addition to the portfolio. It’s called the Wagoneer S as well as Recon are the two models in question. Recon are the two models of interest. Although the first model has an established brand, the second one was a surprise to us. In 2024, the Jeep Recon is an off-road vehicle that has a design similar to the Wrangler. The Magneto concept is the base of an EV variant of the famous SUV, however, we do not know when the company will launch a new name.

2024 Jeep Recon Inspired by Wrangler

2024 Jeep Recon claims that the mid-sized model is based on the Wrangler. It also has windows and doors that can be moved as well as “impressive” approach, departure, and break-over angles according to the company. The Recon is the same boxy look as the Wrangler and has a rear-mounted spare tire. However, it sports square headlamps as well as traditional fenders.

Although no specific engines were previously revealed, Jeep has stated that 2024’s Recon will feature the latest electronic locking differentials as well as off-road tires and protection for the underbody. We are sure it will come with two electric motors to provide all-wheel drive, too. It has an open top that retracts and the brown interior in these photos.


In 2024, the Jeep Recon is operated by an electronic motor It also has a shorter length which Jeep claims makes it a mid-sized version. We can conclude that it’s more like the electric Grand Cherokee. This Jeep Recon is also just an idea to use as a placeholder until the company decides on a permanent name. Similar to the Recon we didn’t have any specifics on the engine’s EV aside from claims of 600 horsepower and the range is 400 miles.

Jeep Recon Competition

2024 is the year that the Jeep Recon, which relies on the Wrangler will compete with batteries-powered versions of the famous SUV’s competitors. The Mach-E for instance, is the electric Ford SUV. However, it is not completely based on the Bronco. However, based on forecasts and predictions, it could happen very soon. We have the Hummer SUV and vehicle with electric drivetrains manufactured by the automaker. Toyota has just announced its Tacoma EV.

2024 Jeep Recon Electric Specs
2024 Jeep Recon Electric Specs

2024 Jeep Recon Release Date & Price

It’s still just a concept. Recognizing that the vehicle was officially launched was a relief from speculation. Production is expected to begin later in the year, according to the Atlantis Group, owner of the 2024 Jeep Recon trademark. The pre-orders are already in place and show that the company is a business that loves to do business.

Before estimating the cost of the 2024 Jeep Recon EV model, experts took into consideration several aspects. The first is to consider it as an electric variant that is a version of the Wrangler. All the technology that the SUV is going to use will be more expensive. This is why they estimate that the entry-level version will cost about $55,000. It’s reasonable, especially considering how the 2024 Jeep Recon will be capable of off-roading.

2024 Jeep Recon Electric Changes
2024 Jeep Recon Electric Changes


2024’s Jeep Recon is an SUV powered by electricity. These are the only things we can predict will occur. However, all other things are uncertain. For instance, experts suggest that the price of the first unit will be about $60,000. However, the price is dependent on the size that the electrical motor will have. There is no doubt that Maverick has been the source of inspiration for the Recon’s design. Recon. The first trailer is a snarky attack on the Magneto idea. In any event, we’ll discover more details once production starts. Bookings and pre-orders are available. But the cost and release date are still unknown.