2025 Kia Stinger Electric: Will be Replaced by An Electric Car

Kia Stinger is a fascinating piece of kit. The brand used the front-engine liftback, with rear- or all-wheel-drive to make the world take notice. It was a warning shot. Kia’s Stinger has not sold in large numbers but has cemented the brand as a performance car.

2025 Kia Stinger EV Changes
2025 Kia Stinger EV Changes

Unfortunately, the EV6 is now the performance car of the brand. Seoul’s comment suggests that it will not have a replacement as its Sohari factory is switching over to hybrid and electric production. What stops us from imagining what its replacement might look like? Curious? Let’s explore Illustratively with a lens that is electrified.

2025 Kia Stinger Electric New Design

This study was designed to keep Stinger’s most appealing elements while incorporating visual progression. Where do we start? For starters, you’ll see a front with a graphic with a sharp edge that combines precision lighting elements, suggestive intakes, and smooth surfaces.

The frameless greenhouse pays homage to the EV6’s floating roof and sculpted hood. The pumped fenders, an RWD-biased ratio of the axle to dash and the side vents and lower splitter all contribute to a powerful, stance. Fastback rear also combines the best of EV6 with Stinger to create an aerodynamically modern appearance. We’ve taken the blacked-out taillamp treatment from Range Rovers’ latest rulebook.

The E-GMP platform from Hyundai-Kia would be used if the Stinger were to receive a lifeline. The same architecture is used by the Hyundai Ioniq 6, Genesis GV60, and the EV6. Aside from its green credentials, a similar architecture allows for more occupant room than the ICE platform and provides future-proofing with OTA (over-the air update) capabilities.

The cabin should be designed with over-the-air in mind, focusing on quality and premium materials. Highlights could include a wraparound OLED instrument cluster-and-infotainment screen, bucket sports seating, Alcantara inlays, and a flat-bottom steering wheel. It would come with active chassis control and custom-tailored drive modes.

The current Stinger, with its twin-turbo engine and 368 hp, is not as efficient as BMW’s M440i Gran Coupe and it’s also less powerful. Switching to E-GMP allows access to the powerful dual-motor setup of the EV6GT with 577 horsepower and 546 lb.ft (740Nm). In that car, the 0-62 mph (0-10 km/hr) time is only 3.5  seconds.

The battery is 77.4kWh and has an 800 V architecture. It supports DC fast charging of up to 350 kW, as well as vehicle-to grid (V2G). The ideal maximum range is no less than 379 kvehicle-to-gridd on the WLTP testing standard).

Specifications and Features

The Kia Stinger’s successor will be 5 m long (196.9 inches). The Kia Stinger successor will measure 5 m (196.9 in.) in length. This means it will be about 1.5 in. It will be about 1.5 in. longer than VW ID.7 (195.3 inches). It could be its main rival. According to a report by ET News on June 12, 2023, the car’s most powerful configuration will have 450 kW of power. This is delivered by two motors: a 200-kW unit in the front, and a 250-kW unit in the back.

The Kia EV6 GT’s dual-motor drivetrain generates 576 hp, 546 lb. ft. torque, and can reach a top speed of 161 mph. The Kia Stinger GT electric successor would certainly set a new standard for Kia EVs with specs that would challenge the Mercedes EQE and Audi E6. According to a more recent report by ET News, the Kia GT1 is expected to be equipped with HMG’s biggest battery pack. It will have an “industry-leading” energy storage capability of 113.2 kWh. Even with South Korea’s strict testing methods, the range is expected to reach 700-800 km (435-497 miles).

2025 Kia Stinger EV Interior
2025 Kia Stinger EV Interior

The Stinger’s electric successor will have a multicharging system, which supports 400V and 800-V DC charging. The multi-charging omers to use chargers of 50-350kW. The charging time from 10% to 80% is expected to be less than 18 min. The new four-door electric coupe will also feature the Plug and Charge (PnC), and Vehicle-to Load (V2L), charging features. These could be convenience features that are standard, but the optional convenience standard convenience features of Pilot HDP which allow for Level 3 autonomous driving on highway sections without driver input.


Kia will announce its end of production on December 21, 2022. The final chapter, titled “Stinger tribute edition”, will be launched. The company says that even though only 1,000 cars will be built for the global market, it has promised to continue the Stinger spirit in future models such as the EV6GT. This news is not surprising, as Kia wanted to clear space at the AutoLand Gwangmyeong factory where the EV9 SUV was being produced.

2025 Kia Stinger EV Specs
2025 Kia Stinger EV Specs

2025 Kia Stinger Electric Release Date and Price

According to the second ET News report, the Kia GT1 is expected to debut in late 2025 or early 2026. Kia’s roadmap for EVs indicates that it will launch a low-riding electric vehicle in 2024. We, therefore, believe that the Kia Stinger’s successor will debut at the,e beginning,g of 2026. The basic could be USD 50,000.