2025 Kia K5 Review, Pricing, and Specs

The 2025 Kia K5 sedan injects tons of style into a class that has historically been snooze-worthy with its fierce-looking mug and low-slung fastback form. In addition, the K5’s two turbocharged four-cylinder engines, one of which is the robust 290-hp choice exclusive to the GT, don’t detract from its striking style. The more powerful engine makes the Kia family car startlingly speedy (60 mph is reached in just 5.2 seconds), but since it only has front-wheel drive, it may easily overwhelm the tires, causing wheelspin squeals.

2025 Kia K5 Concept
2025 Kia K5 Concept

The GT is the only vehicle with a quick-shifting dual-clutch gearbox, while both engines are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is not an option, so those who like it must settle with the reliable conventional powertrain. The 2025 K5 is a lot of car for the money, with a stylish interior and appealing amenities. The Kia is far more interesting to drive than the Toyota Camry or Nissan Altima, even though it isn’t quite as pleasurable to drive as the Honda Accord.

What Will Change in 2025?

Except for a few trim levels and equipment changes, the 2025 Kia K5 doesn’t differ significantly from the previous model year. The LXS now serves as the entry-level vehicle in place of the original LX model, however, all-wheel drive is no longer an option. Acoustic front door glass that reduces noise from the road is now standard on the pricier EX trim. The GT-Line now has acoustic glass as well, and a new optional package with a panoramic roof, LED interior lighting, and gloss-black body molding is available.

The top-of-the-line GT obtains the acoustic glass treatment as well as a standard heated steering wheel in all-wheel-drive GT-Line variants but otherwise is unaltered. For those who don’t need the extra firepower provided by the 290-hp engine in the GT, the GT-Line offers a pleasant combination of sporty aesthetic characteristics at a highly alluring price.

2025 Kia K5 Interior
2025 Kia K5 Interior

That is the one we would advise, and all-wheel drive is an additional $1600 option for individuals who desire all-weather traction. A sharper body makeover, 18-inch wheels, a 10-way powered driver’s seat, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, with wireless smartphone charging, are all included in every GT-Line model. Additionally, we would invest in the Premium option, which includes full LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, and enhanced forward-collision warning.

Engine & Transmission

A 180-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine paired with eight-speed automated transmission power the majority of K5 variants. Front-wheel drive is the engine’s default setting; an all-wheel drive is an option, but only on the GT-Line. The 180-hp, front-drive K5 we were driving had good acceleration in town, and our testing showed a 7.0-second sprint to 60 mph. At highway speeds, though, it was less spectacular because passing took more time.

Nevertheless, thanks to a reliable transmission and a well-insulated cabin, the engine noise was usually kept to a low roar. The 2.5-liter turbo four in the full-Monty GT model is more potent and produces 290 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. The sportiest K5 is equipped with bigger brakes, a special suspension tuning, and wider tires on larger 19-inch wheels in addition to its specialized eight-speed automatic (with the very same wet dual-clutch as the Hyundai Sonata N Line).

The GT we were driving reached 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and came to a complete stop from 70 mph in 163 feet. The Sonata N Line, which has an identical engine and transmission, reached 60 mph more quickly (5.0 seconds) and came to a complete stop even quicker (152 feet). Although the Kia only comes with all-season tires, the high-performance Hyundai we tested had optional summer tires as well, which added to its performance edge.

Fuel Efficiency and MPG

According to the EPA, the K5 will achieve up to 27 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway when equipped with the base four-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive. When all-wheel drive is added, both of those ratings significantly decline, falling to 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the interstate. However, both numbers are comparable to those of the Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima with all-wheel drive.

2025 Kia K5 Redesign
2025 Kia K5 Redesign

The least economical of the group, at 24 mpg in the city and 32 on the highway, is the front-drive-only, 290-hp K5 GT. On our 75 mph highway fuel-economy test, we assessed a front-drive K5 with the base powertrain, and it achieved an excellent 43 mpg, surpassing the government rating by 5 mpg.

2025 Kia K5 Price & Release Date

Hyundai unveiled the facelifted Sonata earlier this year, but Kia is keeping it old school as they’ve introduced the 2025 K5. Essentially a carryover model, the 2025 Kia K5 only has one notable equipment change as the front-wheel drive GT-Line now comes standard with heated front seats. That’s a minor update, but it’s sure to warm the hearts and bums of buyers.

The changes aren’t the only thing that is minor as price increases have been kept to a minimum. That’s good news and the entry-level K5 LXS sees a minor $100 increase to begin at $25,390. The aforementioned K5 GT-Line climbs $200 to $26,890 as those newly standard heated front seats don’t come free. Thankfully, the rest of the lineup sticks to a $100 price increase.