2025 Ford Ranger: Everything We Know So Far

The coming to Next 2025 Ford Ranger stands as a mid-sized pickup truck that is expected to increase its popularity across a range of markets around the world. It is renowned for its flexibility, off-road capabilities, and practical features The new Ranger has been meticulously designed for practicality. It is a great choice for towing trailers and managing large loads, with different models with different capacities for towing and the ability to payload.

2025 Ford Ranger
2025 Ford Ranger

The new 2025 Ford Rangers are set to include a variety of advanced features, such as touchscreen infotainment systems with seamless mobile connectivity via platforms like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto advanced safety features and assistance systems for drivers. The lineup is expected to comprise a range of cab types, such as single cabs, extended cabs, and crew cabs giving buyers the option of choosing the one that best aligns with their particular needs. Through its evolution, Ford has consistently refined the interior of the Ranger and its convenience, making it a popular choice for driving in the everyday. The design of the Ranger has experienced an evolution over its generations, with more recent models that have embraced modern and exciting styles and design cues.

2025 Ford Ranger Redesign

The year 1983 was when Ford Motors introduced the first generation of their Ford Ranger as a compact pickup truck. The model offered a variety of options for engines, including V6 engines and four-cylinders. In addition, it offered the choice of rear-wheel drive (RWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) options. The model was in segment until. In the years since, newer generations have been brought into the spotlight, culminating with the launch of the fifth-generation Ford Ranger, sporting an entirely new look that will be available from the model year 2024.

At present, Ford Motors is on the brink of revealing the next Ford Ranger for the 2025 model year. While there are no official announcements made regarding its possible refresh for the model year 2025 There is a rumble of anticipation in the auto world. The coming 2025 Ford Ranger may be carried by a few new features for the interior. You can rest assured that once Ford announces new information on these changes, this post will be updated promptly to reflect the most recent information.

2025 Ford Ranger Redesign
2025 Ford Ranger Redesign


The new 2025 Ford Ranger is expected to have a modern interior design in the brand new 2025 Ford Ranger, characterized by modern lines, elegant materials, and a nimble design. A blend of premium materials is likely to be featured in the interior, including an option of having leather – or leatherette-upholstered seating surfaces that are a part of the top trims. The seats are designed to offer comfort during lengthy journeys as well as in varying roads Seats will come with adjustable bolsters and bolsters that are supportive to improve driving comfort. Based on the type of cab the interior of the new Ranger is expected to provide ample spaces for guests. The Crew Cab variants are likely to offer spacious rear seats making them ideal to hold passengers as well as cargo in a breeze.

It is likely to include a variety of controls that include adjustments to audio, call management, cruise controls, and other vehicle functions. Higher trims might include additional control for the driver assist systems. Included amenities like USB ports power outlets, USB ports, along with wireless charging pads will likely be accessible to ensure that devices are always charged and connected.


We are currently lacking specific information regarding the most recent specifications of the forthcoming 2025 Ford Ranger model. We can however give you a general outline of the features that may make their way into the Ranger 2025 model:

  • Information and entertainment system
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Complete Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port for device integration
  • Wireless charging function
  • Possibility of a built-in navigation system
  • The possibility of including the possibility of a Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Convenient volume control options
  • Remote control and remote start capabilities
  • Integration with high-end sound system

Safety Features

The new 2025 Ford Ranger is set to prioritize the safety of passengers and drivers with measures designed to avoid collisions and prevent accidents. This list will highlight some of the safety features:

  • Advanced Standard Driver Assistance Systems
  • The standard forward collision alert
  • Standard Automatic emergency brake
  • Monitoring blind spots
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane-keeping assistance
  • Cruise control with adaptive cruise
  • Airbag System
  • Rearview camera
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Electronic stability control
  • Construction with high-strength and crumple zone techniques
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System


We know that as of the moment, Ford has not given any specific information regarding the color scheme of the new Ranger. However, we can anticipate similar exterior colors as the earlier model. Below, we have listed some color options for the exterior which are expected to be offered in 2025. RangerThe color is likely to be similar to the 2025 Ranger.

  • Cactus Gray
  • Shadow Black
  • Oxford White
  • Azure Gray Metallic
  • Velocity Blue Metallic
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic
  • Shelter Green Metallic
  • Iconic Silver Metallic
  • Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat

2025 Ford Ranger Release Date & Price

If you’re thinking about when the Ranger will be released in the 2025 Ranger Let us make it clear that, as of right now, Ford Motors has not disclosed any official information about the release date for 2024’s Ford Ranger. So, speculating about it is still a mystery. There are no concrete details available on the exact date of launch from the year 2025. Ranger. It’s still possible that we’ll see the debut 2024 of the Ranger before the close of 2023. Therefore, there is a possibility to see the new 2025 Ranger to debut in the second half of 2024. We will be sure to keep you informed of any new information regarding the release date.

2025 Ford Ranger Review
2025 Ford Ranger Review

The company is yet to announce the price of the new Ford Ranger. However, the previous model was available in three distinct variants, namely XL, XLT, and Lariat, with costs between $34,160 and $45,120. Comparing the model year 2024 and extrapolating an approximate estimate of the price of the Ford Ranger in 2025. Although the trims are expected to remain the same, it is possible that the cost of the model year 2025 could be higher than the model before it. The table below provides complete information on these elements.