2025 Ford Bronco PHEV: What To Expect From The Electric Off-Road SUV

Ford has filed a patent application that has started a fresh phase of the 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV speculation and gives us more reasons to be thrilled about the all-electric vehicle. Patent documents that were recently posted with members of the Lightning Owners Forum, describe the roof-mounted battery backup option for EVs in detail. The concept is a mix of a Thule roof box as well as those small battery banks that many people carry if their phones fail. Ford has attempted to solve the issue that is particularly relevant to off-road EVs that travel away from conventional charging infrastructure.

2025 Ford Bronco PHEV
2025 Ford Bronco PHEV

But this patent does raise questions about how you’d lift the battery bank onto and off in the case of a normal Joe instead of the Olympic powerlifter. It is hoped that Ford offers some creative solutions to this issue. The most intriguing aspect of the patent is the fact that the sketches show the battery on the four-door Ford Bronco, leading us to think that the 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV is right across the horizon. We’ll take a look at the most exciting features that you can expect from 2025’s Ford Bronco Lightning, including the unique roof-mounted battery.

The New Electric Bronco Will Rival Other Electric SUVs

The 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV will charge with full force to compete with other electric vehicles currently available. Its stylish retro-inspired design, powerful performance, and cutting-edge technology will attract the attention of those looking to purchase this model. Hummer electric vehicle and Rivian R1T or R1S. Jeep is another formidable rival and has the all-electric Recon set to conquer the world of off-road electric vehicles with a lot of the same features that we encountered with the Wrangler 4xe PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle).

Ford hopes to create an automobile that can perform just as a Wrangler or Recon could. This Bronco has the distinction of being the one SUV that can remove body panels, however unlike the Wrangler the Bronco has its side mirrors even when the doors are closed. These practical features are an outdoor-lovers delight and give an edge over the other competitors.

The 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV follows many of the features of the F-150 Lightning. Similar to Ford’s electric pickup, it is expected that the 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV will provide the same features that a gasoline-powered Bronco does, but it will have an electric engine. Both “Lightning” badged vehicles will likely feature the same dual-motor and all-wheel drive system. Therefore, they’ll both have impressive outputs of power.

The present F-150 Lightning comes with 452 horsepower when using its Standard Range battery, and increases it to 580 horsepower when using an Extended Range battery. In addition, the maximum torque is an impressive 775 lb-ft. The torque and horsepower performance of the 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV is expected to be similar to the range of the Bronco Lightning or perhaps more. The electric SUV is bound to be a formidable force off-road as well as on.

The Bronco EV Will Have A Cutting-Edge Roof-Mounted Battery

Similar to the F-150 Lightning, we can anticipate seeing the Bronco Lightning have a range of batteries. Its F-150 Lightning’s 98.0-kWh Standard Range battery has a capacity of around 300 miles when it is fully charged. Its upgraded 131.0-kWh Extended Range battery can extend the range to 320 miles with fully charged. In 2025, the Bronco is a ways away, but batteries are only improving. The model you choose to put in your Bronco comes with, it could fall within this range, or higher. Many enthusiasts who enjoy off-roading are skeptical of EVs due to their restricted availability and inaccessibility to charging infrastructure in specific locations.

This is not a great combination, but it’s especially difficult when driving in remote regions. Everyone doesn’t want to be in the desert with zero percent. That’s where Ford’s rooftop-mounted power source is available. It is possible to have the roof-mounted battery available as an optional package on the 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV that will bring range anxiety to rest. Just connect the battery to the charging port to get additional juice and you’ll be back in the driving seat.

2025 Ford Bronco PHEV Interior
2025 Ford Bronco PHEV Interior

The roof-mounted battery is an exciting new feature but it has some issues. The biggest concern is weight. Batteries are generally heavy, and this raises concerns regarding the durability that the rack on top, as well as the structural integrity of the vehicle. In addition, there is the possibility of a rollover if the battery causes the vehicle to be top-heavy.

Electric vehicles generally have a lower weight, however, it might just not suffice to keep the vehicle from tumbling over. And, not only that, it is unclear if the roof-mounted battery is accessible. It appears that it would be one of the main benefits, however, the idea of lifting a battery that weighs so much to and from the roof of the vehicle does not appear to be feasible. Perhaps mounting and taking it off is a job that can be done exclusively by a Ford expert or dealer. This is yet to be determined however, the wider capabilities of an external battery bank are a great feature. We may even have this feature integrated into other electric vehicles within Ford’s range.

A unique feature in the F-150 Lightning that is likely to be transferred onto the 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV it’s capacity to act as an emergency power source. Ford states that the full-charged F-150 will provide up to three days’ worth of electricity to a family in case of power interruption. The Bronco could be able to provide power to your home for longer if it comes with the option of a roof-mounted battery. This option is useful in powering camping spots or outdoor activities, increasing its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Bronco Lightning’s appeal for outdoors lovers.

In terms of the charging of the 2025 Bronco Lightning and other models, you’ll still be able to use outlets with 110 or 220-volt voltages to charge your home and DC fast-charging stations to provide quick refills. Ford has taken J1772 as the J1772 plug for the standard currently used in their vehicles, but this might change in the next years. The two companies Ford along with GM have recently revealed the possibility of support for Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard) instead of the CCS (Combined Charging System). This will greatly improve access to charging infrastructure.

2025 Bronco Lightning Will Keep Its Retro-Inspired Design

The 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV is expected to be a lot similar to its ICE counterpart, with a few styling tweaks to differentiate it. The front of the electric SUV will have a grille that was inspired by that of the F-150 Lightning. The grille’s ventless design enhances aerodynamics and maximizes the range of the Bronco. The Bronco has ample storage space and the absence of a bulky engine in the front means you’ll have more space underneath the under the hood. Front trunk also known as “frunk,” will be the perfect storage space for your equipment to take on long trips.

In the 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV, the style will be a close resemblance to the ICE version, as well as incorporate Ford’s latest onboard technology. The Bronco can come with an angled touch screen similar to that found in other Ford electric vehicles, such as Mustang Mach E and F-150 Lightning. Mustang Mach E and F-150 Lightning. Features that are standard like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto navigation in the dashboard, and Wi-Fi hotspots are expected and will be accompanied by the most recent security features to provide an enjoyable and safe driving experience.

The market for electric vehicles is growing in 2025, the Ford Bronco Lightning is poised to be a formidable competitor in the segment of electric SUVs. The 2025 Ford Bronco PHEV is expected to provide an exciting and unique driving experience for off-road enthusiasts as well as electric vehicle enthusiasts too. The possibility of rooftop-mounted batteries is awe-inspiring and could prove to be a game changer in the world of electric vehicles.

2025 Ford Bronco PHEV Rumors

How does it compare to how it compares to Wrangler 4xe? It’s similar to Jeep’s 17.3-kWh battery that can be charged at speeds of up to 7.2 Kilowatts. The high-voltage battery for the Wrangler 4xe is manufactured by Samsung SDI, which also provides the 14.4-kWh battery in Escape PHEV. Escape PHEV. The publication mentioned provides a driving distance which is around 30 miles more which is 48 km in the metric vernacular. Only available with four doors this Wrangler 4xe is predicted to be able Environmental Protection Agency to cover 22 miles (35 kilometers) when fully charged. In Europe, it is estimated that the WLTP score is set at 44 km (make it just about 27 miles) in the combined testing cycle.

The Bronco PHEV has four doors this is logical considering that the majority of Broncos come equipped with four doors. Pricing? This would amount to about $55k at the beginning that’s well below the tax credit for clean vehicles threshold for SUVs, vans as well as pickups. Particularly the price on which you will pay for the vehicle must not exceed $80k to be eligible for the tax credit.

2025 Ford Bronco PHEV Specs
2025 Ford Bronco PHEV Specs

Electric motors are integrated into an automatic transmission. What do you think? What’s more, the Wrangler 4xe’s drive system is built inside the transmission. Instead of a 10-speed unit, it is the Wrangler 4xe is equipped with an eight-speed gearbox made by ZF. As per the Friedrichshafen-based multinational, said motor develops 100 kilowatts and 245 Nm at full song, converting to 134 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque. When combined with the 2.0-liter turbo-powered inline-four engines at the front, the total is 325 horsepower and 470 pounds-feet (637 Nm).

Trims that are high-volume will receive the hybrid plug-in treatment first as per MotorTrend. The publication correctly points out that Ford’s engineers designed the T6.2 platform for the Bronco with electrification in the forefront and moved the front axle mount forward, creating an area for hybrid bits and pieces. Ford has also been seen conducting tests on electric Broncos in and throughout Michigan.

In the year 2019, the former big kahuna Jim Hackett made it clear that the most popular nameplates such as that of the unibody Explorer as well as the ranger-based Bronco will be equipped with hybrid electric engines. The Explorer is not available as an electric hybrid in the United States, but it is only available as a plug-in hybrid in Europe. The 4xe is the sole Wrangler sold through official channels across the Old Continent, partly because of the increasingly strict emission regulations. Standards for fuel efficiency are getting more difficult, as is the latest ruling that requires an average across the entire fleet which is 49mpg (4.8 100 km/l) for the model year 2026.