2024 Ford Evos Revealed

It is the Ford Evos 2024 that is going back on sale. It’s been almost two years since the model was launched in China. Its Evos can be described as a 2-row hatchback that resembles a crossover designed for Asian markets. The Evos model is a standard FWD configuration, and it has an attractive design and extremely modern interior. We’re not certain whether Heaven Oval car maker is planning to release Evos as an Evos design in other countries, specifically within the United States.

2024 Ford Evos
2024 Ford Evos

However, a lot of credible sources claim they believe that Ford Combination Active will work like Ford Evos in the United States. However, spy photos of the 2024MY are out. Photos give us a first glimpse of the most recent updates. We’re hoping to get more information in the coming weeks. In any event, until then, now, here’s the information we have.

2024 Ford Evos Review

The Ford Evos, a wagon-like crossover that was developed entirely in China and was unveiled during Vehicle Shanghai on Wednesday. It has a breathtaking large-screen display measuring 3.6 feet and stunning exterior styling that’ll cause anyone to reconsider the Ford Edge crossover. What will happen when the Evos be available in the United States as a Fusion/Edge replacement? There is a report that the Edge will be discontinued when the current generation is removed. The short and final answer is ‘no.’.

The question regarding the Evos potential US market attribute as well as European market feature was made to Ford’s North American Product Communications principal Mike Levine on Twitter, and his response was quite transparent. Ford is more than happy to offer you an Mustang Mach-E which shares aspects of the Evo’s wagon and SUV design.

The Evos could have been an ideal replacement for the recently discontinued Ford Mondeo as well as Mondeo Wagon, the Combination’s European twins, even though the wagon’s design was never introduced in the US. Ford isn’t yet claiming which system is behind the Evos which suggests it might be difficult for Ford to sell it internationally even if it did, since it’s not homologated elsewhere other than China. We also wanted to support the Evos because of the possibility that it could have the potential of becoming a Subaru Wilderness competitor.

2024 Ford Evos Specs
2024 Ford Evos Specs

The next Ford Evos 2024 has been captured on camera for the first time. Typically, spy shots reveal a sportier version like the ST-Line. Similar to other ST lines it comes with an attractive design. Models that are spied have ST-Line-specific tires, blacked-out features, and a myriad of sporty enhancements within.

The camouflage is not effective to any extent, but some of the exterior components remain visible. In the beginning, the double exhaust, it’s obvious beneath the bumper of the back. We’ll get more details after the camouflage has been removed. We are also considering the trim level of the base trim and not just the ST-Line. However, we anticipate many upgrades that will be both out and in.


Since it is believed that Ford Evos 2024 has the C2 model with Ford Retreat the same engine plan is anticipated. Due to this, Evos need to show its powertrain options in a variety of ways which include the 2.0-liter Inline-4 EcoBoost. The engine is already under its capacity and should remain a common engine. Front-wheel drive is the most basic option and an all-wheel drive configuration is also available.

A twin clutch from a Ford Radical pickup as well as a Ford Bronco Sporting Activity SUV is offered. Plug-in hybrid models are possible, and it is. According to reports, this variant will deliver 240 HP in addition to the 270 lb-ft torque. The 2024 Ford Evos PHEV should give excellent fuel efficiency ratings.

Interior Features

Next year’s Ford Evos 2024 will sport an upgraded touchscreen for information, according to records. According to reports, it will have the same screen that is located inside the Mustang Mach-E all-electric crossover. The luxury level is determined primarily by the trim level you select. The base model is adequate to be comfortable, and it includes a wide array of modern-day amenities.

2024 Ford Evos Interior
2024 Ford Evos Interior

The top trims will come with leather seats and a sunroof, as well as updates over the air, and Blue Cruise’s hands-free technology. It is also possible to get the Ford Evos ST-Line, which has a more sporty look that includes different steering wheels, seats contrast stitching, and many other features.

2024 Ford Evos Release Date & Price

As of now, there is no confirmation that it is the Ford Evos 2024 will certainly be available in the United States. Likely, it will not. It’s possible to do anything shortly. In the meantime, the Evos crossover is selling in China in the summertime. The price will start at $27,500. That is a small increase in terms of price.