2025 Alpine GT X-Over : Sporty Electric SUV

Renault Alpine, a brand that is known for speed and performance, is currently developing an electric sports car called GT X-Over. GT X-Over and exclusive images of it show you what it might look like. It is expected that it will launch in 2025. The new car will compete directly with the models available from Tesla Model Y, the future electronic Porsche Macan. It will be built in conjunction with Porsche’s Alpine A110 sportscar in Dieppe, France. This is all happening as Porsche strives to become an all-electric car manufacturer by the end next decade.

2025 Alpine GT X-Over Price
2025 Alpine GT X-Over Price


The quad-headlight design on the A110’s A110 is predicted to be a standard feature in Alpine models. The GT X-Over will be a coupe-SUV design with a roofline that slopes downwards, much like the Skoda Enyaq Coupe VRS. It will be available in Alpine Blue Metallic paint, similar to the A110.

It is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2019. The modified version CMF-EV technology of Renault will be used to support the Alpine GT X-Over. This same model is also the basis of the new Renault Megane Etech. The Alpine SUV, in contrast to Megane’s model, is powered by an electrical motor and three motors.


Gilles le Borgne, the Alpine chief engineer, explained further in an interview with Auto Express. Auto Express is our partner publication. We are hoping to implement torque vectoring, and have amazing handling and performance – just like an Alpine. We are working on it.”

The news is not just about Alpine but also reports that a larger version of the Renault 5 electric car is in development. Borgne confirmed that Alpine and Lotus have partnered to create an electric car that is based on A110. It will likely have the same base as the electronic Lotus Elise, and it will come with batteries that can range in size from 66.4kWh to 99.6kWh.


Alpine won’t be blindly developing its own electric system. Instead, it will likely tap into Renault to get some tech. It could also borrow the 394hp dual motor setup from the Nissan Ariya SUV. This setup could be further tuned to produce 400hp. You can expect a 0-60mph speed of fewer than five seconds if this is the case.

Batteries & Range

Alpine can borrow the 87kWh Nissan Ariya battery to get the new electric X-Over with 250 miles range.


Renault, Alpine’s parent company has stated that it will launch 10 EVs under all of its brands by 2025. It is likely that the Alpine GT X-Over will be on sale by then. It will likely cost more than the Alpine A110 sports car when it arrives. The SUV will cost more than PS60,000, although the price starts at around PS50,000.


Alpine’s upcoming electric crossover, the GT X-Over, will go into production at its Dieppe plant in 2025. This marque is a Renault subdivision and is keen to remain relevant in the electric age. It will be called the GT X-Over and will enter production at the firm’s Dieppe plant in 2025.

Based on the same architecture as the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, the GT X-Over is the first of three all-electric cars that will make Alpine an EV-only manufacturer. The Megane E-Tech Electric’s 215 bhp motors will be at the front, but there will be a surprise at the rear. It will be AWD, with over 430 horsepower.

2025 Alpine GT X-Over Concept
2025 Alpine GT X-Over Concept

The GT X-Over is a performance-oriented crossover that targets the premium market. It should compete with the upcoming Porsche Macan EV, Tesla Model Y Performance, and Ford Mustang Mach-E GT. The chances of Alpine’s sportsy EVs reaching North American shores is slim considering that Renault and its entire team have no plans to reenter the US market.

Alpine’s Dieppe Factory is currently undergoing major transformations to make it ready for the electric age. It has been renamed Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Redele in memory of the man who founded it in 1955, 20 years before it was sold to Renault.

2025 Alpine GT X-Over Revealed

The Lotus E-Sports will include this sports car, which is the next-generation Elise. It is expected that it will go on sale in 2026. The Lotus E-Sports platform is used to build this car.

The Electric Hot hatch is an upgraded version of the Renault hatchback, which was introduced in 2009 alongside the Renault 5 model. It can also be constructed on smaller versions of the CMF-EV model. It is known as CMF BEV. Covers are expected to be removed by 2024. Alpine will soon expand its range of EVs in order to compete with high-performance brands like Maserati and Porsche. We won’t see these EVs in America. U.S., Alpine has not yet made any announcements about launches in the U.S. market. U.S. market.