2024 Toyota bZ5X : Will Be The Best Electric Alternative To The Highlander SUV

The new Toyota bZ5X, an electric SUV larger than the current bZ4X, will be on sale shortly. The third row of seats will be added to the vehicle. The bZ5X will be an electric vehicle that will work in tandem with Toyota’s tri-row, gasoline-powered Highlander tri row SUV.

2024 Toyota bZ5X Price
2024 Toyota bZ5X Price

The exterior is sleek and modern, but we haven’t seen the interior yet, so we aren’t sure what to expect from the dashboard design. Toyota has not revealed details about the powertrain. However, it could include solid-state batteries in place of the traditional lithium-ion ones. It might also have an all-wheel drive and dual-motor drivetrain.

What’s new for 2024?

Toyota has not yet revealed a timeline for the new model. However, we believe it will arrive sooner than expected and be in production by the 2024 model year. It is one of the 30 new EVs Toyota and Lexus plan to launch in 2030. These EVs will be part of the “By Beyond Zero” line-up. Additional crossovers will be added to the bZ line-up, as well as an automobile.

The bZ5X model is not yet available with pricing information or trim-level details, but it will likely offer the same XLE and Limited versions of the bZ4X. The smaller model can be ordered with either a single or dual motor configuration. However, we believe the bZ5X will come with a dual motor all-wheel drive configuration.

Toyota recently introduced several new battery-electric cars that will be part of its bZ lineup as part of its plan to launch at most 15 BEVs worldwide by 2025. The “Beyond Zero” range will be built on a dedicated platform for battery-electric vehicles. While we have only seen the bZ4X, new images show a larger, three-row sibling likely to be the bZ5X. The one-size-up, futuristic-looking bZ5X will likely offer a larger cabin and more legroom than the bZ4X.

Although no official information has been made, we can assume that the BZ5X will be available in single- or dual-motor options, with up to 200 horsepower. The larger EVs should have at least 200 miles of range. This is despite the bZ4X’s claimed range of 250 miles. Assume an FWD standard configuration with AWD as an optional. We have yet to see the interior but it will likely be similar to the bZ4X and feature similarly-equipped trims. We expect the bZ5X to arrive in 2024, although we are still waiting for confirmation from the manufacturer.


The new Toyota bZ5X electric SUV will be larger than the current bZ4X and is expected to go on sale soon. The bZ5X is an electric companion to the Toyota Highlander crossover, which has a third row of seating. From the outside, it looks futuristic and modern. Toyota didn’t reveal details about the powertrain, but it may have solid-state batteries in place of the more popular lithium-ion and dual-motor electric four-wheel drives.

The production model will be revealed by the Japanese manufacturer sometime in 2024. This is when the bZ5X will hit the US. The futuristic design will make it stand out from other electric models in its range. Contrary to the bZ5X, the Toyota bZ5X has long, separated headlights. The bumper has no grill except for two air intakes under the headlights.

New Design

Toyota retains certain features, such as the boxy design or high suspension. This is to keep the SUV’s off-road appeal in mind. The bZ5X will be available in both five- and seven-seat versions. We aim to emulate the Highlander’s footsteps and be the only seven-seater SUV with an electric engine that can carry a large load without sacrificing interior space.

The electric SUV will only be offered in all-wheel drive versions with two 80kW electric motors and 150 kW at each end and 80 kW at either the front or back. There will also be variations that increase power up to 160 kW and 220 kW. Toyota will be able to offer a larger capacity option for the battery to provide a longer range of 300+ miles.

2024 Toyota bZ5X Interior
2024 Toyota bZ5X Interior

Toyota has not yet shared details about the interior of the bZ5X. The bZ5X is expected to have a simple interior without all the modern conveniences of an EV. The bZ5X has a large infotainment screen. Toyota’s signature touch should be applied to the interior. It should not be too fancy but still do the job.


Beyond Zero is a reminder that every manufacturer is working together to create a fully-electric car lineup. All cars will be powered by batteries in the future. Toyota is committed to the EV future. All of our Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs have adopted the hybrid. Toyota and all other manufacturers will continue to make hybrids as a last resort before going all-electric. Toyota will be moving into an all-electric future in a very Toyota way. All-electric cars are still a topic of conversation. They are still a novelty and a commodity.

2024 Toyota bZ5X
2024 Toyota bZ5X

Toyota isn’t just about this. Toyota has been the car manufacturer that provides automobiles to the masses for years. Toyota wants the EV future to be like that. Toyota will offer an electrified vehicle that meets your needs through its ambitious plans and conferences. They plan to release 30 models of electric vehicles by 2030. There are many options for customers: sedans, SUVs, and vans as well as compact cars.

2024 Toyota bZ5x Prices

Although we don’t know the exact price of Toyota’s upcoming electric SVU, we can assume it will be a few steps higher than the current Toyota bZ4x. The 2024 Toyota bZ5x will be around $50,000, according to our estimates. There will be two trim levels, the base XLE and the top-spec Limited. They come in different configurations. As soon as the official price list for the EV is available, we will keep you posted.