2024 Renault Scenic : Coming To Reclaim The Practicality Crown

Renault has presented the Scenic Vision prototype, an idea car that helped to develop the next SUV. It was unveiled in the last few days. Scenic, in its 25-year history, was a small minivan. Scenic, on the other hand, was a small minivan. Scenic’s fifth generation will feature an SUV-like design, which will make it more flexible to customer demands.

2024 Renault Scenic
2024 Renault Scenic

2024 Renault Scenic Review

It is located in the compact SUV segment C. E-TECH can handle dimensions identically to the prototype, which measures 4.49m in length, 1.90m in width, and 1.59m high. The combat area is 285mm. It will be a direct competitor to the Peugeot E-3008, and it is expected to debut in the next few years.

The Renault Scenic E-TECH will be based on the CMF-EV modular platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, which is already used in the Megane E-TECH, which is available with two engines (136 and 218 hp) and two batteries (40 and 60 kWh). This model could be released with some modifications to the various mechanical options.

The 40-kWh battery may disappear at first. This will allow for the introduction of 87-kWh cells similar to those in the Nissan Ariya. It can provide approximately 400 miles of WLTP autonomous range with its 60-kWh batteries. The battery is 87-kWh and can provide 580 miles of wireless internet. Only front-wheel drive models will be able to use it. However, it is possible to imagine models with all-wheel drive.


This French SUV is expected to sport a contemporary style and design that falls somewhere between Megane ETECH’s sleek design and athletic style and the minimalist design of the R5. The mustache will likely be the main feature of this car, as the optical elements will be blended. Two diamond-shaped pieces will enhance the appearance of the rear bumper.

Family members will be able to follow the path of the family with ease thanks to the wide wheelbase and low beltline. The flexible Megane ETECH will allow them to indicate distances. Pilots will not be affected by traditional curves of diamond designs and instead, they will bet on the modern L-shaped shape. The majority of the screens will cover with an open display. This includes touchscreens, electronic panels, and a landscape format. It will be compatible with Android Automotive OS. Alphabet (Google) created Android Automotive OS, an operating system. As normal, it will include apps like Google Maps or Google Assistant.


Scenic will cover the futuristic and contemporary exterior design as well as the interior concept Concept Vision quickly. It will allow us to see the Scenic as it looks in “real life”. It is why there won’t be a screen with an expansive view of the lower windshield which could “erase” the hood or aeronautical-style steering wheels that are similar to its predecessors like the Lexus Papillon or the Tesla Yoke. The cabin will have only five seats. The cabin will have five seats in a classic “classic” design. This includes a bench seat that can be moved across its entire width.

Batteries Capacity

The new Renault Scenic, however, will not have thermal engines that only provide electricity. This contrasts with the Austral, which is being replaced by the Kadjar. The powertrain will be replaced by the latest Renault Megane Etech Electric with a 40-60 kWh battery. Other models may be available, but not much information is available about them. Although the engine will be similar to the compact electric in power, the details regarding charging will likely be delayed.

2024 Renault Scenic Launched

The new Renault Scenic will not be available before 2024. The new Scenic will allow the diamond-brand to refine its electric cars. The initial version will cost you approximately 40% of the EUR.

2024 Renault Scenic Price
2024 Renault Scenic Price


Vision Scenic Concept introduced H2-Tech, which combines a front-mounted electric engine producing 215 horsepower (160 kW/ 218 PS), an extender hydrogen fuel cell that generates 21 HP (16 kW/ 22 PS), and a 40 kWh lithium battery. This combination gives you up to 800 km (497 mi) of range between charging and refueling. Renault officials have admitted that this unconventional hybrid configuration is not yet ready for production. However, the final model will feature a more traditional electric powertrain.

As a member of Renault’s expanding EV range, the fifth-generation Scenic will receive the E-Tech label. It will be based on the CMF EV architecture, which is the foundation of the Megane Etech and the Nissan Ariya. According to recent reports, the Scenic E-Tech is available in FWD or AWD versions, with single and dual electric motors. The FWD-only Renault Megane E-Tech offers 215 horsepower (160kW/ 218 PS) and a 60 kWh lithium battery. The Nissan Ariya, on the other hand, has 389 horsepower (290kW/ 394 PS), but a larger 90kWh battery. The Scenic lineup will combine elements from both models.

What’s the place for Scenic Etech in The Renault Range?

The Scenic E-Tech will be 4,490mm (176.8in) long if it retains its original footprint. This puts it in a clear position above the Megane E-Tech, which measures 4,199mm (165.3 inches), and slightly below the hybrid Austral. It will also be higher than the Megane E-Tech, which allows for a larger interior. The Scenic E-Tech will compete against the existing EVs on the market: the VW ID.4, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Kia EV6. It is smaller than the rest, but it will still be a family-oriented offering, which justifies its name and history.

2024 Renault Scenic Redesign
2024 Renault Scenic Redesign

The market launch of Renault Scenic E-Tech will take place in 2024. This means that camouflaged prototypes could be available as soon as next year. We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding the MPV, which is slowly evolving into an SUV.