2024 Range Rover Electric : Everything You Need to Know

Jaguar Land Rover is confident in its ability to electrify even the largest models, such as the Range Rover Sport. It has also confirmed that a Range Rover Electric will be launched in 2024 as part of its fifth-gen Range Rover announcement. The Range Rover Sport Electric and Range Rover Electric will be the most ambitious vehicle projects in the company’s Reimagine strategy.

2024 Range Rover Electric Redesign
2024 Range Rover Electric Redesign

2024 Range Rover Electric Redesign

The clip, which we believe to be the Range Rover EV was released in October 2022, when Land Rover announced its partnership. It shows that the electric version will repurpose the fifth-generation Range Rover’s body. The company knew it would fully electrify it when it created its reductive design. The drag coefficient (0.30 Cd), which is 10% lower than the outgoing model (0.34 Cd), gives the Range Rover best-in-class aerodynamics. JLR claims that the all-new Range Rover has the lowest drag coefficient and is therefore the most aerodynamically efficient luxury SUV in the world. This area could be further refined to improve the range of an EV model.

Land Rover has provided a solid base for Range Rover Electric. Extreme changes are unlikely with such a sleek and aerodynamic body. Only the most significant changes are a shut-off/faux radiator grille and unique bumpers. The Electric Range Rover needs subtle design cues that let the world know where it is going in its evolution. We haven’t used a curvy or glossy panel to replace the radiator grille. However, we did use a cleaner, yet equally sophisticated grille. (See illustration above) The front features include a V-shaped frame in royal blue for the elegantly blanked-off upper grille and a metal blade in a matching color above the skid plates.

The signature side graphic has a contrasting blue highlight. The large, multi-spoke alloy wheels have a unique aerodynamic design that doesn’t compromise the purposeful and planted stance. An electrically-operated flap secures the EV’s charging port. The blue EV-specific highlights on the exterior would show that the roof could be configured in blue. Automotive News was informed by Joe Eberhardt, JLR’s North American CEO on May 7, 2022, that customers are eagerly awaiting the three-row Range Rover gasoline model. According to the CEO, 60% of US orders will be short-wheelbase versions and 40% long-wheelbase SUVs. Most long-wheelbase cars will have three rows of seating.

The Range Rover Electric SV is also being considered. The all-electric Range Rover SV will be coming from the Special Vehicle Operations division. It should feature unique design details, colors, and materials. Customers can create a more luxurious and unique SUV with a high level of personalization. Michael van der Sande (MD – SVO Jaguar Land Rover) told Autocar that they want the first SV EV to be as emotionally appealing as the SV models equipped with an internal combustion engine. The electric SVs from Land Rover will likely include some go-fast SUVs and perhaps some off-road-specializing SUVs, as electric powertrains can improve off-road capability.


The Range Rover Electric will have the largest screens Land Rover has to offer. Optionally, a leather-free interior is available to customers who are concerned about animal cruelty and want a vegan alternative. Customers will have the option of wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. A wireless charger for their smartphones will also be available. This will help to reduce wires and conserve the environment.

JLR used the Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment technology in the combustion model. It features a 13.3-inch, curved, floating touchscreen that is the largest touchscreen ever installed in Land Rover. This Land Rover-first feature features haptic feedback when touching or pressing the screen. It makes it less distracting. The pure-electric version will have the same features. A 13.7-inch semi-floating digital instrument cluster also works in sync with the Pivi Pro system. The new climate control panel looks more traditional.

2024 Range Rover Electric Concept
2024 Range Rover Electric Concept

In keeping with the new design theme, the electronic gear selector has been redesigned to be a compact and short unit. Rear seat passengers can enjoy themselves on adjustable 11.4-inch HD touchscreens. These features will not be changed by Land Rover in an EV model, which we don’t believe is possible. The rear center armrest houses an 8-inch touchscreen that allows you to adjust the cabin’s environment and control the seating position. Customers can now specify their Range Rover Sport as a seven-seater for the first time.


The brand’s new Range Rover marks a new chapter. It debuts MLA-Flex, a revolutionary platform that will allow it to go entirely electric. MLA-Flex allows Land Rover to pack even the largest SUVs with everything, from hybrid systems to conventional engines and fully electric powertrains. Land Rover will eventually use MLA-Flex on every model other than the Evoque. This is a top-down approach. The big daddy Range Rover is the first.

The all-new Range Rover body is 50% stiffer thanks to the MLA Flex platform. It has a static torsional stiffness (33 km/deg) Even with a panoramic roof, the torsional stiffness can be up to 50% more. The brand’s new Range Rover model is the first to have 23-inch wheels. They would look fantastic on its electric version. The MLA-Flex platform offers a larger interior thanks to its 75mm extra wheelbase. Seven people can travel comfortably together with the 200 mm extra wheelbase of Long Wheelbase. This is the Range Rover’s first-ever feature.

Range Rovers are known for their luxury, comfort, and ability. Electricity will improve all of these aspects. It would be quieter and more comfortable to drive, making it easier for you to relax, whether you are behind the wheel or at the back. If you decide to drive it, the extra power and torque will make it faster and more responsive. The Range Rover Electric might be even more versatile off-road than the combustion model. This is due to its better weight distribution, greater ground clearance, and more torque vectoring. If the SUV is converted to a skateboard platform, it may be able to have better approach angles and departure angles.


Powertrains for the Range Rover Electric could be co-developed by the BMW Group. Jaguar Land Rover and the German automaker collaborated in June 2019 to create next-generation Electric Drive Units. The companies will however manufacture the units for each model individually. JLR plans to manufacture electric drive systems at Wolverhampton’s Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC). They could be related to fifth-gen BMW eDrive that powers the iX/i4. Possibly.

Jaguar Land Rover has reached a deal to supply Silicon Carbide semiconductors from Wolfspeed. These wide-bandgap semiconductors will be used in inverters for future electric vehicles. The Range Rover Electric will get them in 2024. JLR will also receive the Wolfspeed Assurance of Supply Program benefits, which will allow it to have greater control and visibility over its future supply chains.

The Silicon Carbide semiconductor’s bandgap is 3.26. This is nearly three times that of Silicon semiconductors (1.12). Electronics made with Si semiconductors are smaller and can operate at lower temperatures, higher voltages, and higher frequencies. This would allow Land Rover electric vehicles to have a greater driving range and more efficiency.

2024 Range Rover Electric Release Date & Price

Jaguar Land Rover announced on July 8, 2022, that it would offer customizable, high-end home charging points for its electrified vehicles, including the Range Rover Electric, starting in 2024 in the UK. The company may offer similar services in the U.S. JLR UK has partnered with Andersen EV (a London-based company that makes and supplies vehicle-customizable charging stations) The company will sell Andersen Electric’s wall-mounted, stylish EV charger A2 to customers who don’t want them as an eyesore. There are two versions of the Andersen EV A2 charger: a 7-kW and a 22-kW version. The charger features a premium design with a hidden compartment that conceals the plug and charging cable when not in use. Customers can choose from 96 colors and two materials – metal or (sustainably harvested) Accoyawood – to order their A2 home charger.

2024 Range Rover Electric Review
2024 Range Rover Electric Review

In the USA, the all-new Range Rover P440e plug-in hybrid variant is priced at USD 110,000. Prices for the pure-electric variant may start at USD 130,000. The analyst asked JLR if the Range Rover BEVs were a priority. He also wanted to know its thoughts on profitability and demand. Thierry Bollore (ex-CEO of the British luxury automaker) replied that both Range Rover Sports EVs and Range Rover Electric would be profitable models.

JLR’s annual report for 2022 states that six pure-electric Land Rover models will be added to the portfolio over the next four years. They will be based on Modular Longitudinal Architecture and Electric Modular Architecture. Land Rover’s electric models will account for 60% of its global sales by 2030, according to JLR.