2024 Nissan Quest Comeback Rumors

Nissan had to stop production of Quest in 2017 due to a significant decline in minivan sales. This happened in 2017, and now, five years later we hear rumors of its return. The majority of rival models, including those from Japanese rivals, like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna, survived. Nissan’s management is said to believe that a new model can be added to this segment, the revived Nissan Quest 2024. Officials are quiet despite the loud rumors.

2024 Nissan Quest
2024 Nissan Quest

This comeback will bring back a design similar to that of the previous generation. Everything would be loaded with new features and technologies, making this minivan even more competitive. The powertrain could also be electrified in hybrid or full electric form. According to rumors, we could see the new model as early as the second half of next year. It would be the Nissan Quest 2024.

2024 Nissan Quest Design

We wouldn’t be surprised if the design was a bit more conservative. We would instead expect to see the familiar layout of a minivan but with all sorts of modern designs and features. We can therefore assume that the new model will be based on the latest D platform which is the same as the one used for the Pathfinder. We assume that the Quest would be a close relative of this three-row SUV, particularly in terms of its mechanics.

We expect a new exterior design. We assume that, even though the shape of the car would probably not change, the new model will have slightly larger dimensions and a longer wheelbase. We assume that the new model will be designed according to the latest brand design language. The headlights would look similar to those of the SUV mentioned above and other models.


Nissan Quest 2024 will also feature a new cabin. We expect that the Pathfinder’s overall shape and material will be a source of inspiration for the new dashboard design. We also have no doubts that the new cabin will feature a better build quality and be equipped with advanced technology and convenience features.

2024 Nissan Quest Interior
2024 Nissan Quest Interior

In terms of tech features, you can expect new infotainment, massive screens, and digital instrument clusters, as well as new connectivity features. We can expect a familiar layout, with three rows, each of which has spacious and comfortable seating. We would also expect more legroom and a larger cargo area since the wheelbase is likely to be longer.


Until now, there are no details on the powertrain. If we want to make predictions, then we need to consider all options. The most conservative version of the minivan would have a classic V6-powered engine. This model is likely to come with the familiar 3.5-liter V6 engine, which produces 284 horsepower. It also comes with a brand-new transmission.

A hybrid version is a perfect fit for the electrified world we live in. Many sources recommend the new ePower system from the company, which operates on a slightly different principle than classic hybrids. In this case, the wheels are powered by an electric motor, and the gasoline engine acts as a generator.

2024 Nissan Quest Review
2024 Nissan Quest Review

2024 Nissan Quest Release Date

Nissan Quest 2024 is still just a rumor, and the chances of its revival are very slim. Some sources claim that the new model may arrive as early as the second half of next year.