2024 Mercedes GLC : Everything We Know About the Next-Generation Luxury Crossover

The Mercedes GLC regular crossover model is the most popular. Merc introduced a new version of its Mercedes GLC regular crossover in June that features many of the same features as its C-Class sedan counterpart. Buyers who do not want to drive a C-Class SUV or GLC SUV have not been forgotten.

2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Review
2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Review

These photos are of the GLC Coupe fastback in its final stages. The test team has revealed some of the front-end changes and removed some of the disguises. The old grille and the headlight were separated by body colors plastics. However, the new grille uses more angular units to create a background rather than horizontal bars.

2024 Mercedes GLC Review

The Coupe will have the same 113.7-in (2.888mm) wheelbase as the GLC. It will have 0.6 in (15mm) more metal between its wheels than the previous Coupe. This allows the Coupe to have more legroom. The Coupe model has a steeper fastback than the standard GLC SUV. This will result in less headroom and less luggage storage. The prototype is still hidden at the rear. However, we expect that the quarterback version of the lights will be identical and extend across the entire back.


The options under the hood will be identical to those found in the GLC. Expect four-cylinder engines, even AMG 63 versions. The C 63 sedan/wagon will have the same 671-hp 2.0 liter PHEV engine, while the GLC 300 model will rely upon a 255 hp (258 PS) mild hybrid motor with a 4Matic all-wheel drive. European buyers can also choose from a variety of less powerful engines, such as a 201 HP (454 PS) inline-four in GLC 200 and a 194HP (197 PS diesel in GLC 220d). The maximum range for a PHEV is 62 miles (100 km).


Mercedes claims that the GLC’s new version will feature several safety and driver assistance functions. Active Distance Assist’s stationary vehicle response maneuvering speed has been increased to 60 mph, up from 37 mph. Active Steering Assist is more efficient on “country roads”, has better freeway lane centering, and more lane detection features thanks to the 360-degree camera tech on next-gen GLC. Mercedes calls the “Digital Light” a vehicle that has projection functions and can be customized to show “Coming/Leaving Home” animations. These animations are projected onto the ground in front of the car by the vehicle’s headlights.

Traffic Sign Assist is now able to recognize signs within construction zones and overhead structures. It can also recognize conditional signs such as “slippery if it wet”, with new warnings that alert drivers when they are about to run a stop sign or red light. Mercedes claims its parking systems will respond better to the environment and be easier to maneuver at low speeds.


Mercedes already confirmed some interior details for its new GLC. The new GLC will have a three-spoke steering column and newly designed control panels. These panels can be used for navigation, entertainment, and phone calls. The main dashboard will feature an 11.9-inch LCD central display. The 12.3-inch monitor can be used by the driver behind the wheel.

2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Prototype
2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Prototype

For the third-gen GLC, the updated MBUX user experience infotainment system is available. The updated “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant commands, new augmented reality features, and an updated “Hey Mercedes” feature are all included. These features project details and addresses onto exterior surround-view video feeds of the infotainment screen. A menu for off-road that can include an optional transparent hood function. This utilizes the 360-degree camera tech to show the ground beneath the vehicle’s front on your infotainment screen. It improves maneuverability.

2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Specs
2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Specs

2024 Mercedes GLC Revealed

Over 2.5 million copies of the Mercedes-Benz GLC have been sold since its introduction in 2008. It quickly became a popular model in the compact luxury crossover market and is still the most loved Mercedes-Benz model. The new model will not be built on the C-Class sedan, but it will be built on premium models like the S-Class.