2024 Lexus RZ: Everything You Need To Know

In 2024 Lexus RZ will be the very first electric SUV made by Lexus motors that have been unveiled for the first time in the model year 2023 as its first-generation model. it’s all new to this year’s Lexus lineup. And this brand model Lexus RZ EV shares a platform with Subaru Solterra and Toyota bZ4X.

The brand-new 2024 Lexus RZ is equipped with a fresh and stunning design for its exterior featuring a luxurious and spacious interior that has more space for cargo between the two rows. Additionally, this latest electric vehicle comes with an impressive electric engine that produces a maximum capacity of 308 HP.

2024 Lexus RZ Review
2024 Lexus RZ Review

and Lexus claims that it can provide the highest performance. For instance, according to Lexus, it is claimed that the Lexus RZ EV can accelerate from between 0-60 MPH in only 5.0 seconds. However, the latest 2024 Lexus RZ EV offers an electric range of 220 miles, which is superior. It also offers DC Fast charging.

If you’re looking to learn everything you can about the latest 2024 Lexus RZ EV, then you must read this article until the final. Because in this article, we will learn everything about the vehicle. For instance, we’ll be able to know. What’s new for the model year 2024 to be available, and how much will it cost for example, we’ll know more details about it.

2024 Lexus RZ Review

It is believed that the Lexus RZ is all-new for the 2023 Model year. We don’t believe that Lexus will make any changes to the year 2023.  It is therefore most likely Lexus will continue to use it to the Next 2024 model year. Lexus might introduce new trims models for the model year 2024.  But Lexus has not yet confirmed any information regarding the next Lexus RZ EV 2024 model year. If, however, Lexus is to issue any official announcement regarding the coming Lexus RZ EV then we will be back with the most recent update for the model year 2024 of the Lexus RZ.

Interior Design

Inside, the brand-new 2024 Lexus RZ EV is the most minimalist and luxurious. Lexus has taken away a variety of switches and buttons from the doors and dashboard. But, Lexus has moved these items to the most recent infotainment system. in addition to the New Lexus RZ EV’s interior, which is more large and luxurious for an SUV with a crossover. Additionally, the new 2024 Lexus RZ EV comes with ample legroom and rear seating that anyone can easily and comfortably seat inside without issues. So, the interior of the Lexus RZ is very comfortable.

2024 Lexus RZ Interior
2024 Lexus RZ Interior

When someone enters into the RZ you’ll see that the interior has an eerie resemblance to the brand new RX and NX. But, unlike the NX and RX, the RZ makes use of more sustainable materials and puts less importance on leather and wood grain. In the vehicle we tested the interior of the ultrasuede was an option covering the seats as well as certain areas of the door panel. It’s extremely soft to feel and evokes a feeling of luxury.

In addition to its passenger space, it also offers additional cargo space, which means you can place your bags and suitcases behind the second-row seats. For instance, it offers a capacity in the amount of 34.9 cubic feet in the space behind its second row. If you require more space for cargo, then you can fold it easily in the rear seats. Then you’ll have plenty of space to store your luggage and bags.

Enigne & Performance

This model has two motors and generates an output of 308 horsepower. This model comes with all-wheel drive being the standard. Although the acceleration is fairly rapid, the car and driver’s test drive, it’s not quite as quick as the pulsating performance of its rivals like the Jaguar I-Pace and Volvo C40 Recharge. Jaguar I-Pace and the Volvo C40 Recharge.

and Lexus has stated that the brand new Lexus RZ can go 0-60 MPH in only 5.0 seconds, which is a good thing. And based on the test of the driver and car results it requires 4.8 seconds to reach at the same speed. According to the Lexus Claim, it is the right speed for this. In the end, the Lexus RZ 2024 should give the best performance.

Range, Battery, and Charging Time

The currently available Lexus RZ is packed with powerful lithium-ion 71.4 kWh battery which is capable of providing a lengthy electric range of 220 miles on one full charge. If you opt for 20-inch wheels, the range is reduced to 196 miles. We believe that the electric range is better. The brand-new 2024 Lexus RZ EV comes with three charging options.

For example, first, it has a 120V level 1 charge cable. a second AC charging 240V, which is suitable for public and home stations, and the final DC Fast charging compatibility which is compatible with public charging stations. If you charge it using DC Fast charging then it can be charged between 0-80 percent in just one hour. And if you charge using the 240V home or public charge then it will get charged up for 25 miles of range every hour.

Infotainment and Connectivity Features

The Lexus RZ450e of 2023 comes fitted with the standard information and communication features that are standard in the latest cars and SUVs. The impressive list of features includes a massive 14-inch touchscreen, a drive connection along with cloud navigation. An extensive list of the RZ450e’s informationtainment capabilities is given below:

  • Lexus app
  • Wi-Fi Apple CarPlay integration
  • Wireless Android Auto capability
  • Auto-dimming exterior mirrors, auto tilt-down for reverse
  • five USB Type C ports
  • Shadow Illumination
  • Wireless phone charger for wireless phones
2024 Lexus RZ Release Date
2024 Lexus RZ Release Date

Safety Features

It is expected that the New 2024 Lexus RZ EV comes with more standard and sophisticated safety features for 2023 models. So we anticipate that the following Lexus RZ EV 2024 will include identical safety features. The first thing is that this 2024 Lexus RZ EV comes standard with Lexus Safety System +3.0, which will give you additional standard safety features, such as the following:



Exterior Color


Interior Color 


2024 Lexus RZ Release Date & Price

As of now, Lexus hasn’t made any announcements about the forthcoming 2024 Lexus RZ EV or when it will be available for purchase for the model year 2024. Therefore, we are unable to provide the exact date for the launch of this 2024 Lexus RZ EV. However, we believe it may be launched in the fall of 2023, for the model year 2024.

Currently, the Lexus RZ is offered in two trims: RZ450e Premium AWD and RZ 450e Luxury AWD. Prices start at $59,650. It then increases to $65,150 for the top trims. So we are hoping that the following 2024 Lexus RZ could offer identical trims, however, the price might be increased slightly more in comparison to the model year 2023. So, here is its estimated cost for the model year 2024 which is based on the model 2023.