2024 Honda Pilot: Updated Performance for Punchier SUV Performance

Many people have been waiting for the upcoming 2024 Honda Pilot, believing that the next-gen SUV would have better performance and punchier outcomes. Although the Pilot has been designed as the 2024 model, the launch date seems to be a bit stretchy. Of course, it would be okay if the Pilot debuts sometime in 2023, but Honda has had an earlier plan to release the Pilot. But what’s the fuss with a little late schedule if the Pilot would be even better than expected?

2024 Honda Pilot Redesign
2024 Honda Pilot Redesign

The Updated Plan

The 2024 model Pilot is said to experience a redesigned touchup. After all, this fourth generation has been wearing the same style and design since 2019. Several spies shot pictures on the net showing the suspected Pilot undergoing a testing stage.

In terms of design and style, the new Pilot would have a better and somewhat more rugged style than the current Pilot. Rumor is that the new SUV will get some inspiration from the Ridgeline truck. Because of the redesigned project, many have wondered whether the SUV will still use the same powertrain or if it will be different. It should be interesting that the SUV implements a similar setup as the (also redesigned) Acura MDX.

Dimension and Size

The new size and dimension would be a part of the redesigned work. The 2024 Honda Pilot would be longer. After all, it shares a similar proportion and setup as the Acura MDX with a longer wheelbase of 2.8 inches. Not only is Pilot using the same setup and balance as Acura MDX, but also the platform. If you are interested in the elegant and good-looking Pilot, keep your eyes open for the Black Edition trim. Most of the body parts are all coming in black, and it also comes with 20-inch alloy wheels.

2024 Honda Pilot Interior
2024 Honda Pilot Interior

The Interior Improvement

With the touchup project, the interior cabin should experience a significant improvement, especially regarding comfort and enjoyment. The house has been quiet, but it should improve with the redesigned work. The EX-L and Sport trim accommodate seven people, while the Black Edition and Elite trims can support eight people.

The cabin would be roomy and spacious. The third row may be smaller than the second row, but it is still comfortable. Space for cargo is also generous. Expect a newer and better infotainment system. Some say that it would be bigger too. Expect to find Honda Sensing technology, 3 zone auto climate control, satellite radio, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, and others.

2024 Honda Pilot Release Date
2024 Honda Pilot Release Date

2024 Honda Pilot Hybrid

It seems that Honda will keep the previous powertrain, which means there would be only one option. However, there have been rumors about the new plug-in hybrid unit, although the company hasn’t confirmed anything about it.

The current Pilot runs on a V6 engine unit of 3.5-liter capacity, delivering 290 hp and 267 Nm of torque. It is paired with an auto 10-speed transmission and front-wheel driving system. However, there would be an optional all-wheel driving system. Details are still scarce, so this is all for now.

2024 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

The Pilot may not be as famous as the CR-V, but you have to admit that it has a loyal base of fans with increasing sales numbers yearly. Unfortunately, there is no information about the release date and price. The current model has a price tag for the base model set at around $37,500. With the redesigned project, expect it to have a higher range. We should wait for further confirmation about the new 2024 Honda Pilot.