2024 Buick Skylark: Delivering Retro Appeal in the Modern Vehicle

There have been some rendering images of the 2024 Buick Skylark on the net lately, creating an assumption that the future Skylark will make it to the production stage. It’s pretty challenging to predict whether the next Skylark will be made or not, considering that even the 2023 model hasn’t been available just yet. Yes, we may have some of those images online now, but those images are only the rendering images inspired by the old and retro Skylark from the 50s.

2024 Buick Skylark Specs
2024 Buick Skylark Specs

The Updated Plan

Rumor has it that there would be a 2023 Buick Skylark, but we can’t tell for sure with the lack of information. The fact that the Skylark has been discontinued since 1998 is another thing that auto enthusiasts should consider. However, it seems that auto enthusiasts are pretty sure and optimistic that the future Skylark would be coming. There should be a reason why those rendered images are created in the first place. Auto enthusiasts would love having the future Skylark made into production, but Buick hasn’t said anything. And it’s killing us.

The Exterior Design

If you take a look at the rendering images, the exterior appearance of the Skylark is pretty much the same as the latest Buick version back then in 1998. You can tell the entire vintage vibe of the vehicle without ditching all the good stuff. Sure, the design may be retro and old-school, but you have to admit that the car is elegant and charming. If the actual production car can add impressive color options and impressive wheel design, then rest assured that the Skylark can be your everyday sedan for your everyday functions.

2024 Buick Skylark Redesign
2024 Buick Skylark Redesign

From the design, there is a tad hint of electrification power. If it’s true, it would be even greater. It would be great if you can get your hands on the combined retro appearance and modern electrification. And it’s a promising future.

The Interior Cabin

A retro appeal may take place on the outside, but the inside would be filled with all new and modern stuff. If Skylark does go into production, there will be packed technologies on the dashboard to make your days easier. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, driver assistance features, and touchscreen technology would be a part of the interior development.

The materials and upholstery may vary, depending on Buick’s preferences. If they are going to make it a luxury vehicle, they may include more premium materials for the cabin. If they make it a regular performance ride, they may go with a more standard option. Again, since information is limited, we don’t know about anything.

Performance and Powertrain

Based on several sources, the future 2024 Buick Skylark may likely be running on a V8 unit with a 6.2-liter capacity. This vehicle is said to generate 695 hp. There’s also possibly another alternative powertrain, the electric one. If the price is set high, it may be likely because it is constructed with electric power (or a hybrid type). If this is true, then the Skylark would be a true ride that can compete against other rivals; not just a resurrected ride coming from the 90s.

2024 Buick Skylark
2024 Buick Skylark

2024 Buick Skylark Price

Again, it is difficult to make predictions or estimations of the upcoming Skylark, considering that Buick hasn’t said anything official about their next production. We can only predict and assume, but without official confirmation, it’s difficult to fathom. We won’t know anything about the release date or the tag price, but hopefully, we will hear more about the 2024 Buick Skylark.