2024 GMC Sierra HD : High Luxury Meets High Limits

GMC Sierra HD 2024 will get a major overhaul over the next year. Sources suggest that GM will change the front and rear ends of the vehicle, as well as overhaul the interior. This could include engine modifications.

2024 GMC Sierra HD
2024 GMC Sierra HD

It is also important to mention that the truck was originally planned to launch in 2023. However, due to COVID-19 issues and the absence of superconductive chips, COVID-19 forced the company to postpone the launch date. We expect that the truck will be in production within the next year. It is also expected that the truck will be available by 2019. The Sierra HD truck line will be in stock by the end of 2019.

GMC Sierra HD Specs

The engine lineup won’t be changed. The 2024 GMC Sierra HD could get more power. The Sierra HD lineup features a 6.6-liter gasoline-powered V8 with 400 horsepower. This engine also has 464 pounds of torque. A 6-speed automatic transmission is also available, along with the RWD option and optional AWD. Shortly, the engine could produce as much as 500 horsepower. It is an exciting sound.

The Duramax engine, a 6.6-liter Duramax motor, is also featured. This turbodiesel engine can produce up to 445 HP and 910 lbs of torque. It comes with an Allison Auto transmission with 10 speeds, which is contrary to the gasoline engine. The maximum towing capacity of the gasoline engine is 18,500 pounds. Diesel engines can tow 35,500 pounds.


These images show that the GMC Sierra HD, 2024’s upcoming GMC Sierra HD, is very obscure. However, we did notice that the vehicle will have a new front and back fascia design. The front section is now larger thanks to the new grille and modern headlights. New taillights, bumpers, and a new bumper make the rear look more modern. The bumper.

It all depends on which trim level you choose, and the best choices for Denali models (which are the most expensive). GM will also offer new exterior colors and different options for the upper trim levels.

Interior Upgrades

The GMC Sierra HD models will have the most comfortable cabins in 2024 because of the materials they use. Sierra HD’s initial version had an 8-inch touchscreen for infotainment. It can however be upgraded to a larger screen. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and USB-C ports are all supported.

Higher trim levels have better-quality equipment. The Denali trim level features a Bose audio system and a larger display, leather seats, and other amenities. Although spy photos don’t reveal interior amenities yet, we expect important improvements.


The 2024 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty trucks will be available at a GMC dealer near you. Technology and capability combine in these trucks. This full-size pickup is ready for work and features up to 14 cameras. Large digital screens and a 15-inch head-up display are available to keep you updated about your surroundings and vehicle settings. These technologies make the 2024 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty the best pickup truck you can drive.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Interior
2024 GMC Sierra HD Interior


You’re likely looking for a GMC heavy-duty truck or a 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 that can tow. The 2024 Sierra HD lineup has a staggering 36,000-pound maximum towing capacity when properly equipped. This is possible thanks to the Duramax Turbo Diesel V-8 engine, which produces an incredible 975 pound-feet. The Duramax powertrain is enhanced by a turbocharger and now comes with an Allison(r), 10-speed transmission. This model year’s low-end torque is 25% higher than previous models.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Changes
2024 GMC Sierra HD Changes

2024 GMC Sierra HD Prices, Release Date

According to recent reports, the GMC Sierra HD version 2024 edition will retail for $42,000 in 2024. It is expected that the truck will be available by 2022, or in the first trimester of 2023. The Sierra 3500HD model will be $1000 less than the Sierra 2500HD. The Denali top model will cost you more than $70,000 if you choose to buy it.