2025 Aston Martin Vanquish : What We Know So Far

Aston Martin has extensive experience in designing premium sports cars that combine high-performance engines at the front with high-end performance. Aston Martin is currently looking at the next generation mid-engines which will include the Vanquish. Although the company is yet to make a major shift in its outlook on the future, we have plenty of juicy information and optimistic speculation that will keep our attention during the interim.

2025 Aston Martin Vanquish Specs
2025 Aston Martin Vanquish Specs

Vanquish will be a new car, despite being a new version. Vanquish will be the same design as the Valhalla or Valkyrie hypercars. It will not be limited in production nor cost millions. The company bought the AMG hybrid V-8 engine to power it. It will be launched in 2025 with the engine behind the driver. Vanquish will likely be a rival to the McLaren 720S, Ferrari F8, and McLaren 720S.

What’s new for 2025?

We are aware that Aston Martin may be presenting three mid-engine vehicles, including the next-generation Vanquish. Although we have only seen images of the Vanquish Vision concept at the Geneva automobile show, some details about Aston Martin’s hybrid engine featuring an AMG-made V-8 are also available. However, there is much to learn about the 2025 Vanquish, which will be revealed in the coming years.


The new Vanquish will likely cost $300,000. Although it is significantly less than the seven-figure price tag attached to Aston’s mid-engined hypercars, it is not affordable to most car enthusiasts. We are not able to confirm this, but the next Vanquish may have a roofless version to rival retractable roof models like the 720S.

Performance, Transmission, and Engine

Aston Martin is likely to add a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 from AMG to the Vanquish. The motors and electric power will be combined for the engine to become an integral hybrid. This contrasts with the 3.0-liter V-6 hybrid engine the company had originally planned to build on its own. Vanquish, however, is a completely different model. The Vanquish will have a similar powertrain as the Valhalla. It is unlikely that it will produce the same 937 horsepower. Aston may offer an electric Vanquish. We hope it has an aluminum space frame that is bonded and not the carbon fiber tub that Aston is using on its hypercars. This Aston is more of a grand touring vehicle than its track-oriented counterparts, as there is no aggressive aerodynamic technology.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

With the transition to a mid-engine engine layout, Vanquish will be expanding its brand. All we know about this car’s cabin is now gone and our expectations are only speculation. The cabin will be bigger than rivals’ mid-engine hypercars. It’s difficult to predict what Vanquish’s interior will look like. The interior will offer plenty of customization options as well as luxury materials and other sophisticated features. Vanquish’s latest generation does not have the narrow rear seats that were on the older model. This is a fact that you can be certain of.

2025 Aston Martin Vanquish
2025 Aston Martin Vanquish

Connectivity and Infotainment

The Vanquish could have an infotainment system. It could look similar to the Vantage sports car’s 8.0-touchscreen. The rotating knob on the center console controls the screen. We expect it to appear more advanced once the Vanquish goes on sale. Aston may shift its focus from touchscreens and connectivity to driving if Valhalla’s information and entertainment system or lack thereof is an indicator.

Safety and driver-assistance features

Aston currently offers a variety of driver assistance technologies in its vehicles, including Vantage. Vantage is a sports car. The Vanquish could have safety features such as blind spot monitoring and cameras that rotate 360 degrees. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety websites for more information about Vanquish’s crash testing.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Aston Martin’s warranty on powertrains is mediocre. It also does not offer free maintenance for all models. Aston Martin offers extended coverage plans to those who are willing to pay more.

  • A limited warranty provides 3 years of protection or unlimited mileage
  • The powertrain warranty is valid for three years or unlimited mileage
  • There is no maintenance service available that is completely free.

Fuel Economy

Neither the EPA nor the company has provided any information on the fuel economy of Vanquish’s new generation. Vanquish’s CO2 emissions per kilometer were also not mentioned.

2025 Aston Martin Vanquish Redesign
2025 Aston Martin Vanquish Redesign

Dimensions and Airbags

The car isn’t yet available so there are no dimensions. Keep checking our page for more information once the car is finally available.

Specifications and Top-Speed

The car isn’t yet available so there are no specs. Keep checking our page for more information once the car is finally available.