2024 Ford Transit Custom Revealed

Ford has revealed the exterior of the brand’s latest Transit Custom, following the recent launch of the completely electric Transit e-Transit, the e-Transit’s cousin. From 2023 onwards the next generation of Ford’s bestselling small commercial car will come equipped with EcoBlue Diesel, PHEV, and EV powertrains, as well as several design styles.

2024 Ford Transit
2024 Ford Transit

It is not surprising that the 2024 Ford Transit Custom looks very similar to the e-Transit Custom, featuring an identical body. The grille, however, has been changed by adding horizontal slits as well as large openings to cool the engine. It also has side intakes for the models with ICE only. However, Ford didn’t include a complete photo gallery for the trim levels (Base and Trend, as well as Limited Active, Trail as well as Sport). We can still see certain particular styling cues of the trims in the group photo, such as the non-painted bumpers and various headlight designs of the Base model. Also and the aluminum-style skidplates on the Trail and the long flank skirts on the Sport and the front-mounted charging port for the EV and PHEV models.

2024 Ford Transit Custom Review

2024 Ford Transit Custom is based on an “all-new” architecture, which will be shared with the following VW Transporter. There are a variety of body styles to choose from, including the regular panel van, double-cab-in-van, and the kombi. It also comes with an L-shaped bulkhead. It is available in two lengths as well as two different roof heights. Then, Ford is expected to launch the passenger-oriented Tourneo Custom, taking the function of a minivan for families.


In the interior, you will find a 13.2-inch touchscreen to display the most recent SYNC4 infotainment technology, though it’s not stated the standard of this feature throughout the entire model or if it’s only available in top models. There are also several always-on touchscreen shortcuts below the display. The steering wheel is flat with integrated buttons that can tilt to create a Mobile Office space.

2024 Ford Transit Interior
2024 Ford Transit Interior

All trims are equipped with an integrated Ford Pro platform of software and connected services, including The Ford Pro Upfit Integration System that allows digital conversions of vehicles using the existing infotainment system as well as Ford Pro Mobile Service, which is the Ford Pro Mobile Service designed to increase the uptime of your vehicle.


The ICE-only model comes with a redesigned variant that is based on EcoBlue. It will be available with a variety of power outputs starting with 109 HP (81 kW/110 PS) as well as 134 horsepower (100 kW/136 PS) or 148 horsepower (110 150 PS / 132 kW) and 168 hp (125 kW/ 170 PS). In addition to the standard six-speed manual gearbox, which can be used in conjunction with a mechanical limited-slip differential The Transit Custom also comes with the latest eight-speed automatic as well as an optional all-wheel drive. According to Ford, it is possible to pull a maximum of 2,500 kg for the Auto AWD model is 2,500kg (5,512 pounds).

Its plug-in hybrid 2024 Ford Transit Custom combines a 2.5-liter petrol engine, an electric motor as well as a battery that is similar to the Ford Kuga and Escape PHEV. Ford did not reveal the power output, however, we’re guessing it’ll be comparable to the SUV’s 222 horsepower (165 kW or 225 PS). Its 11.8 kWh of battery (usable capacity) can provide an electric range of up to 57km (35 miles) as well as owners who make use of it to power their tools and equipment via the ProPower Onboard system.

2024 Ford Transit Review
2024 Ford Transit Review

In addition, the completely electric e-Transit is equipped with an electric motor with the equivalent of 214 horsepower (217 PS/160 kW) and 415 Nm (306 lb-ft) of torque. There is also an additional 74kWh battery that provides a 236-mile (380 km) distance for WLTP.

2024 Ford Transit Custom Release Date

Ford will show off the new 2024 Ford Transit Custom / e-Transit Custom at the IAA Transportation Show in Hanover (Germany). The LCV will be manufactured through Ford Otosan in Turkey. The deliveries of diesel-powered models begin in the middle of 2023, with EV and PHEV trims coming later in 2023.