2024 Chevy Montana Makes its Official Debut

The 2024 Chevy Montana is the new kid on town. Chevrolet decided to continue to challenge Ford with yet another truck. Montana is a compact pickup designed to compete with the Ford Maverick. We all know that Maverick is a breather when it comes to pickups. It is one small truck. Ford Maverick is only sold as a hybrid. Perhaps it will become an electric vehicle in the future. It is a top-selling vehicle in its class and checks all the right boxes. It was only around for a short time and gained traction, giving Ford a large share of the truck market.

2024 Chevy Montana
2024 Chevy Montana

Chevy is aiming for Montana to be the answer to this compact truck. Montana uses a unibody design. Some reports claim that it will not be available in North America for the first year. However, we are skeptical. It will be a fully four-door pickup truck with front-wheel drive. It will likely borrow from larger cousins and its predecessors for the interior. We expect to see the Chevy brand’s signature look and the Chevy logo on the exterior. Let’s take a closer look at what the new Chevy Montana could bring.

2024 Chevy Montana Review


The 2024 Chevy Montana’s cabin will be a replica of one of its cousins. Chevy doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. It can borrow an existing interior design. A Silverado-style interior design, but smaller. It is a five-seater, so it needs everything to be in the right place. This will allow for more space and comfort, rather than cramped driving. Good seating is important. Heating and ventilation are essential.

2024 Chevy Montana Interior
2024 Chevy Montana Interior

It is necessary to have more upholstery material. The Maverick is a simpler truck so luxury might be the best option. Interesting new technology is also a plus. You can make your cabin more comfortable by adding safety features, an electric dashboard, and a large infotainment system. A sunroof and ambient lighting are also great additions.


We don’t know the exact specs for Montana’s exterior. It’s a complete four-food construction with a unibody architecture. This makes production much easier and is extremely popular. It should come with 17-inch wheels. We hope that multiple colors will be available for the wheels to allow for further customization.

The cargo bed may be shorter than the standard length of 5.5 feet. Expect a large fascia at the front with lots of mesh for air intakes. The linear headlights might be even more prominent. We will see if we get winching capabilities and a roof-mounted LED beam for better visibility. The 2024 Chevy Montana won’t offer a high ride height. We don’t think it will be a dominant off-road vehicle.


There won’t be many options for powertrain options. This is not surprising. There is only one engine option for the Maverick. A small powertrain is the most likely suspect in the engine department for the 2024 Chevy Montana. According to reports, the engine is a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine. It produces just 133 horsepower. This should be sufficient power to allow the pickup to move easily. This is not a workhorse or drag racer. You can’t expect Montana to haul it, although it can haul, but you shouldn’t expect it to do so.

It is not surprising that this engine does not offer a variety of hybrid options. We all know the benefits of pairing a gasoline-guzzling engine and an electric motor. You get more horsepower and torque, which means you can get better fuel economy. It also increases longevity. Why didn’t Chevy utilize this technology? Maverick’s hybrid system produces 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet torque. This is nearly twice the number of horses Montana has. Chevy must be more competitive if it wants to get a slice of the market. It would be even better to have a fully electric Montana. It’s not a large pickup, so it doesn’t require a lot of power to move it.

We believe that 100 kWh would give it enough power and range to be able to run at a decent speed. You can have a double- or triple-electric motor setup. Similar to the Cybertruck that Tesla made, we all know how well it was received. A battery pack that is this big can provide at least 300 miles on one charge. This is more than any of the competitors. Peer-to-peer charging and fast charging are becoming more popular.


It is hard to predict or guess how much Chevy Montana 2024 will spend on fuel. This is because there has not been any official testing, making it even more difficult to guess. We know that Chevy claimed to have the best fuel economy in the industry. It remains to be seen if they can deliver on this promise. A combined average of 25-30 MPG would attract buyers.

2024 Chevy Montana Specs
2024 Chevy Montana Specs

2024 Chevy Montana Price & Release Date

The production of this compact unibody pickup should begin very soon. The new 2024 Chevy Montana could be on the roads in 2024. It won’t be available in the US, but it will arrive in North America after one year. For the starter trim, the price is around $20,000 It is quite similar to their main competitor, the Maverick. Hyundai Santa Cruz is another competitor. We will soon have more information about the truck.