2024 BMW i7 M70 Revealed

BMW’s electric line-up has a new leader. BMW will launch its most powerful electric vehicle, the 2024 i7 xDrive at the Shanghai Autoshow in the second half of this year. The two electric motors of the luxury sedan combine to produce 650 horsepower. This is more than the 536-hp M50 – BMW’s best-selling M car in the world – and the 610-hp M60. BMW will be able to boast the most powerful electric motor with its M-specific rear unit, which has 483 hp.

2024 BMW i7 M70
2024 BMW i7 M70

2024 BMW i7 M70 Review

The M70 can only achieve its peak torque of 811 pounds-feet when in launch control mode or using the M Sports boost function. BMW claims that the M70 is the fastest EV in the world, able to reach 60 mph within 3.5 seconds. The M70’s Sport mode will only offer 748 pound-feet of torque, which is still ridiculous. The top speed is limited to 155 miles per hour.

The M division has tuned the chassis, and the high-performance M i7 rides on M-specific adaptive dampers with electronically controlled dampers. The body was stiffened and rear-wheel steering, active roll stabilization, and rear-wheel steerage should make the large sedan feel nimble. The front and rear four-piston fixed caliper brakes and the single-piston float-caliper brakes can be painted black and decorated with an M logo. The M70 comes with unique 21-inch rims, but these can be replaced by 20-inch wheels fitted with performance tires.

BMW claims that despite the incredible performance, the battery’s 101.7 kWh will provide 295 miles, which is not too far from the standard i7. Max Range, a new drive mode, will squeeze every last electron out of the M70 by limiting the speed to 56 mph and reducing power. It also disables the climate control and the heated and ventilated seat and steering wheel. Max Range can be turned off by pushing the accelerator down, selecting M Sport Boost with the left paddle shifter, or turning up the window defroster. BMW claims that the i7 M70 can charge at 195 kW DC, and BMW also supports DC fast charging. The battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 34 minutes.

The M70 can be distinguished from other i7s thanks to its side skirts and rear diffuser. The M Performance Professional package includes a rear spoiler in black, a trim piece between taillights, and additional black trim around the rear bumper. The M70, like other i7s, can be specified with two-toned paint, and the outline for the enormous kidney grille illuminates.

Boost Out the Back

The rear half of the drivetrain is responsible for the increase in speed and power. The front motor produces the same 255 horsepower (259 PS/193 kW), but the rear motor sees an increase of more than 50 percent, from 308 hp to 483 hp. This rear motor is BMW’s most powerful ever electric motor. BMW claims that thanks to a new design that doubles the number of excitation winds in the motor stator, the i7 will not run out of power at higher speeds.

In Sport Mode, you can get combined torque of up to 748 lbft (1014 nm). Launch control can deliver up to 811lbft (1100Nm) of torque when the car is started from a standstill. M Sport Boost allows you to unlock maximum torque for short bursts of time. The left shift paddle activates this artificial “over-boost mode” which, along with a neck-snapping speed, also triggers a different sound composed by film music legend Hans Zimmer.


This extra power does not seem to be at the expense of range. The i7 M70 has the same battery (101.7 kW) as the i7xDrive60. BMW’s initial testing indicates that the EPA’s range is in the vicinity of 295 miles (472km), which isn’t too far from the i7 xDrive60’s EPA maximum of 318 miles (509km).

2024 BMW i7 M70 Review
2024 BMW i7 M70 Review

Max Range is a welcome addition for those who are concerned about the i7’s long-range capabilities, or simply don’t have a charger. Max Range sounds a lot the same as the “limp-home” mode in 1990s cars that had slipping auto transmissions. It limits the top speed to just 56 mph and disables all the features you paid for like climate control, heated/cooled seating, and heated steering wheels. You can charge your i7 at 195 kW if you find a charger. BMW claims that a DC quick charger can charge a car from 10% to 80% at maximum in just 34 minutes.


A chassis M-specific is available with an adaptive air suspension system with two axles, electronically controlled dampers, and automatic leveling. The body rigidity can be improved the old-fashioned by adding a panel between the front struts and bulkhead. High-tech features include Active Roll Stabilization and Integral Active Steering.

The brakes are also upgraded, with M-Sport blue calipers housing bigger brakes (4-piston front fixed calipers in front, and single-piston floating calipers out back). The i7 is the first car to offer high-performance tires, but only when you choose the smaller 20″ wheels. You’ll get 21-inch M lightweight alloy wheels if you don’t.

The gaping, polarizing grille is still there. BMW is embracing the controversy by offering an illuminated package for those who choose the optional M Performance Professional Package. This package includes a black M-style rear spoiler as well as a black accent strip in between the rear light and a rear apron inlay. The standard i7 xDrive comes with M side skirts and M logos on the side panels with embellished borders, M High-gloss Shadowline Trim, as well as black M exterior mirrors that feature the traditional twin-stalk style.

2024 BMW i7 M70 Price
2024 BMW i7 M70 Price

There are also new two-tone paintwork color options, with more than 100 BMW Individual special colors. BMW’s 8.5 operating system, which is based on consumer electronics like phones and has “QuickSelect”, offers shortcuts to make it easier to use.

2024 BMW i7 M70 Release Date & Price

The i7 M70 is equipped with the latest version of BMW’s operating systems. It features a redesigned screen, which includes a column of icons along the left side for easy and quick access to certain functions. The M-specific graphics and font are also displayed on the curved display. BMW will announce pricing nearer to the production start date at the end of 2023. The iX M60 is priced around $25,000 more than the standard iX. We expect the M70 will start at about $145,000.