2025 Nissan GTR R36 With Aggressive-Looking Styling

The 2025 Nissan GT-R, GT-R Nismo has received cosmetic updates to the Japanese market. All models have the same 3.8-liter engine and power output. The styling has, however, been redesigned, and the suspension has also been redesigned for smoother handling. Although the R35 Nissan GT-R has received cosmetic upgrades, it is expected that the R36 … Read more

2024 Nissan GT-R NISMO Version Confirmed

First time in many years, the 2024 Nissan GT-R receives an update. We’re not alone in saying that it needs an update. The current car looks good, but its performance is not up to par. For 2024, the car will not only get a new look but also a brand-new NISMO model that is even … Read more

2024 Nissan Leaf EV Crossover Will Soon Hit the Production

Nissan Leaf EV Crossover 2024 is reportedly in the works. This is a natural development since EVs have become a popular thing. Nissan will certainly develop a brand-new, all-electric SUV within the next few years. Ariya is also available. The best option is to use the popular Leaf car as a crossover. According to what … Read more

2024 Nissan Ariya : Everything You Need to Know

The Nissan Ariya was eventually made available for purchase in the United States as a 2023 model in the previous year, after being delayed for the previous year. On December 18, 2022, the first Ariyas to be sold in the United States were delivered by a dealership in Tustin, California called Nissan. Later on in … Read more

2024 Nissan Frontier : Brings Mid-Cycle Refreshments

The 2024 Nissan Frontier medium pickup truck is suitable for pickup vehicle enthusiasts who enjoy a smooth and safe driving experience. Nissan Frontier 2024, with its off-road versions Pro-X and Pro-4X, is not likely to see many changes, as the Frontier has undergone a significant redesign. Frontier enthusiasts expect improvements to the engine, interior, exterior, … Read more

2024 Nissan Altima Refresh Comes With Sporty Design

The spy shot shows that Nissan will be giving the sedan a midcycle refresh for model years 2023 or 2024. Nissan’s sales continue to fall, and it doesn’t appear that the automaker is doing much about the model. This is despite the camouflage wrapping covering the front fascia where most of the changes will be … Read more

2025 Nissan Armada Full-Size SUV Review

Nissan has undergone a major makeover in recent years. It now produces new Rogues, Frontiers, Pathfinders, Sentras, Versas, and Z models. Dealers say the Redesigned Armada is coming to the United States in 2020 or 2025. The model is unknown, but a source claims that a twin-turbo engine will replace the current V8 engine with … Read more

2024 Nissan Skyline First Look Review

This time without an internal combustion engine. It’s not a new thing, since every automaker is moving away. Hybrid vehicles are already very popular and all-electric cars are gradually taking over. Skyline has long since moved away from GT-R, and will look more like the Infiniti Q50 in the future. Q50 and Skyline, in essence, … Read more

2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid Review, Pricing, and Specs

Nissan Juke is getting a mid-cycle facelift. The upcoming Nissan Juke Hybrid 2024 should also receive similar upgrades. Juke is an interesting model that has a lot to offer. It’s a small SUV crossover that focuses on efficiency. It is also a very modern and comfortable vehicle. The Juke Hybrid is also a fun vehicle … Read more