Promising Best Small Cars For 2024 : More Convenient City Exploration

If you live in big cities or you spend most of your time commuting to (and from) work, you should know the candidates for the best small cars for 2024. Small cars are efficient and handy. With the compact design, small and narrow lanes won’t be a problem at all. Moreover, today’s auto industry has experienced modernization through electrification. That’s why you can expect modern and sophisticated small rides that can help you get through the traffic without creating more pollution.

Best Small Cars For 2024

Here are some options that you can choose for your next best small cars for 2024.


This Korean giant auto company has made small cars over the years, and they are committed to it. However, with the electrification and stuff, they need to figure out how they can still make small, punchy vehicles with solid electric power. They won’t replace the i20 and i10 yet – at least they can make all-electric models ready. But Hyundai is getting prepared, especially with Kona. It is the new baby SUV that offers several trims and hybrid systems. The Kona is planned on debuting in 2023 as a 2024 model.

2024 Hyundai Kona
2024 Hyundai Kona


The company has its plan when it comes to small and hybrid cars. They are still selling their (self-developed) 2, but then the Mazda 2 Hybrid is said to be inspired by Toyota Yaris. Many even said everything looks the same as if the 2 Hybrid is being made as the rebadged version. According to some sources, Mazda is developing their new gen of 2, which would be ready in 2024 – or even earlier. It’s highly possible that the vehicle would be packed with the company’s own mild hybrid technology. It’s also possible that would be set as the range extender EV.


MG is a Chinese-owned auto company, and they are focusing on the affordable and all-electric (family) hatch. The MG 4 would be designed to rival VW ID.3. They are also offering the ZS EV (small) SUV, but it is unclear whether they are coming with a fully electric unit or not. If you want small and compact and promising performance, the MG 3 supermini can be a good option.


Fiat wants to be included in the list of the best small cars for 2024 since they are focusing on developing vehicles for families and city cars. After the success with the 500, they have been working on more compact models by making use of the Stellantis technology. This new small model would be inspired by the Panda, which was showcased in 2019 by the Centoventi concept. It’s possible that their next launch would be the Punto, a boxy (baby) hatchback with a Panda SUV addition.


This Czech auto company plans to release its lines of small rides using the Small MEB platform. They said that the platform can provide similar functions and performance as conventional cars. It means you can expect familiar affordability, comfort, space, range, and usability with improved cleaner electric power. They believe that it would be the crucial key for the future of small EVs and other more compact electric rides. But let’s face it; costs are increasing and the company still needs to make profits. Hopefully, they can still manage the affordable price without burdening their buyers.


They have been developing small models for years, and now they are focusing on hybrid models. They have produced Swift and Ignis and used the electrified system from Suzuki alone. Rumor has it that there would be an EV version that is designed to replace Ignis, and it should arrive in 2023, but Suzuki hasn’t said anything about it.

All in all, there is still plenty of power, and promising modern small cars that can help you improve your daily function and function. Make sure you do your research on the best small cars for 2024 so you know which one you like the most.