2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV : Everything You Need to Know

The Volkswagen Scout SUV is expected to debut as an electric vehicle in 2026. This prediction is supported by the fact Volkswagen is currently working on it. According to a recent statement, the Volkswagen Scout EV will be a new vehicle. It will be a rugged SUV called the Scout RSUV. A vehicle that uses electrical energy, but whose identity is not yet known, will also be released alongside the Scout R-SUV.

2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV Specs
2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV Specs

Volkswagen Scout will be using an innovative system for electric cars, with a special emphasis on off-road vehicles. It is not clear what modifications the final version of the Volkswagen Scout will use to be compared with the VW ID family of electric vehicles, in the event it becomes available. Volkswagen ID.4 In 2020, the Volkswagen ID.4 was released. It is the latest model in Volkswagen’s electric vehicle lineup.

Teaser photos released at the beginning give the impression of a Ford Bronco. The vehicle has an extended front bonnet and is reminiscent of Land Rover’s expensive Land Rover. It may be able to compete with an electric vehicle that is similar to the Tesla Model Y. even though it is unlikely to compete in the market for electric cars, the Tesla Model Y.

The pricing information for the Volkswagen Scout SUV is not available. However, an off-roader might have a vehicle with a higher price than ID. A Volkswagen ID.4’s base price is under $42,000. This price includes the location you choose, but it does not include rebates for plug-ins currently in stock.

Volkswagen predicts that the production of the next SUV, the Scout will begin in 2026. The exact date of the launch has yet to be determined. Volkswagen claims this will be the first time Scout EV cars have been designed and built in America. The United States will increase Volkswagen’s presence in the American electric vehicle market. American market.


Volkswagen Group wants to make its electric Scout truck, and SUV, as American-made as possible. These models will be designed and engineered in the U.S. The German conglomerate previously stated that the Scout pickup would be built on a “new technical platform concept” that provides “credibility beyond what is available in the Volkswagen Group portfolio.” CAR Magazine’s December 23rd, 2022 report revealed that the electric pickup truck was internally called SC417.

According to the British report, the insider at the company revealed that the Scout pickup truck’s frame is a steel and aluminum monocoque and it will have a Double Cab configuration. It also features an all-wheel drive and two powerful electric motors that can produce up to 469 horsepower.

Automobilwoche reported that Magna is developing the first Scout Electric Vehicle (Scout EV) which will be a full-size pickup. Magna Steyr’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing Kurt Bachmaier had indicated to the German publication in September 2022, that Magna wants to enter the U.S. market. Magna International is currently manufacturing the SUV in Austria, having already developed the Fisker Ocean platform. Magna International’s participation in the development and launch of the electric truck will help speed up the process.


Scout Motors gave details of its plans to a select group of people to obtain feedback, most likely International Harvester Scout Scout owners or supporters. Some details are provided by Jeff Blade, a member of the Friends of the Binder Planet Facebook group. Blade found the official video more interesting than any Super Bowl commercials he’s seen. According to Blade, the Scout electric truck will be truly American, very off-road capable, and aftermarket-customizable.

Scout’s electric truck will be completely different from any other Volkswagen Group model. It will be designed from scratch by the company to look like one of its most rugged and toughest models. Official sketches have shown that the electric truck will have a flat roof to conceal a large ‘frunk’, an upright face, vertical tail lamps, and a sleek greenhouse.

The Scout pickup will be able to sit on an electric platform that is bespoke, which will allow it to use its dimensions more efficiently. It will be available in a crew-cab version, as with most electric trucks. There could be an opportunity to sell single-cab and extended-cab electric trucks in the second decade. Although Scout is likely to be a lifestyle brand the Volkswagen Group will not compromise on the truck’s capabilities. It looks strong and ready to tackle any challenge.

Above is the official teaser of the Scout electric SUV’s front design. Many of these features would also apply to the Scout truck. The vehicle’s rugged and tough character is clearly displayed by its tall and wide tires and high ground clearance.

2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV Changes
2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV Changes

Although we don’t know the exact dimensions of the Scout electric SUV, it appears that it will be a large pickup truck similar to the GMC Hummer E-V SUV. It might be smaller than the electric Hummer because it does not have clearance markers lights on its roof.


Dr. Diess suggested that the Scout electric pickup would be Volkswagen Group’s most technologically advanced pickup. TechCrunch spoke to Dr. Diess about features such as a solar roof, vehicle weight (V2L), rear-wheel steering, and vehicle-to-load. As an accessory, a solar truck bed cover could provide tangible range benefits. However, features such as rear-wheel steering and the Multi-Flex Midgate’ were already implemented by GM on Ultium-based electric truck models.

2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV Production and Release Date

Volkswagen Group confirmed that the Scout electric vehicle and Scout truck will be built in the United States. Autocar Business published a report on January 18, 2023, that stated that Volkswagen Group intends to outsource manufacturing. This would reduce its risk and investment in the company as it wouldn’t have to build a new factory. The proposal is being discussed by VW Group with Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), and Magna International. It appears that Magna International is the preferred candidate for the contract. The company is looking at a combined annual production volume between the pickup truck and SUV.

2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV
2026 Volkswagen Scout SUV

If Volkswagen Group decides to choose Foxconn for production, the Scout EVs will be made at Foxconn’s Lordstown, Ohio factory. This is where the Lordstown Endurance, which has been in production since September 2022, and the Fisker pear, will be joined in 2024. Magna International could be awarded the contract if it is successful. This would allow the Canadian company to build a new plant in North America.

The production of the Scout electric vehicle will begin in 2026. Its U.S. launch is expected to take place in the same year.