2025 VW Tiguan EV: What The Compact SUV Will Look Like And Everything Else We Know

As the last vehicle to have a combustion engine, the next generation of VW Tiguan will arrive in 2024. After the initial appearance of Tiguan prototypes, our associates produced a more precise rendering than our previous speculative drawing. This gives us a glimpse at VW’s compact SUV.

2025 VW Tiguan Electric
2025 VW Tiguan Electric

In 2020, the Tiguan’s current design was updated to reflect the new Golf. Although the visual changes were large by VW standards, they were primarily focused on the front. The angular design of the bodywork has become a bit dated in comparison to its newer counterparts. VW is working to fix this problem with the third-generation Tiguan. It features a completely redesigned bodywork that doesn’t go overboard.

2025 VW Tiguan EV Review

Volkswagen might have been more focused on its growing ID. The MEB series of electric vehicles, which is a wonderful example, will continue to expand the range of models, including the Polo, the Golf, and also the T-Roc, and The Tiguan, until the end. It’s likely. VW estimates that electric cars will account for only 25% of their global sales by 2026. We believe they will last at least one generation, given their increasing popularity and being completely electric by 2030.

It has been a very short time since the ICE ban became a reality in Europe and across the globe. This means that we will need to stay updated on the latest platforms. Automotive companies are investing heavily in creating designs specifically for electric vehicles. Volkswagen and other companies may offer an electric Tiguan. However, electrification must be included in their MQB Evo platform design. This platform can be used for other models of VW Group. It is worth it for VW Group. The less expensive models will most likely have low-cost hybrid engines. However, they will be priced lower. Most models will also be hybrids with plug-ins which will make them less expensive than full-fledged EV models.


The new Tiguan will most likely incorporate some features from the ID in terms of its appearance. The electric models are similar to the Lamando L fastback in China. They include LED taillights with wide beams and headlights. There is also an intake cover that has a textured surface and a longer angle to the road. The speculation designs were created by Jean Francois Hubert (our co-workers) and SB Medien. You will see a sportier, more aerodynamic design with comparable dimensions and dynamic proportions.

2025 VW Tiguan Electric Release Date
2025 VW Tiguan Electric Release Date

The bodywork will be sleeker than ever before and will have curvaceous lines and toned fenders, in contrast to the more boxy look of the previous. Although it is not clear if Volkswagen will keep the seven-seat Allspace model in the future model (which would be a great option for covering the same area as the larger DSUV segment), it is possible. Inside, we’re expecting big modifications, with a technologically-oriented dashboard that includes a digital cockpit, as well as an advanced head-up display. It will feature the latest safety and ADAS technologies available in Volkswagen Group’s spare parts. It will likely have to wait at least two or three years before it sees prototypes disguised in the upcoming third-generation Tiguan. The ultimate C-SUV version could be revealed in 2024 before it launches in 2025.


Third-gen Tiguan will be riding on an updated version of MQB Evo architecture. According to recent reports, the SUV will come with a variety of mild-hybrid powertrains and plug-in hybrids. The 1.5 TSI EVO2 will produce 268 hp (200 kW / 272 PS) when combined with electric motors in a PHEV configuration.

The future of the performance-oriented Tiguan R is uncertain. VW R has already committed to going EV-only by 2030 and is actively working on a variety of EVs. A fully electric Tiguan R is possible, although it is unlikely to be produced due to the small space between the ID.3-sized electric SUV (and the ID.4). The Tiguan will continue to shine until VW is an EV-only company by 2033. The compact SUV must compete with strong rivals like the Peugeot 3008, Ford Kuga, and Renault Austral as well as the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage.

2025 VW Tiguan EV Price & Release Date

The Volkswagen Tiguan will arrive in the United States sometime in 2025. Although a release date has not been set, the compact SUV will likely be on sale in Europe and China before arriving here.

2025 VW Tiguan Electric Review
2025 VW Tiguan Electric Review

Although we don’t know the pricing of the 2025 Tiguan’s official model, given the upgrades it will probably be higher than the current model’s MSRP of $27,885. The market is growing in compact SUVs. While this model will not be released for some time, it will compete with the GMC Terrain and Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Rogue, and Ford Escape. Keep checking back for more information as soon as it becomes available.