2025 Toyota Land Cruiser: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Japanese manufacturers are known for their reliable vehicles and one of the finest examples of this is the Toyota Land Cruiser. It was first introduced as the FJ40 in the early 1980s, this Toyota Land Cruiser has proved its worth over the long term. Despite its extensive heritage, Toyota Land Cruiser has had a difficult time selling in smaller quantities in the past.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Review
2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Review

In the year 2021, Toyota ended sales for its Land Cruiser in the U.S. But, in the last few days the official Facebook handle from Toyota USA posted a picture of the Toyota FJ40 and the Land Cruiser with a caption that reads “With 65 years of heritage, you can choose to slow down or reinvent yourself. We chose the latter.” The post was a hit, and it caught the attention of lots of fans, and comments began flooding in. Although Toyota hasn’t yet come up with any specific information, however, the picture suggests that it is likely that the 2020 Land Cruiser will surely make its way to the U.S.

In light of the possibility of a release and the lack of any other details from Toyota, there are a lot of rumors that have been circulated about the twenty-five-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser and its similarities to Lexus GX. Lexus GX. What we know so far about 2025’s Toyota Land Cruiser engine options.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Changes

It is expected that the 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser will receive many engine options, but only four cylinders. This Land Cruiser will be closely similar to Lexus GX. Lexus GX but not all engines will be available, perhaps to create a distinct.

Unfortunately, the 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser will only come with 4-cylinder engine choices but which is not like the Twin-Turbo V6 that comes with the Lexus GX. Through Drive Australia, a cropped screen of their metadata on the website suggests there are three engine options available, but only four cylinders. What we’ve discovered to date:

  • 2TR-FE 2TR-FE: This is naturally-aspirated 2.7-liter gas engine. It has 158 horsepower and 246 pounds of torque. According to the specifications, the engine will be available in the basic version of the Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • 1GD-FTV is an engine that is turbocharged. 2.8-Liter diesel engine we’ve witnessed on the Toyota Hilux. It puts out 204 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque.
  • TJA250 It is a turbocharged 2.4-Liter hybrid gasoline engine that comes from the Toyota Tacoma (i-Force Max). It puts out 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque.

Unfortunately, it is the case that the 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 motor which is code-named by Toyota isn’t available. The V35A-FTS engine is a great engine that was first seen in Toyota’s Toyota Tundra, capable of impressive performance. It puts out 349 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque.


In 1950, at the time that war broke out, the Korean War broke out, and America required jeeps. Toyota was assigned to create jeeps that were tough and robust. This is how the J40 was created. In the following years, that jeep was offered to the public following the addition of some amenities like air cooling as well as power steering. This variation was a variant of the Land Cruiser named the FJ40 and was the start of the Land Cruiser era.

Although, indeed, the Land Cruiser has always been a cult vehicle it is the U.S. has not always been able to get an experience of a full-fledged Toyota Land Cruiser. So, the new 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser, which will be coming to American shores U.S., will not be like the global launch of the 300 Series introduced in 2022. The iconic SUV will get its foundation from the 2024 Lexus GX. Recently, we have also seen the exact Land Cruiser post being teased for the European market on the Toyota Facebook page, too. Contrary to the U.S., the Land Cruiser is available in a majority of European countries.

The Land Cruiser Prado is due to get a makeover considering that it’s been in existence since the year 2009. While it has seen numerous changes, a completely new model is highly needed. Furthermore, according to sources, Toyota might introduce another SUV line-up later in the year. Incredibly, it appears that the Toyota Century sedan is expected to be transformed to become an SUV. But, it will be placed well above the Toyota Land Cruiser as the flagship SUV and is likely to be priced significantly higher than Land Cruiser.

New Designs

The Land Cruiser and Lexus GX share their shape size, design, and shape however, the former sports distinctive bodies, with a more squared-off front and a headlight set lower to keep to its roots. Additionally, the teaser indicates to the rear end part of this Land Cruiser will get larger retro-styled taillights as well as a distinctive bumper that contributes to its distinct look.

But, in 2025, the Toyota Land Cruiser along with Lexus GX is expected to use the same frame-on-body chassis built on the Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA-F). The TNGA F platform supports body-on-frame cars and is utilized to build full-sized and mid-sized pickup trucks as well as SUVs. The platform is also used in the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Sequoia. Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Sequoia.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior
2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

Although the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser, according to EPA was a fuel consumption machine that clocked 17 MPG on highways and 13 MPG in city areas The more modern 2025 Land Cruiser may turn the tables. As can be seen in the leaked image The Land Cruiser will sport the TJA250, which is believed to be a hybrid powertrain called i-FORCE MAX, which means that fuel efficiency will be significantly improved.

According to EPA according to EPA, According to the EPA report, 4WD Sequoia powered by the i-Force Max engine can achieve nearly 19 MPG while driving in city traffic and 22 MPG while on the road, and a total of 20 mpg even when it is in V6 form. In this case, we anticipate comparable or even better results when we test the new Land Cruiser hybrid, considering it’s an engine that is inline-4.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Price & Release Date

The upcoming 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser to come at a cost that is significantly lower than the price of the previous version. Between $55,000 and $60,000 could be a nice and competitive place to gain an advantage over rivals. The outgoing Lexus GX starts at well less than $60,000. If you’re looking to own a Land Cruiser right now, your best bet is to choose the top model, which is the Standard Lexus LX 600, but it starts at $90,000. The best part is that if you can stretch more than the Lexus LX, you will be able to purchase the complete Land Cruiser along with added luxuriousness and opulence.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Specs
2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Specs

Initial reports suggested that the successor to the Land Cruiser Prado will possibly launch in the summer of 2023. However, recent reports suggest that the release of this new vehicle has been delayed until 2024. Should any of the stories prove true, we’ll be able to see spy photos from that Land Cruiser being tested on roads shortly. This will give us more insight into what we are going to see from the 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser.