2025 Range Rover Electric : What You Need to Know

Jaguar Land Rover is confident that it can electrify even its largest models, such as the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover. In conjunction with the announcement of the fifth generation Range Rover, Jaguar Land Rover confirmed that a Range Rover Electric will be launched in 2024. The Range Rover Sport Electric and Range Rover Electric are the most daring projects in the Reimagine strategy.

2025 Range Rover Electric Review
2025 Range Rover Electric Review

2025 Range Rover Electric Review

The clip, which we believe is of the Range Rover EV and was released in October 2022, when Land Rover announced their partnership with Wolfspeed indicates that the electric version would repurpose the body from the fifth-gen Range Rover. It’s clear that the company planned to electrify its fifth-generation Range Rover when designing the reductive design.

Its aerodynamics are the best in its class. The drag coefficient (0.30 Cd), which is about 10% lower than the previous model (0.34 Cd), also beats that of the Mercedes GLS (0.32 Cd). JLR says that the new Range Rover is now the most aerodynamically efficient SUV in the world. This refinement will only improve the range for the EV model.

Land Rover has created a solid foundation for Range Rover Electric. It is unlikely that drastic changes will be made to a body so aerodynamic and clean. Only a closed-off radiator grille or a faux radiator grille will change. Unique bumpers and aerodynamic wheels are also included.

Electric Range Rovers should be able to give subtle design clues that show the direction the brand is taking. In our illustration, we’ve used a grille with a square-mesh pattern that is just as sophisticated, if not more, than the radiator grille. The front features a royal blue V-shaped grille frame that is beautifully blanked off and a metal blade of the same color placed above the skid plate.

The side signature graphic is highlighted in contrasting blue. The multi-spoke alloy wheel design is aerodynamic without compromising the stance. An electrically-operated flap secures the EV’s charging port. The roof could be configured in blue to match the EV-specific accents elsewhere on the exterior.


Joe Eberhardt, JLR’s North American Chief Executive Officer, told Automotive News in 2022 that customers are looking forward to a three-row Range Rover gasoline version. In the United States, the CEO anticipates that 60% of the orders will be for the short-wheelbase model and 40% for the long-wheelbase. Most long-wheelbase vehicles are expected to have three rows of seating. Eberhardt stated that the SUV with three rows is the best option, as the seats can be folded down to increase the boot space. Land Rover will not ignore the needs of customers who prefer three-row seating in its EV, as it is clear that they are a majority.

There is also a Range Rover Electric SV in the works. The all-electric Range Rover SV, which will be produced by the Special Vehicle Operations Division (SVO), should feature exclusive colors and materials, as well as design details. Customers could create a luxurious SUV with a high level of customization. Michael van der Sande (former MD – SVO at Jaguar Land Rover) told Autocar the company wanted the first SV EV to be as attractive as the SVs with internal combustion engines. The electric SVs from Land Rover will likely include some go-fast SUVs and perhaps some off-road-specializing SUVs, as electric powertrains can improve off-road capability.


The Land Rover pure-electric Range Rover is expected to feature the largest screen available. Leather-free interiors will be optionally available to appeal even more to eco-conscious customers, who are against animal cruelty and want a vegan option. Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto will come as standard. This helps customers avoid additional wires, while also saving the environment.

JLR used the Pivi Pro touchscreen system in the combustion model. It has a 13.3-inch curved floating screen, the largest touchscreen ever seen on a Land Rover. In a Land Rover first, the new central display provides haptic feedback when pressing and touching the screen. This makes its use less distracting. The pure-electric model will be the same.

2025 Range Rover Electric Specs
2025 Range Rover Electric Specs

A 13.7-inch, semi-floating digital instrument cluster also works in conjunction with the Pivi Pro. The new climate control is a more conventional design. The new electronic gear selector has a compact and short design that fits in with the new minimalistic theme. The adjustable 11.4-inch HD touch screens can be used by rear-seat passengers to entertain themselves. Land Rover is unlikely to change any of these features for the EV version. A touchscreen of 8 inches located in the center armrest at the rear allows the driver to adjust the seat position as well as other settings. Customers can now specify a Range Rover with seven seats, so large families don’t have to settle for a Range Rover Sport.


BMW Group could co-develop powertrains for the Range Rover Electric. Jaguar Land Rover and the German automaker collaborated in June 2019 to jointly develop next-generation Electric Drive Units. The companies will manufacture the EDUs for their own models. JLR will manufacture electric drive systems in Wolverhampton’s Engine Manufacturing Centre. Could they be the same as the BMW eDrive powered by the iX or i4’s fifth generation? Possibly.

The Autocar article cited Nick Miller, Vehicle Program Director at Jaguar Land Rover. He said the MLA platform could be used to build a vehicle that uses a hydrogen-powered powertrain. JLR’s Project Zeus is not slowing down, so a Range Rover Hydrogen FCEV could be available in a few short years.

2025 Range Rover Electric Redesign
2025 Range Rover Electric Redesign

2025 Range Rover Electric Release Date

JLR plans to launch the order book for its electric SUV in 2023. The Range Rover Electric will likely debut at that time. The company intends to start manufacturing in 2024 and deliver to customers in early 2025.

The Range Rover Electric is expected to arrive on global markets in phases. The first countries to get the Range Rover Electric are those with a high demand for EVs. This could be due to government policies or simply a love of electric cars. Priority will likely be given to the UK, Ireland and Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, then the United States, and finally China.


The production of the Range Rover Electric is to be done at JLR’s Solihull plant (UK), which has produced the Range Rover since 1970. According to the Autocar article, batteries will be supplied by an external supplier during this time. Tata Motors, the parent company, plans to build a factory in Europe. However, it won’t open for at least 4 years.


In the U.S., the P440e plug-in hybrid variant of Range Rover’s all-new P440e costs USD 110.500. Prices for the pure-electric version could start around USD 130,000. In a Q&A after JLR revealed its new direction for February 2021, a financial analyst asked JLR if they see the Range Rover BEVs as a priority. They also wanted to know their views on demand and profitability risks. Thierry Bollore responded that both the Range Rover Sport EV, as well as the Range Rover Electric, would be profitable models.