2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4: Debuts With More Space and Bold Style

How large does the Mini grow before it ceases to be a Mini? This is the question I’m looking for at the unveiling of the new Third-Generation 2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4. It’s a crossover vehicle that’s the largest model ever to sport the Mini badge and has grown more than 10 percent over the previous generation. The most intriguing information is that the massive Countryman is now electric with two new trim levels powered by batteries that offer 287 miles of range.

2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Review
2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Review

Mini has previously tried electrifying the Countryman using the plug-in hybrid version. Its electric 12-mile range was not appealing on paper, but the biggest Mini model available at the time was also most eco-friendly, boasting mileage of 65 miles for every gallon. The C-man today is bigger and more electrifying. While the size of its increase is a concern however, the rapid increase in battery-powered range makes it an attractive option for smaller families that want to move to electric.

2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Powertrain

Similar to the Cooper hatch, which was also unveiled today, the battery-electric models that are a part of Countryman will be available. Countryman will be available in two variants: Countryman E and Countryman SE ALL4. Single-motor Countryman E outputs 150 kilowatts (around 200 horsepower) and 184 pounds of torque. In the flat, it can accelerate from a standstill to a speed of 62 mph in 8.6 seconds before reaching its peak at 100 miles per hour.

2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 adds a second motor that is electric in the process, increasing to a total of 220 4 kW (313 horsepower) and 364 pounds of torque. The 0-62 mph speed here is just 5.6 minutes, and the top speed rises to a tinier 112 mph, which is sufficient to reach the top speed limit posted for North America, I suppose. At moderate speed, Mini expects the Countrymen to travel for 287 miles with the E configuration or 269 miles with SE ALL4. The estimates are based basing them on an optimistic WLTP global test cycle and could be lower according to the US EPA’s more strict test cycle.

At 22 kW The Countryman’s AC charger can charge twice as quickly as Cooper SE’s. With up to 130 kW it’s DC rapid charging capability is faster, too, but the larger battery is likely to mean that the 10 to 80 percent DCFC range is the same in that “under 30 minutes” window. Based on the estimates of range that Mini has provided, it is safe to assume that both E SE and SE ALL4 versions of the C-man have the same battery However, Mini hasn’t yet revealed the exact capacity. In contrast to the Cooper model, this electric Countryman will be joined by a range of models powered by combustion, such as one that is front-drive Countryman C, the all-wheel-drive S ALL4, the all-wheel-drive John Cooper Works ALL4, and an engine-burning version.

2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Specs
2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Specs


Let’s get the elephant out of the room. This new 2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 is massive. On the inside, it’s amazing what a lot the Countryman has increased in size. With a size of 174.5 inches in length, 72.6 inches wide, and 65.2 inches tall, the new generation is 10% bigger than the previous model in all. New 106-inch wheels extend an additional inch between huge wheels that are available in sizes up to 20 inches.

The result of this increase is a more spacious cabin. The added headroom and shoulder are apparent on both rows, and the Countryman now feels like an ideal fit for expanding families. The 2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 has 16.2 cubic feet of storage space, which increases to 51.2 cubes when the 2nd row is folded flatly. If you’re not satisfied then the Countryman can tow up to 2,645 pounds of trailer using its electric adjustable trailer hitch.

Interior and Exterior

Externally externally, the Countryman is struck with the same simple stick that the designers applied to the Cooper but not as difficult. The headlamps are now more square, differentiating the fascia from its smaller, round-eyed sibling. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the chrome beltline from the older generation is gone. Also, the countryman’s distinctive fender vent is gone, however, it’s not gone away. As with the other elements of the crossover the fender vent has been enlarged and relocated to the C-pillar. There, it can help break the roof’s elongated shape and visually differentiate between trim levels using different graphics.

2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Interior
2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Interior

The cabin of the Countryman is identical to the newly designed Cooper, however, on the bigger size. It is equipped with the Mini Operating System 9 software that powers a circular OLED display, with the conventional Mini physical switches underneath the screen. Additionally, Mini ambient lighting for projection is also accessible, highlighting the eco-friendly upholstery that is leather-free. We were able to get a first look into this suite earlier in the month. The vertical vents on the dashboard and door pull also distinguish The Countryman from its counterpart’s horizontal look, emphasizing that the design is vertical.

2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Release Date & Price

Second-gen Mini Countryman and the fifth-gen Mini Cooper are two defining steps into the world of electric vehicles that will be sold under this Mini brand. They’ll be followed by an actual variant that will be based on Mini Aceman. Mini Aceman concept at an event in April 2024 when Mini continues its road to an electric-only fleet by 2030. Similar to the Cooper Mini Countryman, we’re expecting to find out more information about the 2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4¬†US prices, availability, and specifications for localized models and models later in the year.